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[ecrea] Publication - Paradigms and simulations of homo "Socialis et cyberneticus"

Fri Apr 24 21:50:05 GMT 2015

A new book by Maria Rita Astolfi and Demetrio P. Errigo
Paradigmi e simulazioni di Homo “Socialis et Cyberneticus” - La Società degli Specchi, by Aracne Editrice Internazionale, Rome 2014.

For details:
Paradigmi e Simulazioni di Homo Socialis et Cyberneticus – La società degli specchi, is the first of a trilogy of the Mirrors, that follows the previous Demetrio P. Errigo, Sentieri Sistemici, Loffredo Editore - University Press, 2011 Napoli (Preface of Erwin Laszlo). It contains specific innovations, from a scientific point of view, in the field of the Social Systems theory applied to Society’s phe-nomenons.

This book consists of two parts.

In the first part (Sistemi Sociali e Gestione del Potere: la
Società-Specchio) we describe a complex social simulation model which,
starting from the theorization of a new paradigm  called
Bio-Psycho-Motivational System, shows the possibility of the construction
and the analysis of two syn-chronic curves, representating  the visible  and
the not evident Power Management, in a democ-ratic society. In its
philosophical, sociological and anthropological elements, this model allows
the construction of an additional mathematical model for  the study of
behavioural groups and societies, with any number of individuals. This model
is not statistical or probabilistic, it is pure scientific in-vestigation
creating  valid and appropriate simulations.
The second part (Simulation Model of a Complex System: the Neural System)
presents a neural system simulation model. This is formed by clusters of a
analogical oscillators which, for fre-quency, intensity and selective
trends, are similar and biocompatible to the human nervous system. If
nanotechnologically realized this would also imply interesting political,
sociological and ethical problems, and would need strong, a complex changing
of the social system legislative rules.
This model is based on a new analogical (and not digital) paradigm, that is
it is based on assump-tion that a biological body is not digital, and any
digital simulation, with any number of bits, can not fully represent all the
higher harmonics of a neural transmission signal that uses them totally,  in
or-der to influence a receiving neuron and all its surrounding.

Systemic Psychopedagogist, Human Resources and Social Systems Scientist
Co-Owner and Editorial Manager of "New Atlantis" (ISSN: 2281-9495) ex “Nuova
Atlantide” (ISSN: 2037-7304)
Co-Owner and Editorial Manager of

Science Philosopher, Neural System and Social Systems Scientist
Italian Ex-Parliamentary “Cultural Affairs” Commission
Co-Owner and Editor of "New Atlantis" (ISSN: 2281-9495) ex “Nuova Atlantide”
(ISSN: 2037-7304)
Co-Owner and Editor of
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