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[ecrea] Special Issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 2.2

Fri Feb 20 23:48:54 GMT 2015

Intellect is delighted to publish the special issue of Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 2.2 on Music & Fashion. This exciting new special issue examines and analyses the boundary between fashion, style and music. The purpose of this issue is to shed light on the many varieties of music genres and their associated styles.

Lowlife: Men’s style and clothing in the Atlanta Punk scene
pp. 175-190(16)
Authors: Speetjens, Maile; F. José, Blanco
The global punk scene’s influence on the Atlanta punk scene during the 1970s and various venues and clothing pieces present from some of the local Punk acts.

>From suits to robes: The use of African inspired apparel as a communication tool in the mid-twentieth-century American avant-garde jazz community
pp. 191-206(16)
Authors: Cottle, C. Adam; Cottle, Frederick S.; Bell, Thomas W.
This innovative article explores the relationship between the Afrocentric fashions worn by some of the jazz musicians in the post-Civil Rights era.

Fashioning the fab four: The visual identities of the Beatles
pp. 207-221(15)
Authors: Wilkins, Charlotte; Inglis, Ian
The overall significance of the Beatles’ visual imagery and how the group utilised new and existing styles is fully explored in this article.

Erik Satie’s mise-en-scène: Uniforms and the self-image of a composer in turn-of-the-century Paris
pp. 223-239(17)
Author: San Martín-Arbide, Lola
Lola San Martin Abide explores the stylistic nuances of French composer Erik Satie as he was popularly known for his flamboyant choices in costume.

All black everything: Gothic cloak and swagger in contemporary hip hop
pp. 241-256(16)
Author: Sollee, Kristen
The new trend that is occurring within hip-hop culture of using aesthetic elements from traditional gothic subculture is addressed in this insightful article.

They have no right to wear those clothes: The ambivalence of the dress code of German skinheads and Estonian metal heads
pp. 257-272(16)
Authors: Araste, Lii; Ventsel, Aimar
Through exploring German punks and skinheads and the Estonian metal scene, this article analyses how subcultures develop strategies to protect and define their collective identity.

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