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January 04, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of Music, Sound, And The Moving Image journal published
January 06, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 14.2 published
January 07, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 14.2 published
January 10, 2022
[Commlist] Publication, January 2022: edited volume - Power, Media and the Covid-19 Pandemic: framing public discourse
[Commlist] Bifurcate: There Is No Alternative - new open access book by Stiegler et al from Open Humanities Press
[Commlist] New book - Digital Media and Participatory Cultures of Health and Illness
[Commlist] Journal of Science & Popular Culture 4.1 published
[Commlist] New Book - Media Narratives in Popular Music
January 12, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 17.2 published
[Commlist] Published: Latest Issue of Extrapolation
January 13, 2022
[Commlist] New book: The Social Media Debate - Unpacking the Social, Psychological, and Cultural Effects of Social Media
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 7.2 published (Special Issue: ‘1821: Mediation, Reception, Archive’)
[Commlist] New book: Storytelling and Collective Psychology
[Commlist] Central European Journal of Communication Fall 2021 issue published
January 14, 2022
[Commlist] special issue of “PlatformedBodies” published in MedieKultur
January 15, 2022
[Commlist] Radiofonias – Journal of Audio Media Studies' new issue, CfAs
January 17, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Media Hot and Cold
January 18, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue on Media and health in everyday life, MedieKultur: Journal of media and communication research
January 19, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Reckoning with Social Media
[Commlist] New book - Wars of Position? Marxism Today, Cultural Politics and the Remaking of the Left Press, 1979-90
[Commlist] Radio Journal 19.2 published
January 20, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Projecting Russia in a Mediatized World: Recursive Nationhood
[Commlist] Journal of Digital Media & Policy 12.3 published (Special Issue: ‘The Changing Face of the EU’s Audiovisual Media Policy’)
January 24, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Election Politics and the Mass Press in Long Edwardian Britain
[Commlist] Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance 14.3 published
[Commlist] Italian Cinema & Media Studies 10.2 published (Special Issue: 'Italy–Latin America: 100 Years of Cinema and Media')
January 25, 2022
[Commlist] new book: LGBTQ Digital Cultures
[Commlist] New book: The (new) global becoming of Argentine cinema. Policies and external markets.
[Commlist] new book: Radio - A Cultural History
January 26, 2022
[Commlist] New Volume of International Yearbook for Media Philosophy, Special Issue: Mediality/Theology/Religion, Vol. 7 (2021)
January 27, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue "Japanese cinema in the 1960s"
[Commlist] New book: The Digital Is Kid Stuff: Making Creative Laborers for a Precarious Economy
January 28, 2022
[Commlist] The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture 10.1-2 published
January 31, 2022
[Commlist] New book - Event Horizon: Sexuality, Politics, Online Culture, and the Limits of Capitalism
[Commlist] new book: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Challenge for Media and Communication Studies
[Commlist] Journal of Alternative & Community Media 6.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Community and Activist Media: Resistance and Resurgence’)
February 01, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Algorithms and Subjectivity
February 02, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Democracy, Populism and Neolibealism in Ukraine
[Commlist] Journal of African Media Studies 14.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Media and the Coronavirus Pandemic in Africa (Part Three)’)
February 03, 2022
[Commlist] New book - Video Game Chronotopes and Social Justice: Playing on the Threshold
February 04, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Cinematic Comanches: The Lone Ranger in the Media Borderlands
February 05, 2022
[Commlist] New issue of Miguel Hernández Communication Journal | Representations of Spain and Latin America in Audio-Visual Production
February 08, 2022
[Commlist] Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture 12.2 published
[Commlist] New Book: Japanese Horror Cinema and Deleuze: Interrogating and Reconceptualizing Dominant Modes of Thought
February 09, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of LUP Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies published
[Commlist] Global Media Journal - German Edition: Special Issue out now "Global Digital Media from Intersectional, Queerfeminist and Post- and Decolonial Perspectives"
[Commlist] New book: Perspectives on the European Videogame
[Commlist] 'Listening In' research report and resources on community media and the politics of listening now available online
February 11, 2022
[Commlist] Central European Journal of Communication (Fall 2021) published
