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(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
October 01, 2002
[eccr] Call for papers -- LEISURE AND VISUAL CULTURE
October 02, 2002
[eccr] European Media Landscape Update
October 03, 2002
[eccr] Four member states take issue with EU privacy law
[eccr] EU announces new music licensing rules
October 04, 2002
European Research gets go-ahead. The five Specific Programmes of the 6th Framework Programme adopted by Council
October 07, 2002
[eccr] EU Conference on "Social and Human Capital in the Knowledge Society" , 28-29 October in Brussels
October 10, 2002
[eccr] EU Commission clears one-stop agreements for the licensing of TV andradio music via the internet
October 11, 2002
[eccr] [Fwd: meccsa - Women's Writing Conference]
[eccr] Press release: Online/More Colour in the Media co-organises "Minority Media in Europe: A Revolution from below?" Symposium in London
[eccr] EU Commission clears licensing agreements for Internet TV and radio music
[eccr] Global Learn Day IV - Sunday October 13th
October 12, 2002
[eccr] Call for Papers (fwd) about 9/11/01
October 14, 2002
[eccr] Fwd: nieuwtje voor eccr mailing list
October 16, 2002
[eccr] Conference THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE IRRELEVANT: The user and the future of information and communication technologies
[eccr] a new book on scheduling
[eccr] The Wicker Man conference
October 17, 2002
[eccr] Call for papers: Violence and media conference
October 21, 2002
[eccr] TOC: The International Journal on Media Management, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2002
[eccr] Fwd: FW: Bourdieu conference.
[eccr] NPO/NGO Media & Technology Calendar [10/20/02 - 03:51 PST]
[eccr] CFP - Sonic Synergies, Creative Cultures
[eccr] Alternatives, Volume 1, Number 3
ECCR at the Regional Conference in preparation of the WSIS, Bucharest, 7-9 November 2002
October 23, 2002
[eccr] CFP Connectivity of the Media - Network Society and Media Communication
[eccr] Fwd: FW: After September 11: TV news and transnational audiences
October 24, 2002
[eccr] Fwd: [Amarc-info] AMARC 8 Conference change of dates
October 26, 2002
[eccr] PDC 2002 Proceedings Available
[eccr] Conference on mobile communication
October 27, 2002
[eccr] 3 Final Publications Posted by PIRP, Harvard U.
[eccr] QuickLinks 248 - 27 October 2002
October 29, 2002
[eccr] Invitation Conference MEDIA, POWER AND DEMOCRACY - 13.11.2002
October 30, 2002
[eccr] Netting Citizens: exploring citizenship in an Internet age
October 31, 2002
[eccr] VIOLENCE AND MEDIA: Resources and Discourses
[eccr] Conference announcement and call for papers