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[ecrea] Special issue of Film Criticism -- Film & Merchandise

Sun Dec 09 18:33:42 GMT 2018

*The latest issue of FILM CRITICISM is now online: *

Issue 42.2 is a special issue on FILM & MERCHANDISE, guest-edited by Elizabeth Affuso and Avi Santo and featuring the following articles:

*Mediated Merchandise, Merchandisable Media: An Introduction <>*

Elizabeth Affuso and Avi Santo

*“Fresh from the West”: Marxism, Commodity Fetishism and Naficy’s Chronotopes of Life in Exile in Granaky-Quaye’s /Beento/ <>*

Temitope Abisoye Noah

*From AIDS-era Queer Icon to Sanitized Nostalgic Property: The Cultural Histories of Bettie Page Merchandise Circulation <>*

Finley Freibert

*Merchandising Gen X: The /Singles/ Soundtrack Album (1992/2017) <>*

Laurel Westrup

*“Does it Come with a Spear?” Commodity Activism, Plastic Representation, and Transmedia Story Strategies in Disney’s /Star Wars: Forces of Destiny/ <>*

Megen de Bruin-Molé

*Hogwarts House Merchandise, Liminal Play, and Fan Identities <>*

Victoria L. Godwin

*Between Textuality and Materiality: Fandom and the Mediation of Action Figures <>*

Philipp Dominik Keidl

*Reluctant Retailing: Amazon Prime Video and the Non-Merchandising of Kids' Television <>*

Derek Johnson

*Call for Papers and more about FILM CRITICISM*

We are currently seeking submissions to be published on a rolling basis in future issues.
/FC is a peer-reviewed publication now in its 40^th  year of continuous publication, making it the third oldest academic film journal in the United States.  Our aim is to bring together work in the field of film and media studies that foregrounds textual criticism as a primary value. Our readership is generally academic, but we strive to publish material that is accessible to a broader popular audience.

While our title suggests a focus on film, we are equally interested in articles that engage moving-image media of all forms, such as television or online video. FC is also committed to developing criticism that derives from a cultural studies tradition -- that is, criticism that situates media texts in a political context and recognizes the role culture plays in reproducing and maintaining social and power relations.

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