Archive for publications, January 2014

January 01, 2014
[ecrea] OJCMT - New Issue Online
January 06, 2014
[ecrea] New issue of Extrapolation (Liverpool University Press)
January 08, 2014
[ecrea] New book announcement: The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom
January 09, 2014
[ecrea] Special journal edition on British film and televsion stars
[ecrea] New Book Announcement - The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender
January 15, 2014
[ecrea] new book: Michael Witt, ‘Jean-Luc Godard, Cinema Historian’
January 16, 2014
[ecrea] Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available
January 17, 2014
[ecrea] new book - Behind the Screen - inside European production cultures
[ecrea] New book: Collaborative Media. Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions
[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society 2014 (1)
January 21, 2014
[ecrea] Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies - new issue: Issue 2.1
[ecrea] New Publication: Welfare State at Risk. Rising Inequality in Europe
[ecrea] ToC - Critical Arts theme issue, "Revisiting the Ethnographic Turn in Contemporary Art, II", edited by Kris Rutten et al, Univ of Ghent
January 22, 2014
[ecrea] New book: Christian Fuchs - Social Media: A Critical Introduction
[ecrea] Convergence Special themed issue - Digital Archives & Open Archival Practices
January 23, 2014
[ecrea] Latest issue of eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government (Open Access)
January 24, 2014
[ecrea] Comunicar - New issue published
[ecrea] Special Issue about "Immersive processes in media culture"
January 25, 2014
[ecrea] New COST IS0906 special issue: Children’s Cultures and Media Cultures
January 26, 2014
[ecrea] Special Journal Issue on Participatory Journalism (WG2 COST Action Transforming Audiences, Transforming Societies)
January 27, 2014
[ecrea] Special Journal Issue on Histories of media(ted) participation (WG2 COST TATS Action)
[ecrea] New issue of PUBLIC Journal, 48: The End
January 28, 2014
[ecrea] New publication of COST Action IS0906: Building Bridges - Pathways to a Greater Societal Significance for Audience Research (available online)