[Commlist] Latest issue of Moment Journal published
February 14, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue on Immersive Visual Storytelling – PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality
February 15, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Comic Book Women: Characters, Creators, and Culture in the Golden Age
[Commlist] Journal of Visual Art Practice - 20 Year Anniversary
February 18, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Visual Art Practice - 20 anniversary
[Commlist] Global University Rankings and the Politics of Knowledge - Open Access Edited Book
[Commlist] New book: Media and Management
February 22, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Comparative communication research
February 23, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Mortal Kombat: Games of Death
[Commlist] New book - Indigenous Media Activism in Argentina
February 25, 2022
[Commlist] Culture, Theory and Critique: special issue on militarization & pleasure
February 28, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Cinema 13.1 published
March 01, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Invisible Presence: The Representation of Women in French-Language Comics
[Commlist] Issue 22 of Alphaville published
March 02, 2022
[Commlist] Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 12.2 published
[Commlist] New book: Love in Contemporary Technoculture
March 03, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Media and the Affective Life of Slavery
[Commlist] New book: Success and Failure in News Media Performance: Comparative Analysis in the Media for Democracy Monitor 2021
March 04, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Dismantling Cultural Borders Through social media and Digital Communications / How Networked Communities Compromise Identity
March 05, 2022
[Commlist] School of Advanced Study, UoL - Book History Events - Spring Term 2022
March 07, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 11.1 published
March 08, 2022
[Commlist] Frames Cinema Journal, Issue 19 ‘Sensing the Archive – Exploring the digital (im)materiality of the moving image archive’, published
March 10, 2022
[Commlist] Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture 12.1 published (Special Issue: ‘British and Irish Radio: Radio and Audio in the Twenty-First Century in the United Kingdom and Ireland’)
March 11, 2022
[Commlist] Zanzalá: Brazilian Journal of Studies on Film and Audio-Visual Genres 7.1 published
March 14, 2022
[Commlist] Communications - Issue 1 (Vol. 47) published
March 15, 2022
[Commlist] New Media & Society: Special Issue - Vulnerable People’s Digital Inclusion in a Perplexed Milieu of Intersectional Vulnerabilities
March 16, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Digital Fascism
[Commlist] New Book | Interpreting and Experiencing Disney: Mediating the Mouse
March 17, 2022
[Commlist] New open access book: Heritage and Nationalism: Understanding populism through big data
[Commlist] New book: Hollywood and Israel: A History
[Commlist] New book: Social Engineering: How Crowdmasters, Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls Created a New Form of Manipulative Communication
March 19, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Ruler Personality Cults from Empires to Nation-states and Beyond: Symbolic Patterns and Interactional Dynamics
[Commlist] New Book: Discourse, Media and Conflict
March 20, 2022
[Commlist] Transformations Journal issue 36: Artificial Creativity published
March 23, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Media and the Affective Life of Slavery
March 25, 2022
[Commlist] The journal Global Media and China published the latest issue—March 2022
[Commlist] new book (open access): Hate Speech and Polarization in Participatory Society
March 26, 2022
[Commlist] Secuencias issue 52 published
March 28, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Journalism in the Data Age
March 29, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Food and Cooking on early television in Europe
March 30, 2022
[Commlist] Two-Year Postdoc: "Weather Report: Wind as Model, Media and Experience"
March 31, 2022
[Commlist] ICS special issue 2022: "Constructing Young Selves in a Digital Media Ecology: Youth Cultures,,Practices and Identity"
[Commlist] Circuits of Practice Research Report Published: Narrating Histories of Computing and Digital Media in Museum Environments
[Commlist] new book: Confidence Culture
[Commlist] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 17.3 published
[Commlist] Film International 19.3 published (Special Issue: 'Noir 2020 and Beyond')
April 01, 2022
[Commlist] New book - Materializing Digital Futures: Touch, Movement, Sound and Vision
April 04, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Popular Television 10.1 published
April 05, 2022
[Commlist] Book Reviews Editor for Convergence journal
April 07, 2022
[Commlist] News: Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)
[Commlist] New book: The Future of Media (open access)
