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[ecrea] Media Fields Journal: "Documentary and Space"

Tue Sep 06 07:12:01 GMT 2011

Hello All,

Issue 3 of Media Fields Journal, "Documentary and Space," edited by Ryan
Bowles and Rahul Mukherjee, is available at

*Issue Contents:*
“Documentary and Space: Introduction” – Ryan Bowles and Rahul Mukherjee
“A Place in the Online Feminist Documentary Cyber-closet” – Alexandra Juhasz
“Spaces of Reticence” – Jason Alley
“Sonic Interstices: Essayistic Voiceover and Spectatorial Space in Robert
Cambrinus’s *Commentary* (2009) – Laura Rascaroli
“Documentary, Space, Place, and Landscape” – Elizabeth Cowie
“Gitmo Space: A Dialogue about Mediatized Warfare, Documentary Filmmaking,
and Heterotopic Truth” – André Jansson and Erik Gandini
“Physical World News in Virtual Spaces: Representation and Embodiment in
Immersive Nonfiction” – Nonny de la Peña
“Popular Music Memoryscapes of Liverpool 8” – Brett Lashua
“The Road to Heaven Twists: The City, Urban Planning, and Experiential
Space” – Erica Stein
“Flexible by Nature: Video and the Cultural Production of Concrete Fact” –
Christina Corfield
“The Staging of Affect and the ‘Elsewhens’ of Documentary Space” – Dan
“Encountering Space: Documenting the Topography of the Migrant Home” –
Sukanya Sen
“The Geopolitics of Narrative Parody in Ulrike Ottinger’s *Johanna d’Arc of
Mongolia*” – Maggie Hennefeld
“Mapping Documentary: Roundtable with Filmmaker Ido Haar and Film and Media
Studies Scholar Janet Walker in Conversation with David Gray and Jade
“Moving Makes a Map” – Renée Rhodes
“Spatial Praxis in the Staging of Material Evidence” – Bernadette Flynn

Also, the CFP for Issue 5 of *Media Fields Journal*, “Memory, Space,&
Media” is now available at

Best Wishes,

*Ryan Noelle Bowles*
Managing Editor, *Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies*
PhD Candidate, UCSB Film and Media Studies
Doctoral Emphasis, Feminist Studies
Graduate Student Representative, SCMS Women's Caucus
Editorial Collective, *Media Fields Journal*

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