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(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
August 02, 2002
[eccr] Conference: African Broadcasting in Transition: Challenges, Risks & Opportunities in an Era of Liberalization & Convergence
August 03, 2002
[eccr] Mac users are the best, says survey ;>)
[eccr] Survey: Web Doesn't Affect Print Readership
[eccr] QuickLinks 242 - 30 July 2002
[eccr] Commission sets up two advisory groups to further internal market
August 05, 2002
[eccr] Open University Pavis Centre conference - Cultural Returns
August 06, 2002
[eccr] Fwd: Global Information Village Plaza
August 09, 2002
[eccr] Telecoms companies postpone 3G roll-out
[eccr] European Commission launches cyber-squatter survey
August 10, 2002
[eccr] The golden eggs of SMS-teletext chat
August 12, 2002
[eccr] EU Commission urges for restrictions on WLANs to be lifted
August 13, 2002
[eccr] 10% of the world's population now have internet access
August 15, 2002
[eccr] Journal discounts update
August 16, 2002
[eccr] Hidden Treasures - The impact of moving image and sound archives in the 21st Century
August 19, 2002
[eccr] EJC European Media Landscape Update
[eccr] IFJ slams power of media owners
August 20, 2002
[eccr] Virtual conference on ICT, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development
[eccr] European internet use fell in June
[eccr] European infrastructure market continues to fall in 2002
[eccr] New report shows consumer education is the key to success for EuropeaniTV market
August 21, 2002
[eccr] EU-wide surveillance a possibility soon
[eccr] Commission distances itself from surveillance proposal
August 22, 2002
[eccr] Experimental Film Conference Announcement
[eccr] Sedona Conference, Education & Digital Media
August 23, 2002
[eccr] Archives and Libraries Destroyed by Floods in Europe
August 24, 2002
[eccr] Call for Manuscripts: Heroes in a Global World
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August 26, 2002
[eccr] new LinksDossiers
[eccr] report WWF: Sustainability at the speed of light
August 29, 2002
[eccr] PC penetration stalls but online shopping attracts more Europeans
August 30, 2002
[eccr] Eutelsat satellite successfully launched
[eccr] WSIS Themes to be Discussed in Geneva, September 16-18
August 31, 2002
[eccr] QuickLinks 243 - 31 August 2002