April 08, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Digital Media & Policy 13.1 published (Special Issue: ‘(Re)Iterations, Transgressions, Recognition: Politics and Practices of Media Policies in South Asia’)
[Commlist] Javnost - The Public, 29(1) published: special issue on Media Freedom and Stricture (1/2 open access)
April 09, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Transnationalism and Imperialism: Endurance of the Global Western Film
April 11, 2022
[Commlist] Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy Issue 4 published
April 12, 2022
[Commlist] new book: FemTech Edited Collection
April 14, 2022
[Commlist] 3rd Discourse Report on Antisemitism in UK, France and Germany
[Commlist] New book: Reporting Conflict and Peace in Cyprus: Journalism Matters
[Commlist] Global Media and China_Special Issue: Feminist Media Production and Beyond
April 16, 2022
[Commlist] The first edition of IJVCDC (Indonesian Journal of Visual Culture, Design, and Cinema)
April 19, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Pasta, Pizza and Propaganda. A Political History of Italian Food TV
[Commlist] Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies 10.3 published
[Commlist] Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies 10.3
April 20, 2022
[Commlist] European Journal of American Culture 41.1 published
[Commlist] Journal of Alternative & Community Media 6.2 published
April 21, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Ephemeral Coast: Visualizing Coastal Climate Change
[Commlist] New book: Food Instagram
April 23, 2022
[Commlist] Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy - Issue 4 published
April 25, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies
April 27, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 15.1 published
[Commlist] New book: ReFocus: The Films of Lucrecia Martel
April 28, 2022
[Commlist] New book: “The Power of Platforms“
[Commlist] Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance 15.1-2 published
[Commlist] New issue of the Exchanges journal published (v 9.2, Spring 2022)
April 29, 2022
[Commlist] New OA book: What Was Artificial Intelligence?
[Commlist] New Book: "Concealing for Freedom"
[Commlist] New book: Disinformation in the global south
May 01, 2022
[Commlist] New Book - Looking for Alicia: The Unfinished Life of an Argentinian Rebel
[Commlist] New Book: The Digital Closet: How the Internet Became Straight
May 02, 2022
[Commlist] Brazilian Journalism Research - New Issue published
May 04, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Fashion Studies 9.1 published (Special Section: 'Fashion Tales')
[Commlist] Journal of European Popular Culture 13.1 is published
[Commlist] New Issue Communication and Methods 1(4) published
[Commlist] new book: Tyrants on Twitter
May 05, 2022
[Commlist] Special issue published: Culture.s of technology, innovation and communication : imaginaries, potentialities, utopias
May 06, 2022
[Commlist] New Book Series with Peter Lang: Frontiers in Journalism Studies,
[Commlist] New book collections: Moments in Television
[Commlist] New book: Futures of Journalism
May 08, 2022
[Commlist] New book: The Politics of Migration and Diaspora in Eastern Europe
[Commlist] New Book: Activist Media
May 09, 2022
[Commlist] New book - Tweeting Brexit: Social Media and the Aftermath of the EU Referendum
[Commlist] Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 6.2 published
[Commlist] Journal of Screenwriting 13.1 is published
May 10, 2022
[Commlist] New: book: The World's First Full Press Freedom: The Radical Experiment of Denmark-Norway 1770–1773
May 11, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Automation Is a Myth
[Commlist] New book: Echo
[Commlist] New issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies: Media Events in the Age of Global, Digital Media
May 12, 2022
[Commlist] East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 8.1 published
May 14, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Queering Chinese Kinship: Queer Public Culture in Globalizing China
May 16, 2022
[Commlist] New Book - Networked Feminism: How Digital Media Makers Transformed Gender Justice Movements
[Commlist] new special issue of Cultural Politics
May 17, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Environmental Media 2.2 published
May 18, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 12.1 (Special Issue: ‘Approaching Race and Ethnicity in Nordic Film Culture’) published
May 20, 2022
[Commlist] Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies 14.1 published
May 23, 2022
[Commlist] Graeme Turner book on John Farnham’s Whispering Jack
[Commlist] Journal of Visual Political Communication 8.1 published
May 30, 2022
[Commlist] New open access book: Co-curating the City (UCL Press)
[Commlist] Issue 9.2 of the Political Economy of Communication published
May 31, 2022
[Commlist] Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism - Issue 10 published
[Commlist] New Book: Health Crises and MEdia Discourses in Sub-Saharan Africa
June 01, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Information Infrastructures in India
[Commlist] Announcing Discarded Visions - Virtual Exhibit accompanying Issue 42.2 of Spectator!
