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[ecrea] Javnost-The Public New Issue Released

Wed Oct 23 10:45:30 GMT 2013

No. 3 (2013) of Javnost-The Public has just been released.

With best wishes,

Slavko Splichal

Latest issue: Vol. 20 - 2013, No. 3
Javnost - The Public

Jo Bardoel

In Memoriam Karol Jakubowicz article icon

Barbara Pfetsch, Silke Adam, Lance W. Bennett

The Critical Linkage between Online and Offline Media: An Approach to Researching the Conditions of Issue Spill-over article icon

Iñaki Garcia Blanco, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Remote, Elitist, or Non-existent?: The European Public Sphere in the Debates of British Political Elites article icon

Marisol Sandoval

Corporate Social (Ir)Responsibility in Media and Communication Industries article icon

Baris Cayli

Creating Counterpublics against the Italian Mafia: Cultural Conquerors of Web-Based Media article icon

Mari K. Niemi

The True Finns Identity Politics and Populist Leadership on the Threshold of The Party’s Electoral Triumph article icon

Tabe Bergman

Liberal or Radical? Rethinking Dutch Media History article icon

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