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[ecrea] New Book: Media and Social Justice

Mon Sep 12 19:49:28 GMT 2011

Subject: New Book: Media and Social Justice

MEDIA & SOCIAL JUSTICE (Palgrave Macmillan)
* edited by Sue Curry Jansen, Jefferson Pooley, and Lora Taub-Pervizpour
* ISBN: 0230108636
* Details and online ordering

PDF download of the volume's introduction: "Media, Democracy, Human
Rights, and Social Justice":

Media & Social Justice is an anthology of work by critical media
scholars, media makers, and activists who are committed to advancing
social justice. Topics addressed include but are not limited to
international media activist projects such as the Right to Communication
movement and its corollaries; the importance of listening and enacting
policies that advance democratic media; regional and local media justice
projects; explorations of the challenges the era of participatory media
pose to public media; youth and minority media projects and activism;
ethical dilemmas posed by attempts to democratize access to media tools;
the continued marginalization of feminist perspectives in international
policy venues; software freedom and intellectual property rights; video
activism in both historical and contemporary contexts; internet
strategies for defending dissenting voices; and five accounts by
prominent scholar/activists of their lifelong struggles for media justice.


Introduction: Media, Democracy, Human Rights, and Social Justice - Sue
Curry Jansen

*Part I: Frameworks*

1: Global Justice and Global Media: The Long Way Ahead - Cees J. Hamelink
2: Video Activism as a Way of Life: An Interview with DeeDee Halleck -
DeeDee Halleck and Lora Taub-Pervizpour
3: Media and Democracy: Some Missing Links - Nick Couldry
4: A New Vision for Public Media: Open, Dynamic, and Participatory -
Jessica Clark and Patricia Aufderheide

*Part II: Collaborations*

5: Sustaining Collaboration: Lessons from the Media Research and Action
Project - Charlotte Ryan and William Gamson
6: Media Is Not the Issue: Justice Is the Issue - Nina Gregg
7: Detours through Youth-Driven Media: Backseat Drivers Bear Witness to
the Ethical Dilemmas of Youth Media - Lora Taub-Pervizpour and Eirinn
8: ¡Adelante!: Advancing Social Justice through Latina/o Community Media
- Mari Castañeda

*Part III: Power Struggles*

9: Feminism and Social Justice: Challenging the Media Rhetoric -
Margaret Gallagher
10: Defending Dissent - Brian Martin
11: Software Freedom as Social Justice: The Open-Source Software
Movement and Information Control - John L. Sullivan
12: Watching Back: Surveillance as Activism - Mark Andrejevic

*Part IV: Media Justice*

13: Drawing and Effacing Boundaries in Contemporary Media Democracy Work
- Christina Dunbar-Hester
14: From Psychological Warfare to Social Justice: Shifts in Foundation
Support for Communication Research - Jefferson Pooley
15: Media Democracy in Action: Truth Emergency and the Progressive Media
Reform Movement - Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips


“Media justice is one of the most important issues on the contemporary
agenda. It drew the attention of researchers only slowly, but is now a
field of intellectual excitement as well as practical significance--and
this book is the best available guide to the emerging field.”
--Craig Calhoun, President, Social Science Research Council
"This books restores a forgotten agenda--media and social justice--and
does so with new research, insight, and verve."
--Professor James Curran, Director, Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research

“In our changing media environment, Media and Social Justice arrives at
just the right time. Sue Curry Jansen, Jefferson Pooley, and Lora
Taub-Pervizpour have crafted a wonderfully rich collection that
confronts vital questions for critical media scholars and media
activists alike. The essays offer genuinely fresh insights about media
justice and they affirm the value of collaborative work along the
scholar-activist border. Taken together, these essays are a powerful
reminder of the enduring significance of media for social justice
movements. If you care about media and democracy, this is a book you
will want to read and talk about.”--William Hoynes, Professor of
Sociology and Media Studies, Vassar College
“In this important book, seasoned scholars and veteran media activists
join together to give us what Raymond Williams called ‘resources of
hope’--rich lessons in why and how we must reclaim the communications
system in behalf of the more encompassing project to attain social justice.”
--Dan Schiller, Professor, University of Illinois and author of How To
Think about Information
“This book looks at the intersections between social justice and
critical media studies and activism, and (re)frames media activism as a
social justice issue. The editors have also assembled a number of
well-known scholars, as well as key on-the-ground activists to
contribute to the book. The book will appeal to media and communication
scholars, activists, students, and professors.”
--Laura Stein, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin

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