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(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
March 01, 2002
[eccr] EU commissioner vows action on mobile phone charges
[eccr] eEurope 2005 to revitalise growth of Information Society in Europe
[eccr] Shares in NTT DoCoMo begin trading in London and New York
[eccr] ICANN
[eccr] First Round of NGOs Meetings on WSIS Ended at UNESCO
March 04, 2002
[eccr] QuickLinks 226
[eccr] QL part1
[eccr] QL part2
[eccr] QL - part3
[eccr] QL - part 4
[eccr] European broadband demand to rocket
March 05, 2002
[eccr] ILO Commission on Globalisation
[eccr] Britain's digital divide is in danger of becoming so big that it cannot be bridged.
March 06, 2002
[eccr] CONTRACT POSITION at APC: Global Internet Rights Coordinator
[eccr] Evaluating ICT initiatives
March 07, 2002
[eccr] World Bank suggests EU candidate countries to make more use of ICT
March 08, 2002
[eccr] Commission welcomes Parliament approval of .eu
[eccr] Proceedings of the 2001 French Conference onInformation and Communication Studies (in French)
March 10, 2002
[eccr] A selection of QuickLinks 227 - 10 March 2002
March 11, 2002
[eccr] Vatican wants to play a greater role in the internet
[eccr] 1st Pan-European Conference on European Union PoliticsBordeaux, 26-28 September 2002
March 13, 2002
[eccr] World Civil Society Forum - Forum Mondial de la Soci été Civile
[eccr] UK: Multichannel halfway mark reached
[eccr] Comments invited on Draft Paper 'Making and Keeping Regulatory Promises'
March 14, 2002
[eccr] UK starts new consultation on EU e-commerce directive
March 15, 2002
[eccr] EADTU & OLF Spring Conference
[eccr] EU Parliament adopts Directive on postal liberalisation
[eccr] EU rejects US position on Galileo satellite project
[eccr] Media Mergers: The wave rolls on
[eccr] Russian Media criticises US campaign
[eccr] Statistics on ICTs in Education, Science, Culture, Media for WSIS
March 16, 2002
[eccr] FWD: European Online Journalism Awards 2002
March 17, 2002
[eccr] Selection of QuickLinks 228 - 17 March 2002
[eccr] Satellite decision draws near: European independence is the chief reason for going with Galileo
March 19, 2002
[eccr] Call for Papers Electronic Commerce in Entertainment and Media
[eccr] EM: CfP -- Electronic Commerce in Entertainment and Media
[eccr] Companies give high support to Galileo project
[eccr] Barcelona European Summit
March 20, 2002
[eccr] EMI announces 1,800 job cuts
[eccr] Bertelsmann abandons efforts to take RTL private
[eccr] Subscriptions herald end of Web freedom?
[eccr] Lower Goals for Telecom in Europe
March 22, 2002
[eccr] Scholarly publisher plans largest online reference
[eccr] U.S. Calls for Global Access to Information Technology
March 23, 2002
[eccr] ITV Digital 'braced for collapse'
[eccr] QuickLinks 229 - 23 March 2002
March 24, 2002
[eccr] "Europe and culture": a new EU culture portal
March 25, 2002
[eccr] Human Rights & Media - Critical Arts issue
March 27, 2002
[eccr] NGO Consultation on WSIS at Unesco, April 22-23, 2002
March 28, 2002
[eccr] Strategic Media Relations Training Opportunity
[eccr] ITV Digital collapse brings football crisis
March 29, 2002
[eccr] Study finds large companies have no European website
[eccr] Council adopts '.EU' and e-accessibility Resolution
[eccr] Brussels to clamp down on cost of calling mobiles
[eccr] Regulations not keeping up with technology
[eccr] In need of information about the developing countries and the use of software
[eccr] NGO Consultation on the World Summit on the Information Society organized by UNESCO, ITU