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February 28, 2011
March 01, 2011
[ecrea] CFP Nordmedia 2011 - Media Literacy and Media Education Division
[ecrea] Remix Cinema workshop
[ecrea] The future of science journalism: knowledge and power
[ecrea] PhD scholarship - University of Kent
[ecrea] Re: Accounting for Creativity: British Producers, British Screens
March 02, 2011
[ecrea] Call for papers: Transgression
[ecrea] World War II and the Media
[ecrea] Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association Postgraduate Network / Annual Postgraduate Conference
March 03, 2011
[ecrea] new ed collection: ethical consumption
[ecrea] Digital Opportunities for Democratic Governance in Latin America. Call for Abstracts: LASA 2012 XXX International Congress, San Francisco, Califo rnia May 23? - 26
[ecrea] Postdoc position in Participatory Digital Media, Umea University (Sweden)
[ecrea] Conference - Lights! Tystnad! Azione! Practices, Sites and Careers in European Film Production
[ecrea] CFP - Animation Studies
[ecrea] International Conference on Latin American Cybercultural Studies - registration and website
[ecrea] New books from Nordicom
March 04, 2011
[ecrea] 3-year post Lecturer in Media, Communication, and Culture, Loughborough University
[ecrea] PhD Course: Media Ethnography: Theory and Practice
[ecrea] Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments" Conference
[ecrea] CFP - PSA Media and Politics Group Annual Conference. 3-4 November 2011. Bournemouth University
[ecrea] euroCPR
[ecrea] Call for papers medias011
[ecrea] International Environmental Communication Association website
[ecrea] AHRC Postgraduate Studentships in Film and TV at Glasgow
[ecrea] Lecturer in Film - University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago)
[ecrea] Scope: An Online Journal of Film and Television Studies Issue 19 now published
[ecrea] Barcelona - Decolonizing Knowledge and Power: Postcolonial Studies, Decolonial Horizons - A summer institute
March 05, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Multilingualism in popular arts / Appel de textes: Plurilinguisme dans les arts populaires
[ecrea] Photography at the crossroads of Humanities and Social Sciences
March 06, 2011
[ecrea] cfp: Turkey and the Middle East: Axis Shifting or Re-tuning?
March 07, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: CFP - LaborComm 2011II. International Labor and Communication Conference
[ecrea] Storyworlds across Media. Mediality - Multimodality - Transmediality
[ecrea] Cine-Excess V - Call for Papers - The 5th International Conference and Festival on Global Cult Film Traditions
[ecrea] Swedish Association of Media and Communication Research's (FSMK) conference & Educational conference MCS
[ecrea] Rebuilding Egyptian Media for a Democratic Future
[ecrea] Conference The Diasporic Family in Cinema
March 08, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: Third Text - New Special Issue Now Available
[ecrea] cfp Immersion: Classifications, Definitions and Explorations
[ecrea] Launch of the second issue of Audiovisual Thinking
[ecrea] CFP: Torchwood Declassified: Investigating Mainstream Cult Television
[ecrea] 'Postdigital Encounters': Journal of Media Practice Symposium
March 09, 2011
[ecrea] Dialogue & Representation conference (IADA 2011, Montréal)
[ecrea] Asian Popular Music Conference, Princeton University, Mar 25-26, 2011
[ecrea] Media Piracy in Emerging Economies - The Consumers Dilemma
[ecrea] SLACTIONS 2011 Call for Papers
[ecrea] 3 year ESRC PhD studentship - research methodology and social network sites
[ecrea] From Theory to Practice: How to Assess, Measure and Apply Impartiality in News and Current Affairs
[ecrea] CFP Places, people, stories - 28-30 Sept 2011, Kalmar, Sweden
[ecrea] Association for Feminist Epistemologies, Methodologies, Metaphysics and Science Studies 4: Call for Proposals
March 10, 2011
[ecrea] Call for Papers for ECANA
[ecrea] New Neapolitan Cinema – new book from Edinburgh University Press
[ecrea] Journal of Community Informatics: Call for Papers for Special issue on Open Data
[ecrea] CFP - Transnational Ecocinemas (Deadline 14 March 2011)
[ecrea] CFP: Transforming Audiences 3, international conference, 1-2 September 2011
[ecrea] cfp: Children, risk and safety online: Research and policy challenges in comparative perspective
[ecrea] Mediating Environmental Change - audio and live blog from symposium
[ecrea] Call for Papers on Locative Media for Convergence: The International Journal of research into New Media Technologies
[ecrea] CFP - Sites of Popular Music Heritage
[ecrea] CFP Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies "Out of the Ruins: The University to Come"
[ecrea] Newspaper & Periodical History Forum of Ireland
[ecrea] 'Irish Blood, English Heart': Second-Generation Irish Musicians in England
March 11, 2011
[ecrea] The Fifth Dimension - Globalization. Session. Places, People, Stories
[ecrea] CFP Rethinking Youth Cultures In The Age Of Global Media
[ecrea] 3rd QQML2011 Conference and DLMC Digital Library International Conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers | Power, Rhetoric, and Political Culture: The Texture of Political Action
