Archive for publications, March 2011

March 04, 2011
[ecrea] Scope: An Online Journal of Film and Television Studies Issue 19 now published
March 08, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: Third Text - New Special Issue Now Available
[ecrea] Launch of the second issue of Audiovisual Thinking
March 11, 2011
[ecrea] Adaptation, Volume 4 Issue 1, themed issue out now
[ecrea] Special Issue on Digital Cities in Telematics and Informatics, Vol. 28, Iss. 3, 2011
March 14, 2011
[ecrea] Arab Social Media Report
March 15, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Dictionary of Media and Communication - Chandler & Munday (OUP)
March 16, 2011
[ecrea] Visual Studies - Special Issue Now Available
March 18, 2011
[ecrea] new book: The Handbook of Media Audiences
[ecrea] new book: British Science Fiction Film and Television
March 20, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Public relations, society and culture
March 21, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Factual Fictions: Narrative Truth and the Contemporary American Documentary Novel
[ecrea] Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, Volume 15, Number 2/3, Fall/Winter 2006
[ecrea] New book: Springtime - The New Student Rebellions edited by Clare Solomon and Tania Palmieri
March 22, 2011
[ecrea] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
March 23, 2011
[ecrea] New Book: Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies
March 24, 2011
[ecrea] Word & Image - New Issue Now Available
[ecrea] New Book: Media and Social Justice
March 25, 2011
[ecrea] New book: Screening Nostalgia
[ecrea] Media Fields Journal Issue 2 is now online
[ecrea] New book: Media Law/ Derecho de la Comunicación
March 26, 2011
[ecrea] new book Rethinking Popular Culture and Media
March 28, 2011
[ecrea] New book: David Gauntlett - 'Making is Connecting: The Social Meaning of Creativity, from DIY and Knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0'.
[ecrea] New Book: Online Society in China Creating, celebrating, and instrumentalising the online carnival
[ecrea] new book: Explorations in New Cinema History: Approaches and Case Studies
March 30, 2011
[ecrea] new book - Sousveillance, Media and Strategic Political Communication: Iraq, USA, UK