June 03, 2022
[Commlist] News: New publication - Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)/ / Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung (ZfD), 9 (1)
[Commlist] Language & Ecology journal published
June 06, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Media Studies 14.2 published (Special Issue: ‘Deadly Serious: Pandemic Humour, Media and Critical Perspectives’)
[Commlist] Glitch Poetics by Nathan Jones: new open-access book
[Commlist] New book: Food Instagram
June 07, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: How Toddlers Learn the Secret Language of Movies
[Commlist] New Book: Digital, Class, Work: Before and During COVID-19
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 8.1 published
[Commlist] Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue published
[Commlist] New Issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts (Vol 14 No 1)
June 08, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 13.3 published
June 09, 2022
[Commlist] special issue ‘Digital Migration Practices and the Everyday’ published in Communication, Culture & Critique, 15(2)
June 10, 2022
[Commlist] Digital Access to Arts and Culture - Final report published
[Commlist] Studies in Comics 12.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Family and Conflict in Graphic Narratives’)
[Commlist] Politicizing Agency in Digital Play after Humanism - Convergence Special issue published
June 12, 2022
[Commlist] New book: 'TV Transformations & Transgressive Women - From Prisoner: Cell Block H to Wentworth'
[Commlist] Church, Communication and Culture Special Issue on "Covid-19, communication and religion" published
[Commlist] Communication, Engagement and the Lived Experience of the Covid-19 Pandemic-open access e-book
June 13, 2022
[Commlist] New Book - Existential Media: A Media Theory of the Limit Situation
[Commlist] Communications - Issue 2 (Vol. 47) published
June 15, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Fandom Studies 9.3 published
June 16, 2022
[Commlist] new UK journalism report published
June 20, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems: Strategies, Platforms, Technologies, Governance and Societal Challenges
June 21, 2022
[Commlist] Media, Culture & Society themed issue: "Reclaiming the Human in Machine Cultures" published
June 22, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Landscape and the Moving Image by Catherine Elwes
[Commlist] New issue of Communication & Society has been published
June 24, 2022
[Commlist] new special issue on Mediating Change, Changing Media published
[Commlist] New book: ‘Internet Diplomacy - Shaping the Global Politics of Cyberspace’
[Commlist] New book: ‘Internet Diplomacy - Shaping the Global Politics of Cyberspace’
[Commlist] new book: The Digital Border by Lilie Chouliaraki and Myria Georgiou
June 26, 2022
[Commlist] Global Media and China June 2022 issue published
June 27, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Clothing Goes to War
[Commlist] Book 2.0 Issue 12.1 is published
June 28, 2022
[Commlist] NECSUS Spring 2022_#Rumors – New journal issue online
June 29, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Dis/ability in Media, Law and History
[Commlist] New book: The United States of Anonymous: How the First Amendment Shaped Online Speech
June 30, 2022
[Commlist] New issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS), published (Vol. 22, Issue 1) #openaccess
July 06, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of Science Fiction Film & Television published
[Commlist] Media Education Research Journal 11.1 published
July 07, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Creating Worlds Otherwise. Art, Collective Action, and (Post)Extractivism
July 11, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Image mapping. Between aesthetic theory and practice
[Commlist] New book: Game: Animals, Videogames, and Humanity
July 13, 2022
[Commlist] The Oxford Handbook of Children's Film - new book
July 14, 2022
[Commlist] Rethinking Communication in an Era of Artificial Intelligence: HCR special issue published
[Commlist] New Publication: The Data Sprint Approach to Research
July 15, 2022
[Commlist] New book on Regurgitator’s Unit album
[Commlist] AI in the City | New open access publication in three languages
[Commlist] Publication announcement: ALPHAVILLE Issue 23 “Screening the Artist”
July 18, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Digital Media & Policy 13.2 published
