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[ecrea] Refractory Themed Issue: Eye-Tracking the Moving Image

Tue Feb 10 18:27:59 GMT 2015

Refractory a Journal of Entertainment Media
Volume 25, 2015

Themed Issue: Eye-Tracking the Moving Image

Guest Edited by Sean Redmond & Craig Batty


1. Seeing into Things: Eye Tracking the Moving Image – Sean Redmond & Craig Batty

2. Movement, Attention and Movies: the Possibilities and Limitations of Eye Tracking? – Adrian G. Dyer & Sarah Pink

3. How We Came To Eye Tracking Animation: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Researching the Moving Image - Craig Batty, Claire Perkins & Jodi Sita

4. Sound and Sight: An Exploratory Look at Saving Private Ryan through the Eye-tracking Lens - Jenny Robinson, Jane Stadler & Andrea Rassell

5. Subtitles on the Moving Image: An Overview of Eye Tracking Studies - Jan Louis Kruger, Agnieszka Szarkowska & Izabela Krejtz

6.  From Subtitles to SMS: Eye-Tracking, Texting and Sherlock – Tessa Dwyer

7. Our Sherlockian Eyes: the Surveillance of Vision - Sean Redmond, Jodi Sita, & Kim Vincs

8.  Politicizing Eye-tracking Studies of Film – William Brown

9. Read, Watch, Listen: A commentary on eye tracking and moving images – Tim J. Smith

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