[ecrea] CST 5:2
[ecrea] Adaptation, Volume 4 Issue 1, themed issue out now
[ecrea] Call for Papers A Question of Power, 29-30 september 2011, Groningen Centre for Journalism Studies
[ecrea] Special Issue on Digital Cities in Telematics and Informatics, Vol. 28, Iss. 3, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: (Post-)Conflict Cinema: Remembering Out-breaks and In-tensions
[ecrea] International Hamburg Congress of Business Communication
[ecrea] Appel de textes: Plurilinguisme dans les arts populaires / CFP: Multilingualism in popular arts
March 13, 2011
[ecrea] Media Literacy Conference 2011
[ecrea] "Technology, Society, Change" - Symposium on Andrew Feenberg
March 14, 2011
[ecrea] Arab Social Media Report
[ecrea] Academic MindTrek 2011
[ecrea] Workshop - Critical Perspectives on Media and Social Change
March 15, 2011
[ecrea] The R@dio Conference
[ecrea] Two Television studentship opportunities at De Montfort University
[ecrea] new book: Dictionary of Media and Communication - Chandler & Munday (OUP)
March 16, 2011
[ecrea] A Manifesto for Media Education - Symposium
[ecrea] Reminder Conference "Mediatized Worlds: Culture and Society in a Media Age"
[ecrea] 'Watching the Media'
[ecrea] Visual Studies - Special Issue Now Available
[ecrea] CFP: Articles for edited volume, “After Exile: Cinematic Homecomings”
[ecrea] Two PhD Fee Waivers at the Department of Sociology, University of Limerick, IRELAND.
March 17, 2011
[ecrea] Global Communication Association Conference, Malaysia
[ecrea] Call for Papers: ICTD2012 - Fifth IEEE/ACM International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development
[ecrea] CFP: New Media and Political Change in the Middle East (AAA)
[ecrea] Studentship at De Montfort University, UK
March 18, 2011
[ecrea] Media, Information and Computation Cultures : A prospective vision
[ecrea] CFP: Periodicals Across Europe, 9-10 December 2011, Manchester
[ecrea] new book: The Handbook of Media Audiences
[ecrea] Digital Opportunities for Democratic Governance in Latin America. Call for Abstracts: LASA 2012 – XXX International Congress, San Francisco, California May 23 – 26, 2012
[ecrea] new book: British Science Fiction Film and Television
[ecrea] 2011 Annenberg-Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute APPLICATION DEADLINE: APRIL 1, 2011
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies at MKV, Lund University, Sweden
March 20, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Public relations, society and culture
March 21, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Factual Fictions: Narrative Truth and the Contemporary American Documentary Novel
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Diasporas and Transnational Social Movements: Capital, Labor, Mobility and Identity
[ecrea] new number of the journal I/C and call
[ecrea] International Conference on Media and Culture in Small Nations 16-17 June 2011
[ecrea] UW-Milwaukee Seeking Postdoctoral Fellow in Information Policy
[ecrea] Research Associate - University of Westminster
[ecrea] Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies, Volume 15, Number 2/3, Fall/Winter 2006
[ecrea] New book: Springtime - The New Student Rebellions edited by Clare Solomon and Tania Palmieri
March 22, 2011
[ecrea] 2nd International Graduate Conference in Communication and Culture: The Culture of Remix
[ecrea] 11th Interdisciplinary Symposium of the Research Network European Cultures in Business and Corporate Communication (EUKO)
[ecrea] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
[ecrea] Fwd: Avant-Garde to New Wave
[ecrea] CFP: Call for papers - Comparing Media Systems in the Iberian Peninsula
[ecrea] Interpersonal Communication and,Social Interaction ECREA Section Conference
March 23, 2011
[ecrea] 7th International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration
[ecrea] Television Narrative Symposium, 28th May, University of York
[ecrea] call for expressions of interest: Critical Theory of The Internet Project
[ecrea] CFP: "Under Pressure" JLS special issue
[ecrea] Call for Participants: Media Anthropology Network workshop, London 27 May 2011
[ecrea] Exeter - Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in International Relations
[ecrea] CFP - Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change
[ecrea] Making Things Whole Again: The Take That Reunion
[ecrea] Public conference 'New Materialism: Naturecultures'
[ecrea] New Book: Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies
[ecrea] PhD Summer Course: "Media Ethnography: Theory and Practice"
[ecrea] First International Forum on Media and Information Literacy (MIL)
March 24, 2011
[ecrea] May 1st Deadline: Communication for Sustainable Social Change Award
[ecrea] cfp: Asia's Civil Spheres: New Media, Urban Public Space, Social Movements
[ecrea] Looking After Europe - Rethinking theory, culture and politics in the ‘Asian century’
[ecrea] Shifting Ground: A Symposium on Music and Publishing, April 11th, Oxford Brookes University.
