Archive for publications, April 2012

April 02, 2012
[ecrea] new issue Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies
April 03, 2012
[ecrea] New Book- Case Studies in Crisis Communication: International Perspectives....
April 06, 2012
[ecrea] ECREA Summer School 2011 book ready - online version available for free
April 10, 2012
[ecrea] New Book: Postcommunist Film - Russia, Eastern Europe and World Culture: Moving Images of Postcommunism
April 11, 2012
[ecrea] In Circulation, Issue Two: Archiving and Memory
April 13, 2012
[ecrea] JAMMO New Issue Published
April 18, 2012
[ecrea] NEW BOOK - Deleuze and Film (Edinburgh University Press)
[ecrea] New Book: Dis Connecting Media
April 23, 2012
[ecrea] New Book: The Visual Worlds of Social Network Sites
April 24, 2012
[ecrea] PhD studentship/Cinema Journal post in Film and Television Studies
April 26, 2012
[ecrea] new book: Real-Time Diplomacy: Politics and Power
April 28, 2012
[ecrea] New book: NETWORKS AND JOURNALISM: When news becomes social
[ecrea] new book: Ephemeral Media
April 29, 2012
[ecrea] new issue of CM