Archive for publications, February 2015

February 01, 2015
[ecrea] New Release! - Special Issue 7 (2015) of "online - Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet"
[ecrea] Syllabus Journal: Teaching with and about Games
[ecrea] New journal launch: Journalism and Discourse Studies
[ecrea] New Book - Feminist Erasures: Challenging Backlash Culture
[ecrea] IJoC New Issue Published
[ecrea] new book Mass Communication in Israel
February 03, 2015
[ecrea] new book: Culture and Economy in the Age of Social Media
[ecrea] Media Industries Publishes Third Issue
[ecrea] New book: Reframing Disability? Media, (Dis)Empowerment, and Voice in the 2012 Paralympics
[ecrea] New Formations Issue 83: Writing and Resistance
February 07, 2015
[ecrea] New Book: Blaming the Victim. How Global Journalism Fails Those in Poverty (2015)
February 10, 2015
[ecrea] Refractory Themed Issue: Eye-Tracking the Moving Image
[ecrea] Alphaville Issue 8 Now Online
[ecrea] New book: The role of media for young people’s attitudes towards the EU
February 13, 2015
[ecrea] Book announcement: Reading Bridal Magazines from a Critical Discursive Perspective
[ecrea] New publication: Opera, Exoticism and Visual Culture. Lee, Hyunseon / Segal, Naomi (eds)
[ecrea] Monsters and the Monstrous Journal-- Fairy Tale Monsters / Monstrous Fairy Tales
February 17, 2015
[ecrea] New Book: Handbook on the Economics of the Media
February 19, 2015
[ecrea] Book Release: Evaluation in the Media
February 20, 2015
[ecrea] Seeking authors for Entertainment book series
[ecrea] II Communicating Science: Emerging Publication Models
[ecrea] New book: 'Foreign Correspondents and International Newsgathering' by Colleen Murrell
[ecrea] Special Issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 2.2
February 23, 2015
[ecrea] Abstracts for critical approaches to advertising book
February 25, 2015
[ecrea] New Book: Developing Cultural Industries
[ecrea] New Journal of Somaesthetics
February 26, 2015
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Information Politics