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March 01, 2015
[ecrea] PhD studentship available at Northumbria University
[ecrea] Conference - Inner resources: the roles of reflexivity, self-awareness and emotional responses in the work of the academic researcher
[ecrea] studentships available at Nortumbria University
[ecrea] Call for papers: Photography at the 21st Century @ Central Saint Martins
[ecrea] Re-visiting Melodrama in Contemporary Television Symposium, 27th March
[ecrea] CFP: Moving Pictures and Photoplays: New Perspectives in Silent Cinema
[ecrea] Research European Film and Television - PhD Workshop
[ecrea] CFP Reminder, InVisible Culture Issue 24: Vulnerability
[ecrea] 2 studentships on women and contemporary UK film at University of Southampton
[ecrea] Unlocking Broadcast Archives from Eastern Europe
[ecrea] Annenberg Doctoral Summer Institute on Diversity in Media and Culture
[ecrea] Selfie Citizenship research workshop, 16 April, Manchester Metropolitan University
[ecrea] cfp: Social Semiotics journal
[ecrea] Lecturer or Associate Professor in Journalism Studies at the University of Leeds
[ecrea] Aniki: Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image 2.1 (2015)
[ecrea] CFP: Symfrozium: A Study Day on Frozen
[ecrea] Call for Articles: African Journalism Studies (AJS) - African Digital Media Review
[ecrea] CFP - Moscow research conference "Communication as a discipline and as a field: Sharing experiences to construct a dialogue"
March 03, 2015
[ecrea] NOMOREPOTLUCKS no. 38 "Risk" is online now!
[ecrea] CFP How Filmmakers Think TV / Comparative Cinema 7
[ecrea] Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom is hiring
[ecrea] CfP: Standards, Disruptions and Values in Digital Culture and Communication (ECREA Section Workshop)
[ecrea] CfP: Future of eTextbooks Workshop at ICSLE'15 conference
[ecrea] Media Lectureships at University of Brighton
[ecrea] CFP - Special Issue of *Jeunesse* on Mobility
[ecrea] cfp: Travellers and Travels. Seeing old places, looking for new ones
[ecrea] Call for papers: International conference "Public service media in the digital mediascapes"
March 04, 2015
[ecrea] CAMRI International conference 19-20 June
[ecrea] translation projects in Cinema Journal
[ecrea] Conference call - drilling through the screen: modern imaginaries and the oil industry
[ecrea] CFP Twenty-First Century TV postgraduate conference
[ecrea] CFP. Special Issue of Popular Music: The Critical Imperative
[ecrea] Publicação do n. 26 (Especial Método Quadripolar, 40 Anos) da Revista
[ecrea] CfP. Participations Across, Between and Beyond Disciplines and Institutions
[ecrea] Professorship in Communication Studies at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, Germany
[ecrea] conference: Knowledge production in a hybrid age: Contemporary and historical perspectives on producing textbooks and digital educational media
[ecrea] Invitation: Net Children 2020 – Growing up with Media, April 16-17, 2015 in Berlin
[ecrea] Women's Cinema, World Cinema: Projecting Contemporary Feminisms
[ecrea] cfp - 3rd ESTIDIA Conference - Dialogue as Global Action: Interacting Voices and Visions across Cultures
[ecrea] Media Industries--call for papers, priority deadline 4/1
[ecrea] Adaptation: Volume 8 Issue 1 now online
[ecrea] New book on media, memory and war
[ecrea] CFP Oyundergi – Journal of Games 2015-1
March 05, 2015
[ecrea] cfp 1st International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Communication in Professional Contexts
[ecrea] CFP> 21st International Conference of the Spanish Society of Journalistic Studies (SEP) - 2015, SPAIN, June 19 - 20
March 06, 2015
[ecrea] Media Studies, Vol. 5, issue 10/2014
[ecrea] CFP: On the Fringe: Understanding Alternative and Subversive Media
[ecrea] International Conference 'Public and Private in Mobile Communications'
[ecrea] Job Advertisement: Professorship in Media and Communication Studies with the Special Area Comparative Cultural Analyses at the University of Bremen
[ecrea] 2nd CFP - LaborComm 2015 - The Sixth International Labor and Communication Conference
[ecrea] Assistant Professor, Media and Communications (Data & Society) - deadline approaching
[ecrea] TV in the age of transnationalisation and transmedialisation
[ecrea] CFP "Comparative media studies in today’s world: social media in network societies"
[ecrea] New Publication – Cinematic Terror by Tony Shaw
[ecrea] Summer Fellowships 2015, HIIG Berlin: Deadline March 2015
[ecrea] CfP: Routledge Companion to Adaptation
[ecrea] Postdoc, Lab for Internet Studies, St.Petersburg, Russia
[ecrea] CFP INSEP2015 – Violence, Representations and Sexuality
March 07, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: CIAKL II Insight Talks: Entrepreneurship skills – Industry and academia alliance
[ecrea] 17th General Online Research Conference
[ecrea] Journal of World Popular Music 1.2 (2014) out now!