[Commlist] New book: New Perspectives on Early Cinema History: Concepts, Approaches, Audiences
July 19, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Social TV: Multi-Screen Content and Ephemeral Culture
[Commlist] New Book : Men, War and Film: The Calling Blighty Films of World War II
[Commlist] New report: Equity, diversity and inclusion in arts governance
July 21, 2022
[Commlist] New book: How Machines Came to Speak
[Commlist] Publication of Comparative Cinema 18: The Audiovisual Thinking Process in Contemporary Essay Films
July 22, 2022
[Commlist] new Routledge book series: Music and Politics
[Commlist] Critical Studies n Fashion & Beauty 13.1 published (Special Issue: ‘CuratorialReflections’)
[Commlist] Radio Journal 20.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Podcasting and Popular Music’)
July 23, 2022
[Commlist] New Issue of Communication Papers published
July 25, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Worrier State
[Commlist] Journal of Popular Television 10.2 is published (Special Issue: ‘Histories and New Directions: Soap Opera/Serial Narrative Research’)
[Commlist] New Issue of Global Media Journal - German Edition: Spring/Summer 2022 published
July 29, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of Extrapolation published
[Commlist] New book: Data for Journalism Between Transparency and Accountability
[Commlist] Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 9.1 published
August 01, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Is Star Trek Utopia? Investigating a Perfect Future
August 04, 2022
[Commlist] Journal Studia Humanistyczne AGH. Contributions to Humanities 2/2022 published
[Commlist] New Book: Digital Dissidence and Social Media Censorship in Africa
August 09, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue: The Lonely Nerd: Cultural representations of nerds around the world
August 10, 2022
[Commlist] New book: National Security Surveillance in Southern Africa: An Anti-Capitalist Perspective
[Commlist] New Book: The New Politics of Visibility: Spaces, Actors, Practices and Technologies in The Visible
August 11, 2022
[Commlist] Artifact: Journal of Design Practice 8.1-2 published
[Commlist] New Book: The Music of Nobuo Uematsu in the Final Fantasy Series
[Commlist] Sound Stage Screen (vol. 2, issue 1) out now, open-access
August 15, 2022
[Commlist] Re-Understanding Media: new book
August 19, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Contemporary Chinese Queer Performance
[Commlist] new book: The Left Behind: Reimagining Britain's Socially Excluded
August 22, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Climatic Media
August 23, 2022
[Commlist] Foucault's Method Today / latest issue of Continental Thought & Theory published
[Commlist] New book: Drag in the Global Digital Public Sphere
[Commlist] Issue of JoCTEC Vol. 5 Iss. 2 published
August 24, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Communication Theory for Humans: Communicators in a Mediated World
[Commlist] New book: Film and Television Production in the Age of Climate Crisis: A Greener Screen
[Commlist] latest issue of Extrapolation published
August 30, 2022
[Commlist] Internet Histories double special issue 6 (1-2), Dead and Dying Platforms
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 28 Papers that Published in August
[Commlist] Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies 7.1 is out now (Special Issue: ‘Posthuman Voices: Channels across Time and Shared Memories’)
[Commlist] Internet Histories double special issue 6 (1-2), Dead and Dying Platforms
August 31, 2022
[Commlist] Northern Lights 20 (Special Issue: ‘Women and Girls in Popular Television in the Age of Post-Feminism’) published
[Commlist] New research report by the Data Justice Lab: Civic Participation in the Datafied Society
September 02, 2022
[Commlist] CCR Special Issue on Multilingual Textual Analysis
September 05, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: The Maltese Newspapers and the Second World War
September 08, 2022
[Commlist] Critical Studies in Men's Fashion 9.2 is published (Special Issue: 'New Perspectives on Men's Underwear')
[Commlist] Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 14.1 published (Special Issue: 'Cyberpunk 2077')
September 12, 2022
[Commlist] Internet Histories Volume 6, Issue 3 published
[Commlist] New open access book: Music and Digital Media: A planetary anthropology, edited by Georgina Born (UCL Press)
[Commlist] New book: Screening the Crisis: US Cinema and Social Change...
