Archive for publications, April 2015

April 01, 2015
[ecrea] Book announcement: Networked Affect
[ecrea] Journal of Popular Television 3.1
April 03, 2015
[ecrea] New book on "Journalism and Human Rights"
[ecrea] New Book on 3D Cinema
[ecrea] Mapping BRICS Media - new book
April 08, 2015
[ecrea] Science Fiction Film & Television - New Issue
[ecrea] New Book: A Genre Approach to Celebrity Politics
[ecrea] new book David Bowie - critical perspectives
[ecrea] Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies 3:3, 2015
April 09, 2015
[ecrea] New publication: A Geology of Media
April 15, 2015
[ecrea] New book: Sybille Krämer’s Medium, Messenger, Transmission. An Approach to Media Philosophy
[ecrea] The Soundtrack: special issue on jazz and cinema
April 16, 2015
[ecrea] CfPs: JDMM Special Issue on Marketing and Branding of Conflict-Ridden Destinations
April 18, 2015
[ecrea] International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.1
April 20, 2015
[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society 28(2) - April 2015
April 21, 2015
[ecrea] new book: Communicating Care at the End of Life
April 23, 2015
[ecrea] New publication: Film Criticism in the Digital Age
[ecrea] new book: Social Media at BBC News: The Re-Making of Crisis Reporting
April 24, 2015
[ecrea] Extrapolation - New Issue
[ecrea] Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Communication
[ecrea] New book: Collaborative Learning in Media Education
[ecrea] New book: Trottier/Fuchs (eds) Social media, politics and the state
[ecrea] Publication - Paradigms and simulations of homo "Socialis et cyberneticus"
April 28, 2015
[ecrea] New Publication: New thinking in communication for social change