[ecrea] CFP: Autoethnography
[ecrea] CFP: Reception Studies Conference
[ecrea] CFP Transformative Practice and Theory: where we stand today MeCCSA PGN
[ecrea] Special Issue of TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies - "Out of the Ruins, the University to Come..." Now open access
[ecrea] CFP: PS special issue on P*rn and Labour
[ecrea] 14th International AELFE Conference: Developments in professional/academic communication and implications for language education and research
March 09, 2015
[ecrea] Media and the Unconscious (MLA 2016)
[ecrea] cfp - Comparative Media Systems: Media Cultures as Cultures of Mediatization
[ecrea] IFIP 8.5 eGov/ePart conferences 2015 - General eParticipation Track
[ecrea] 4rd Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research and 6rd International Symposium on Education and Communication
[ecrea] Cfp - Sacred Songs: Religion, Spirituality and the Divine in Popular Music Culture
[ecrea] Conference on Media, Belonging and Social Theory
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Audience Research in a 'Post-Media' Age?
[ecrea] The Challenges of Arts and Humanities
[ecrea] AHRC PhD Studentship in collaboration with Imperial War Museums (IWM) and University of Brighton
[ecrea] Call for Papers: conference on news production cultures in Oxford
[ecrea] Media Fields Journal 11: Surveillance Zones Extended Deadline - Apr. 5
[ecrea] Funded PhD bursaries at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS - Disrupting Visibility: The Politics of Passing - Conference
[ecrea] Professorship in Communication Science at Friedrich-Schiller University
[ecrea] Call for Chapter Proposals for an Edited Volume on “Theorizing Digital Divides”
[ecrea] PhD course Visual Culture, Visual Methods, June 2015
March 10, 2015
[ecrea] Call for Participants - deadline 15 March - ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2015
March 11, 2015
[ecrea] Civic Media Project launch
[ecrea] MCP Journal 10th Anniversary issue
[ecrea] Call for papers Gamification and Education
[ecrea] Conference Cultures in Disarray: Destruction/Reconstruction
[ecrea] Celebrity Studies Double Special Issue: Audiences for stardom and celebrity, and Feminism and Contemporary Celebrity Culture
[ecrea] IC CFP 2015: From Enlightened Humour to Media Satire in Times of Crisis
[ecrea] Geopolitics & Internet Freedom
[ecrea] new special issue of Networking Knowledge - Mediatizing Gaza
[ecrea] Published: International Journal of E-Politics Vol. 6, Issue 1
[ecrea] call for chapters on Aki Kaurismäki
[ecrea] Call for Participation: 2015 CSA Conference Seminars
[ecrea] University of Leicester, Media and Communication PhD and Graduate Research Assistantships
[ecrea] New book announcement: Digital Militarism
[ecrea] CFP - Working in Music: The Musicians’ Union, musical labour and musical employment
[ecrea] International conference "Youth, Media and Diversity"
[ecrea] PhD Studentship in Media Representations of Feminine Domestic Labour, University of Leicester
[ecrea] Polytech.Science.Art 2015
[ecrea] Call For Papers: 5th Irish Symposium on Game-Based Learning
[ecrea] New publication: Genre theory in information studies
March 12, 2015
[ecrea] CFP Memory-Nostalgia-Melancholy, workshop
[ecrea] New book: Culture, Trauma, and Conflict Cultural Studies Perspectives on War (second & revised edition)
March 15, 2015
[ecrea] PhD Studentship: Oxford Brookes University, Communication, Media & Culture
[ecrea] CEU summer institute on internet, civil society and advocacy
[ecrea] CFP: Spaces and tactics of politics: Transnational connections, neoliberalisation and the reshaping of civil society
[ecrea] Assistant Professor job opening at Millersville University of Pennsylvania
[ecrea] New book: Propaganda & Counter-terrorism: Strategies for Global Change
[ecrea] PhD studentships at Roehampton
[ecrea] cfp - IJEG SI on Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia
[ecrea] Call for paper - Being Hu­mans. The Hu­man Con­di­tion in the age of tech­no-hu­ma­ni­sm: re­pre­sen­ta­tions, prac­ti­ces, ex­pe­rien­ces
[ecrea] cfp Quantifying methods in discourse studies. Possibilities and limits for the analysis of discursive practices
[ecrea] CFP: Models of Communication (8-10 October, Vilnius)
[ecrea] Workshop with M. Bakardjieva - Brno - POLITICAL ENGAGEMENT AND DIGITAL MEDIA USE IN CEE
[ecrea] CFP- DCA 2016
[ecrea] cfp - Public Media Service and Public Interest
[ecrea] Workshop: The production of elites and the making of elite universities
[ecrea] Media & the City TWG Conference 2015 - cfp
[ecrea] Weekly residential modules in Italy at UNIDEE - Cittadellarte
[ecrea] Associate Professorship-position
[ecrea] New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies, 14-15 April 2015: Penultimate reminder
[ecrea] Special Issue in Memory of Robert K. Martin-Canadian Review of American Studies - Spring 2015
[ecrea] New Book & E-Book: Play it again, Vilém! Medien und Spiel im Anschluß an Vilém Flusser
[ecrea] Call for Papers, Press History conference, Edinburgh
[ecrea] III Geographies of Sexualities Conference Crossing Boundaries: Sexualities, Media and (Urban) Spaces
March 16, 2015
[ecrea] Popular Music Fandom and the Public Sphere: A One Day Symposium
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer in Digital Culture: Royal Holloway
[ecrea] CFA Women and Technology Conference
March 17, 2015
[ecrea] PhD Position Stockholm University
[ecrea] Jazz Utopia, Rhythm Changes 2016 conference, Birmingham
[ecrea] 7th International Conference Bridges of Media Education 2015
[ecrea] CFP: "Hip Hop Studies: North and South"
[ecrea] Twenty-First Century TV postgraduate conference
[ecrea] CFP IC 12: "From Enlightened Humour to Media Satire: Discourses and Practices of Dissent in Times of Crisis"
March 18, 2015
[ecrea] assistant professor position in advertising beginning 2015-2016 academic year
[ecrea] Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies - New Issue Alert
[ecrea] UPEC Summer school 2015 - International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies
[ecrea] InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture CFP
[ecrea] CFP Counterfutures: Left Thought and Practice Aotearoa
[ecrea] ECREA Media and Religion TWG 2015 workshop - cfp Media, Religion and Politics – from sacralization to profanation
[ecrea] Call for applications to the Documentary Summer School (Locarno, Switzerland)
[ecrea] CfP: Standards, Disruptions and Values in Digital Culture and Communication
[ecrea] Between Craft and Code: Making Sense of Data Materialisation - Exhibition
[ecrea] Call for Papers for first annual IJPP conference
[ecrea] announcement: Postcolonial, Communication and Social Justice: Decolonizing Imaginations
[ecrea] CFP Turning the page
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Responsibility and Resistance - Ethics in Mediatized Worlds
March 19, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Shared Histories: Media Connections Between Britain and Ireland
[ecrea] Screen Volume 56, Issue 1 – Table of Contents
[ecrea] Teaching Media Quarterly Call for Proposals - Religion and Media
[ecrea] Call for papers MeCCSA 2016
[ecrea] CFP: Ethnographic Engagements with Digital Alterity
[ecrea] CFP: Material Environments: Sensing Time and Matter in Digital and Visual Culture
March 20, 2015
[ecrea] CFP - Participations Special Issue - Inside-the-scenes: The rise of experiential cinema
[ecrea] Global Cultural Policy Call for Chapter Proposals
[ecrea] 9th Annual Critiquing Culture Conference CFP
[ecrea] Position available: Lecturer Level B in Media, University of Adelaide, South Australia
[ecrea] Communication and Gender. Prostitution and Symbolic Prostitutions in the Media
[ecrea] conference Web,Archives as Scholarly Sources: Issues, Practices and Perspectives
[ecrea] Review of Communication Research - Volume 3. Free download. Call for Proposals.