September 14, 2022
[Commlist] Communications - Issue 3 (Vol. 47) published
[Commlist] New issue of Feminist Encounters published
September 16, 2022
[Commlist] Journal Communication & Sport: Issue #5 of Volume 10 is published
[Commlist] New book: The Many Meanings of Mina: Popular Music Stardom in Post-War Italy
[Commlist] new book: From the Margins to the Mainstream: Women in Film and Television
September 20, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Trumping the Media: Politics and Democracy in the Post-Truth Era
[Commlist] New book: Media and Psychoanalysis – A Critical Introduction
[Commlist] East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 8.2 published (Special Section: ‘Modern Popular Culture in Middle-Class Japan’)
September 21, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Cinemas 13.2&3 published
[Commlist] New book: Digital Humanism: A Philosophy for 21st Century Digital Society
[Commlist] New book: Journalism and Foreign Policy: How the US and UK Media Cover Official Enemies
[Commlist] new book: Vulnerable People and Digital Inclusion
September 22, 2022
[Commlist] New issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS), published #openaccess #noAPC
September 23, 2022
[Commlist] Fulbright-NATO Security Studies Report on Media Literacy
[Commlist] Journal of Screenwriting 13.2 published
[Commlist] special issue on Communicating about the climate crisis in the Covid-19 era published
[Commlist] Global Media and China the latest issue—September 2022 published
September 26, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 18.1 published
[Commlist] New book: “Manufacturing Government Communication on Covid-19”
September 27, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 11.2 published (Special Issue: ‘What’s Next for Media Development?’)
September 29, 2022
[Commlist] NANO: New American Notes Online publishes issue 16 on gender, genre, and popular music
September 30, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 22 Papers that Published in SEPTEMBER
October 03, 2022
[Commlist] New open access book: A History of Scientific Journals: Publishing at the Royal Society, 1665-2015
October 06, 2022
[Commlist] [IJoC] International Journal of Communication Publishes a Special Section on Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory
October 08, 2022
[Commlist] New book: African Modernism and Its Afterlives
[Commlist] new book: Invisible Presence: The Representation of Women in French-Language Comics
October 10, 2022
[Commlist] Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 9.4 published (Special Issue: 'Merchandising Technologies')
[Commlist] Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture: Volume 7, no. 3 (September 2022)
October 12, 2022
[Commlist] MIRAJ: Moving Image Review & Art Journal 11.1 published
[Commlist] International Journal of Fashion Studies 9.2 completed (Special Issue: ‘Decolonizing Fashion as Process’)
[Commlist] New book: Deepfakes
October 13, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Consumer Activism: Promotional Culture and Resistance
[Commlist] New book: Authenticity and social media
October 15, 2022
[Commlist] JCMR Releases Vol. 14, No. 2, October 2022 edition – 30th Issue published
October 17, 2022
[Commlist] New book on Media Engagement
October 18, 2022
[Commlist] special issue “Ryan Murphy: Gender, Genre, Authorship” (Vol. 36, 2022) published
October 20, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Environmental Media 3.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Seeing the (In)Justice of Sustainability: Visualizing Inequality at the Centre of Climate Change Communication’)
October 21, 2022
[Commlist] Book on Digital Ethics (Christian Fuchs)
[Commlist] New IAMCR/Palgrave book - Communicology of the South
October 24, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 14.2 published
October 25, 2022
[Commlist] Interactions 12.2-3 published (Special Issue: ‘Dream Factories: Prince, Sign o’ the Times, Box Sets and Cultural Artefacts’)
[Commlist] Makings Journal: New Issue on 'Disruption'
October 26, 2022
[Commlist] Essachess. Journal for Communication Studies 29: New Issue on Information and Communication Technologies’ Role in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
