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[ecrea] International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.1

Sat Apr 18 13:22:30 GMT 2015

*Intellect is delighted to announce the new special issue of
International Journal of Fashion Studies 2.1 which has a focus on
‘(Non)western Fashion.’*

*This *special issue features a selection of articles that were
presented as papers during the second edition of the (Non)Western
Fashion Conference, held at the London College of Fashion in November
2013. The topic of articles range from the Cambodian fashion scene to
the commodification of ethnicity in fashion and the designs of Ade Bakare.

To gain access to the journal please follow this link

List of article (partial list):**

*The roots of change in the contemporary Cambodian fashion scene
pp. 9-27(19)
*Author:* /Medvedev, Katalin/

/Katalin Medvedev/’s article explores whether there is a purpose for the
revitalization of Cambodian indigenous textile traditions to galvanize
the contemporary Cambodian fashion scene.

*The commodification of ethnicity: Vlisco fabrics and wax cloth fashion
in Ghana
pp. 77-97(21)
*Authors:* /Delhaye, Christine; Woets, Rhoda/

This article explores the commodifica­tion of ‘African’ ethnicity and
argues that the growing entanglement of commerce and the production of
cultural differ­ence have been viewed with suspicion.

*Why Africa? Why now? The designs of Ade Bakare
pp. 99-113(15)
*Author:* /Borgatti, Jean/

Jean Borgatti, presents a detailed case study of the Nigerian designer
Ade Bakare and questions whether or not the fashion world has really
changed to be more inclusive of people of African heritage.

*How do Chinese fashion designers become global fashion leaders? A new
perspective on legitimization in China’s fashion system
pp. 63-75(13)
*Author:* /Lindgren, Tim/

Tim Lindgren argues that Chinese fashion designers are on the path to
becoming global fashion designers because they have embraced a global
aesthetic that reso-nates with the human condition, rather than the
manufactured authenticity of a Eurocentric fashion system that
perpetuates endless consumption.//

*Covered yet overexposed: From a female religious Jewish performance to
Israel’s status as a western or non-western country
pp. 115-120(6)
*Author:* /Madar, Revital/

Revital Madar looks at overt meanings which minor acts of covering up
have in contemporary Israel and argues that these overt meanings
originate with Israel’s self-image as a western country and can be read
as part of its attempt not to be considered as Middle Eastern.

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