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[ecrea] New book: Broadcasting in the 21st Century

Mon Sep 19 16:05:40 GMT 2011

A new wide-ranging book, 'Broadcasting in the 21st Century' by Richard Rudin, Senior Lecturer in broadcasting and journalism at Liverpool John Moores University, has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan. (Orders and inspection copies from:

This book uses case studies, interviews and analysis to explore the key changes in broadcasting, concentrating on the changing relationship between audiences and broadcast output.

• A lively and engaging text, using interviews with broadcasters and managers, as wells as research and case studies from the UK, USA, China, India, South Africa, Australia and many other countries. • Argues that it is important to understand broadcasting’s history in order to appreciate today’s issues. • Reveals how people ‘really’ use the broadcast media and explains why ‘on demand’ and multiplatform viewing and listening is causing a fundamental shift in our relationship with broadcasting. • Explores the significance of Reality TV, including Big Brother and shows how social media has helped to blur the distinctions between fantasy and ‘truth’ and the continuation of broadcasting ‘myths’. • Assesses the validity of accusations from both the ‘Left’ and the ‘Right’ of bias in broadcasting. • Investigates the impact of broadcasting, including the TV leaders’ debates in the UK 2010 general election, and arguments that TV news coverage encourages ‘copycat’ mass killings. • Analyses claims of ‘dumbing down’ in broadcasting and contains startling evidence of reductions in viewing of ‘serious’ programmes. • Shows how trust in broadcasting and broadcasters is under threat, including studies of the ‘Gilligan’ and ‘Ross/Brand’ affairs. • Considers the impact of TV and radio programmes, formats and news coverage across national borders.
• Discusses the nature and importance of Citizen Journalism.
• Makes the case for the continued importance and special appeal of radio, including ‘pirate’ radio, but reveals a potentially fatal drop in listening by younger people.
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