Archive for publications, July 2014

July 02, 2014
[ecrea] publication: transversal texts launched
July 03, 2014
[ecrea] New publication on Producers
[ecrea] New issue of MATRIZes is available online
[ecrea] New Book- New Cinema, New Media- Cambridge Scholars Publishing
[ecrea] special issue on 'Television Histories in (Post)Socialist Europe'
July 05, 2014
[ecrea] New issue of Extrapolation (Liverpool University Press)
[ecrea] New issue of Music, Sound, and the Moving Image (Liverpool University Press)
[ecrea] New book: Society and the Internet
July 08, 2014
[ecrea] Book Announcement: The United States and Media Freedom
[ecrea] Hyperlocal news: new open access report
July 10, 2014
[ecrea] New issue of The Political Economy of Communication
[ecrea] Networking Knowledge - New Issue Online Now
[ecrea] Book Announcement: Digital Skills, unlocking the information society
[ecrea] New Book: Virtual Communication
July 12, 2014
[ecrea] Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies Vol. 2:3, 2014
July 15, 2014
[ecrea] New book - Mediated Youth Cultures
[ecrea] Book announcement: Talking Dirty on Sex and the City
July 17, 2014
[ecrea] Special issue: Difference and Globalization, Visual Communication 13(3), August 2014 (guest editors: Giorgia Aiello and Luc Pauwels)
[ecrea] Critical Arts 28(3) 2014 - TOC - Special Issue on San Representation
[ecrea] Aniki: Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image 1.2 - new issue
July 21, 2014
[ecrea] new special issue on The Regional Dialogue in Communication and Media Studies (linked to the ALAIC/ECREA taskforce)
July 25, 2014
[ecrea] Book announcement: Selling the Splat Pack: The DVD Revolution and the American Horror Film
July 29, 2014
[ecrea] Issue 7 of Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media now online