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[Commlist] New Open Access "Communication Cultures in Africa" Journal

Sat Dec 29 11:53:03 GMT 2018

The maiden edition of the open access peer-reviewed pan-African
Journal - "Communication Cultures in Africa" (CCA), published by the
Association of Communication Scholars & Professionals of Nigeria
(ACSPN) through the Winchester University Press, UK,  has been
launched.. It contains, among other insightful contributions, an
article by Dennis McQuail, from a speech lecture given at one of his
last official academic outings.

The journal offers an opportunity for dialogue between scholarship and
practice, and therefore  accommodates contributions from both academics and
professionals.  All content is indexed with CrossRef and assigned a
Digital Object
Identifier (DOI). It plans both thematic and general editions, and is
already receiving contributions to follow-up editions..

Please visit and click on the ACSPN/CCA menu
at the top of the front page or to freely
download the articles, and access information on publication guidelines.

CCA is positioned to showcase, among others,  critical thinking and
research, and reflections  from the continent and the diaspora.

Its General Editor is Dr Oluyinka Esan, Reader, School of Media and
Film, University of WInchester, UK, while the Deputy General Editor is
Dr Adebayo Fayoyin, Regional Communications Advisor, UNFPA, East and
Southern Africa Regional Office, Johannesburg. The Associate Editors,
Review Board, and Advisory Board, include a blend of academics and
professionals within and outside Africa..

The CCA website is now open to submissions.

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