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[ecrea] International Journal on Media Management - Special Issue on 'Funding in the Media Convergence Era'

Fri May 12 23:09:43 GMT 2017

We are pleased to announce that the latest special issue of /*The International Journal on Media Management*/ has now been published.

Vol 19, No 2 (2017) examines *'Funding and Management in the Media Convergence Era'*, and can be accessed here:

*Guest Editor: Matthew Freeman*

This special issue of /The International Journal on Media Management/ showcases cutting-edge research that critically examines the impact of media convergence on funding and related media management practices, and interrogates the relationships between the digital, the funding of media, and the transformations emerging in production, distribution and consumption around the world.

Altogether, the five articles in this special issue explore the broader implications of a contemporary media culture that is more sharable, hybridized and connected on traditional funding models. Individually, each article examines different innovations in funding across a variety of media sectors and platforms, looking across contemporary children’s television, public service broadcasting, crowdfunded news, film production in Greece, and Japanese animation.


*Funding and Management in the Media Convergence Era: Introduction*
/Matthew Freeman/

*Funding Contemporary Children’s Television: How Digital Convergence Encourages Retro Reboots*
/Anna Potter/

*Hacking Public Service Media Funding: A Scenario for Rethinking the License Fee as a Form of Civic Crowdfunding*
/Tiziano Bonini and Ivana Pais/
/*Persuading to Pay: Exploring the What and Why in Crowdfunded Journalism*
/Nicole Ladson and Angela M. Lee/

*Transitions in the Periphery: Funding Film Production in Greece Since the Financial Crisis*
/Lydia Papadimitriou/
/Crowdfunding Japanese Commercial Animation: Collective Financing Experiences in Anime*
/Antonio Loriguillo-López/

/The International Journal on Media Management/ provides a global examination of the fields of media and telecommunications management, with a strong emphasis on management issues. The goal of the journal is to offer a close analysis of new industry structures, organizational forms, and critical competencies in the changing media environment. The journal serves as a forum for discussion, bringing together academics and industry figures to explore the transition from "classic" to "new" media and to identify the factors that will determine organizational and economic success in a fast-changing and converging environment: <>

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