[ecrea] CFP: Geoblocking and Global Video Culture
[ecrea] New Book: Digital Transformations in Turkey: Current Perspectives in Communication Studies
[ecrea] Fandom and Religion Conference - Leicester
[ecrea] Circulating Critical Practices conference
[ecrea] IMMAA-2015 conference in Moscow
[ecrea] Communication and Mass Media Conference Athens Greece
March 21, 2015
[ecrea] Digital Subjects Workshop
[ecrea] CfP #Neoliberation - Cultural Studies Conference @ Goldsmiths, 9-10 June
[ecrea] New posts in Arts and Creative Industries at LSBU
[ecrea] New Special Issue-Start Hall
[ecrea] Call for Book Chapters: Pedagogy of Environmental Communication
[ecrea] CfP - Media Trends Conference VI
March 24, 2015
[ecrea] CfP: ePart2015 - extended deadline and IJEG special issue
[ecrea] New book by Stephen Cushion - News and Politics: The Rise of Live and Interpretive Journalism
[ecrea] PhD course Visual Culture, Visual Methods, June 2015, Aarhus University
[ecrea] One-Day Symposium to mark the 40th Anniversary of Steven Spielberg's JAWS
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Strange Images in Familiar Contexts
March 25, 2015
[ecrea] Call for book section submissions: Pedagogy of Environmental Communication
[ecrea] New Media and Participation // New issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture
[ecrea] CFP: International Journal of Communication: Special Section on Network Neutrality
March 26, 2015
[ecrea] Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology | Issue 9, April 2016
[ecrea] Society of Legal Scholars - Media & Communications Law call for papers
[ecrea] Routledge Companion to Media & Gender - now available in paperback and Kindle
[ecrea] CFP *RE-DO * On sustainability and culture’s role in sustainable futures
[ecrea] Announcing FLOW Vol. 21, Issue 5
[ecrea] Lectureship in Communication and Media Studies at Loughborough
[ecrea] CFP Deadline Approaching: Moving Pictures and Photoplays Postgraduate Conference
[ecrea] Assistant professor positions_Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon
[ecrea] CFP Power & Media: Ownership, Sponsorship, Censorship
[ecrea] IAMCR Climate communication research award 2015
[ecrea] L/SL Screenwriting at Bournemouth University
[ecrea] CfP - Media and Governance in Latin America
[ecrea] Posts in Film Production at Multimedia University, Malaysia
[ecrea] Call for Papers - First International Conference on Anticipation / Education & Futures, Nov 5-7, Trento (Italy)
[ecrea] Digital Methods Summer School 2015 - Call for Participation
[ecrea] Call For Participants, Europe-China Dialogue: Media and Communication Studies Summer School 2015, Beijing (July.1st -10th)
March 27, 2015
[ecrea] CFP ‘Changing Platforms of Memory Practices. Technologies, User Generations and Amateur Media Dispositifs’
[ecrea] new book Stephen Hutchings ,and Vera Tolz, /Nation, Ethnicity and Race on Russian Television/
[ecrea] Postdoc opportunity (ethics and values in the design of emerging technologies) at the University of Maryland, College Park
[ecrea] 4 Vacancies Media Studies/Journalism Studies at Groningen University
[ecrea] cfp: The State of Play: Public Relations in Asia and the Pacific
[ecrea] New book: The Routledge Handbook of Environment and Communication
[ecrea] Punk Now! - cfp Punk Scholars Network 2nd Annual Conference and Postgraduate Symposium 2015
[ecrea] PhD scholarship: Smart Homes, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
[ecrea] Fluid bodies, open books and the politics of knowledge: Photomediations Machine
[ecrea] Announcement of PhD summer school on future internet
[ecrea] Television Drama in the Age of Media Convergence
[ecrea] Radio Production posts at Staffordshire University
[ecrea] Art of the Networked Practice | Online Symposium
[ecrea] The Miracle of Analogy, Part 1 or The History of Photography
[ecrea] cfp Communication and Inequality / Comunicación y Desigualdad
March 28, 2015
[ecrea] Conference: Touching the Screen (University of Oslo, April 28)
[ecrea] Data Power Conference, Sheffield, June 2015
[ecrea] Deconstructing Sexism Event
[ecrea] TT position at the University of Antwerp: Business Communication in French
[ecrea] CFP Haptic Narratives: Textural Exploration in Film
[ecrea] cfp: European Cinemas, Intercultural Meetings: Aesthetics, Politics, Industry, History
[ecrea] publication - Glapka, Ewa: Reading Bridal Magazines from a Critical Discursive Perspective
March 29, 2015
[ecrea] 1 PhD & 1 Postdoc available in Oslo
March 30, 2015
[ecrea] CFP: Cinematic Journeys of Identity—2015 Film & History Conference
[ecrea] CfP: Cinemas of Boyhood
March 31, 2015
[ecrea] new book Hitchcock à la Carte
[ecrea] CFP – Strange New Worlds: New Frontiers in Cinema and Television
[ecrea] REFRAME Books presents THE TABLET BOOK
[ecrea] Seachange | 2014 | Practice(s)
[ecrea] King's College London conference “Cultures in Disarray: Destruction/Reconstruction”