[ecrea] CFP: Disability & Popular Culture (MPCA, 14-16 Oct 2011); deadline 30 Apr 2011
[ecrea] Word & Image - New Issue Now Available
[ecrea] New Book: Media and Social Justice
[ecrea] Call for Practice: Under the Mask 2011: Perspectives on the Gamer Conference
[ecrea] PhD summer school on the Political Economy of ICT
[ecrea] CFP: Journalistic Cultures: Facing social and technological changes
[ecrea] Digital/MEdia, race, affect and labor conference
[ecrea] CFP: Public Policies and Communications
March 25, 2011
[ecrea] New book: Screening Nostalgia
[ecrea] cfp medievalism and gaming
[ecrea] Media Fields Journal Issue 2 is now online
[ecrea] Performance Studies international Conference #17
[ecrea] New book: Media Law/ Derecho de la Comunicación
[ecrea] McLuhan's Philosophy of Media
[ecrea] CFP for Sampling Across the Spectrum
[ecrea] Call for Papers 'Comparing Media Systems in the Iberian Peninsula'
[ecrea] Symposium - Net Cultures: Mobility and Location in Social Networks
[ecrea] Digital Hybridity Conference Derby
[ecrea] European Conference on Creativity and Innovation
March 26, 2011
[ecrea] new book Rethinking Popular Culture and Media
March 27, 2011
[ecrea] culturalstudies podcast
March 28, 2011
[ecrea] New book: David Gauntlett - 'Making is Connecting: The Social Meaning of Creativity, from DIY and Knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0'.
[ecrea] New Book: Online Society in China Creating, celebrating, and instrumentalising the online carnival
[ecrea] CFP: Local Production, Global Consumption. AAA - Montreal 4/6; 11/16-20
[ecrea] CFA: SAGE Multimedia Encyclopedia of Women in Today’s World-New Volume
[ecrea] CFP: Global Media Worlds and China
[ecrea] new book: Explorations in New Cinema History: Approaches and Case Studies
[ecrea] Symposium - Digital Cinema: workflows and aesthetics
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Culture: Innovative practices and critical theories
[ecrea] Central European Journal of Communication: Call for papers Spring 2012
[ecrea] ECREA Commhist Workshop 2011 - CfP
[ecrea] Postdoc at Colgate University
[ecrea] Call for Application : Post-Doc Fellowship in Discourse Analysis and International Relations (Brussels)
[ecrea] Conf. cfp: Aesthetics / Class / Worlds
March 29, 2011
[ecrea] moral economies of creative labour conference
[ecrea] Qualitative Research for Policy Making 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies
[ecrea] Nordmedia 2011-deadline for abstracts
[ecrea] Nordmedia 2011-deadline for abstracts
March 30, 2011
[ecrea] McLuhan Galaxy “Understanding Media, Today” Conference / Barcelona / May 2011
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Raymond Williams and Robert Tressell in Hastings: celebrating 50 years of The Long Revolution and the centenary of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
[ecrea] new book - Sousveillance, Media and Strategic Political Communication: Iraq, USA, UK
[ecrea] CFP-International Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, Alcalá, Spain
March 31, 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Special issue of interpersonal communication and social interaction
[ecrea] Young scholars publications in social sciences and humanities