[Commlist] Special Issue: Musicology on Screen (Screenworks Vol 12.2)
October 27, 2022
[Commlist] The Journal of Beatles Studies (Volume 1, Issue 1) published open access
October 29, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Media and Communication in the Soviet Union (1917–1953): General Perspectives
October 30, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Beyond 'Hellenes' and 'Barbarians' Asymmetrical Concepts in European Discourse
October 31, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Meta in Film and Television Series
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 38 Papers that Published in OCTOBER
November 01, 2022
[Commlist] communication +1 Volume 9, Issue 1 out now
[Commlist] Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture 7.1-2 published (Special Issue: ‘Rethinking Marginality in New Queer Television’)
November 02, 2022
[Commlist] New Issue Published (Exchanges Journal vol 10.1, Autumn 2022)
[Commlist] New online publication / neues Online-Buch "Transformational POP" Voilume 2 ""~Vibes - The IASPM D-A-CH Series"
November 03, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: David Bowie and Film
[Commlist] New book: Strategic Communication in a Global Crisis
[Commlist] New Book: Researching Creativity in Media Industries
November 07, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Aerial Play: Drone Medium, Mobility, Communication, and,Culture
[Commlist] New book: 21st Century Media and Female Mental Health
[Commlist] New open access book: Passages: Moving beyond liminality in the study of literature and culture (UCL Press)
November 08, 2022
[Commlist] New book announcement: The Algorithmic Distribution of News: Policy Responses
[Commlist] New open-access book from Open Humanities Press: Geological Filmmaking
[Commlist] New book: Youth and Suicide in American Cinema: Context, Causes, and Consequences
November 11, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of French Screen Studies published
[Commlist] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 12.2 published (Special Issue: ‘The Politics of Gendered Work and Representation in the Nordic Screen Industries’)
[Commlist] New Book: Korean Film and Festivals: Global Transcultural Flows
[Commlist] New Book on an ethnography of authoritarian media production
November 14, 2022
[Commlist] Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies on "Communication and Dissent: Competing Voices in a Post-Truth World" published
November 15, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Media Studies 14.3 published
[Commlist] New book: The Media and Inequality
November 17, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 11.3 published
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 15.2 published
November 18, 2022
[Commlist] Church Communication and Culture Issue 7.2 published
November 20, 2022
[Commlist] Arts and the Market free virtual issue published
November 21, 2022
[Commlist] New book announcement: Public Relations and the Digital
[Commlist] New Book: Global Pandemics and Media Ethics: Issues and Perspectives
November 22, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 8.2 is out now (Special Issue: ‘Greece and the South: Grammars of Comparison, Protest, and Futurity’)
[Commlist] Journal of Alternative & Community Media 7.1 published
November 23, 2022
[Commlist] Film, Fashion & Consumption 11.2 published (Special Issue: 'Masculinities on Screen')
November 28, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Authenticating Whiteness: Karens, Selfies, and Pop Stars
November 29, 2022
[Commlist] Communications - Special Issue (Vol. 47) published open access
November 30, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 36 Papers that Published in November
December 01, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Imagining Latinidad: Digital Diasporas and Public Engagement Among Latin American Migrants
[Commlist] New Book: "Media Governance: A Cosmopolitan Critique" out in the Palgrave/IAMCR book series
[Commlist] New book: Routledge Handbook of Nonprofit Communication
December 04, 2022
