Archive for publications, March 2019

February 28, 2019
[Commlist] New book: Social Media Activism. Water as a Common Good
March 01, 2019
[Commlist] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 9.1 published
March 02, 2019
[Commlist] New Book: Ethical Reporting of Sensitive Topics
March 03, 2019
[Commlist] New Book - “ExponentialEthics” - Atropos Press
[Commlist] Internet Histories, Volume 2, Issue 3-4, published
March 04, 2019
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 4.2 published
[Commlist] New Book: The World of The Walking Dead
March 05, 2019
[Commlist] New book on Critical Environmental Communication in a time of urgency
[Commlist] New Book : Ecosystems of Digital Information
[Commlist] New book: Public Service Broadcasting and Media Systems in Troubled European Democracies
March 06, 2019
[Commlist] New Book: L.A. Private Eyes
[Commlist] New book - Mute Records: Artists Business, History
March 08, 2019
[Commlist] New book: Data Journalism and the Regeneration of News
[Commlist] New book: Entry Points. Resonating Punk, Performance, and Art
March 12, 2019
[Commlist] Celebrity Studies Journal Issue 10.1 published
[Commlist] New book: Amateur Media and Participatory Cultures. Film, Video, and Digital Media.
March 15, 2019
[Commlist] New report from Media Reform Coalition: Who Owns the UK Media?
[Commlist] new book: We Are Data
[Commlist] New open access publication: Negotiating Internet Governance (OUP 2019)
[Commlist] New book: Serial Selves: Identity and Representation in Autobiographical Comics
[Commlist] new issue of FILM CRITICISM
March 17, 2019
[Commlist] Internet Histories, Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2019 published
March 18, 2019
[Commlist] New Book: Cultural Protest in Journalism, Documentary Films and the Arts: Between Protest and Professionalisation
[Commlist] New book: Chinese Propaganda Seducing the World
March 19, 2019
[Commlist] Journal of European Popular Culture 9.2 published
[Commlist] Journal of European Popular Culture 9.2 published
[Commlist] Screen Volume 60, Issue 1 - published
[Commlist] New Book -- Down in Treme: Race, Place, and New Orleans on Television
[Commlist] New publication: Lesbian Cinema after Queer Theory
March 20, 2019
[Commlist] new book: Positioning Art Cinema
[Commlist] New Book: Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control
March 21, 2019
[Commlist] Communication and the Public First Issue of 2019 Published
[Commlist] European Journal of American Culture 38.1 published
[Commlist] New Book: Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto
March 22, 2019
[Commlist] Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture 9.2 published
March 24, 2019
[Commlist] 25th Anniversary issue of The Journal of International Communication
March 25, 2019
[Commlist] Fresh off the press: special issue on 'Internet Architecture and Human Rights'
March 26, 2019
[Commlist] The journal Global Media and China published
[Commlist] International Journal of Creative Media Research - Inaugural Issue Published
[Commlist] Special Issue on Game of Thrones - Canadian Review of American Studies
March 27, 2019
[Commlist] International Journal of Technology Management & Sustainable Development 17.3 with FREE editorial published
March 28, 2019
[Commlist] New Book Announcement: Convergent Wrestling: Participatory Culture, Transmedia Storytelling, and Intertextuality in the Squared Circle
[Commlist] Journal of African Cinemas 10.3 published
[Commlist] new book: Irish cinema in the twenty-first century
[Commlist] Palabra Clave Journal: latest issue published