[Commlist] New book: The Informational Logic of Human Rights: Network Imaginaries in the Cybernetic Age
December 05, 2022
[Commlist], n. 25 | New issue: Interfaces: networks, ecology and evolution
[Commlist] Journal of Popular Television 10.3 published
[Commlist] Special Issue in Big Data & Society on Digital Resignation and Privacy Cynicism
December 06, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Cinemas 14.1 published (Special Issue: ‘FESPACO@50 – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Africa’s Most Important Film Festival and Cultural Event’)
[Commlist] Horror Studies 13.2 published (Special issue: ‘1980s Horror Film Culture’)
[Commlist] i-Portunus Houses publication on mobility in culture
[Commlist] New book: Blank Canvas: Art School Creativity From Punk to New Wave
December 07, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue on "Popular Music and Populism"
[Commlist] New Book: Monstrous Things: Essays on Ghosts, Vampires, and Things that Go Bump in the Night
[Commlist] Journal of Screenwriting 13.3 is published (Special Issue: ‘Textual Perspectives: Screenwriting Styles, Modes and Languages’)
[Commlist] New Issue: Communication, Culture & Critique
[Commlist] Issue 10 of "Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays" published
December 09, 2022
[Commlist] New open access book: Global Sceptical Publics: From nonreligious print media to ‘digitalatheism’ (UCL Press)
[Commlist] Journal of Visual Political Communication 9.1 published (Special Issue: ‘COVID-19 Health Campaigns’)
[Commlist] The latest issue of Extrapolation published
December 12, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Mustang: Translating Willful Youth
[Commlist] New Book: Critical Meme Reader #2: Memetic, Tacticality
[Commlist] Journal of Digital Media & Policy 13.3 published
[Commlist] New book: The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age
[Commlist] Journal of Fandom Studies 10.1 published
[Commlist] "Media & Jornalismo: 20 years" is the new issue of Media & Jornalismo
December 14, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Indigenous Language for Development Communication in the Global South
[Commlist] Internet Histories, Volume 6, Issue 4 published
[Commlist] New Book: The Memorial Museum in the Digital Age
[Commlist] New issue on Educommunication - "Profesional de la informacion", v. 31, n. 6
[Commlist] Education Data Futures – new publication from the Digital Futures Commission
[Commlist] New book: Secret Cinema and the immersive experience industry
December 15, 2022
[Commlist] communication +1 Volume 9, Issue 2 published
[Commlist] New issue of Contratexto Journal of Communication on Fans Studies (Peru)
[Commlist] New book: Digital Fashion Communication: An (Inter)cultural Perspective
[Commlist] New book: The Aging of Aquarius
[Commlist] New Book: Back to the Stone Age: Race and Prehistory in Contemporary Culture
December 16, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Owning the Masters
December 17, 2022
[Commlist] new articles published in Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism, issue 10
December 19, 2022
[Commlist] New issue of Comunicação e Sociedade on “Crime, Justice and Media”
[Commlist] New issue of Essachess. Journal for Communication Studies on "Mediatization, New Forms of Militancy and Digitalization"
December 20, 2022
[Commlist] New Book - Film Audiences: Personal journeys with film
[Commlist] NECSUS Autumn 2022_#Materiality – New journal issue online
[Commlist] Alphaville Issue 24: Fostering Diversity On and Off Screen published
December 21, 2022
[Commlist] Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture: Volume 7, no. 4
December 23, 2022
[Commlist] New Special Issue of Mediální studia / Media Studies
[Commlist] Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas 19.2 published (Special Issue: ‘Cine-Lit: Mujer y Genero/Women and Genre’)
December 29, 2022
[Commlist] New issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) published
December 30, 2022
[Commlist] New Issue of Communication Papers has been published
[Commlist] Volume 13, Issue 2 of Empedocles published
[Commlist] New issue of MATRIZes published (v. 16, issue 3)