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[ecrea] New issue of Film History (vol. 25, no. 3)

Wed Oct 23 00:23:52 GMT 2013

The latest issue of /Film History/ (vol. 25, no. 3) is now available, featuring a variety of new articles that may be of interest to many readers:

** Amy Lawrence, "Bruised and Confused: Helen Morgan and the Limits of Pathos"

** Jacqueline Reich, "The Metamorphosis of Maciste in Italian Silent Cinema"

** Gillian B. Anderson, "D. W. Griffith's /Intolerance/: Revisiting a Reconstructed Text"

** J. Brandon Colvin, "Examining Ethnic Exhibition: The Success of Scandinavian-Language Films at Chicago's Julian Theater in the 1930s"

** Paul Gansky, "Severed Objects: /Spellbound/, Archives, Exhibitions, and Film's Material History"

** Camille Deprez, "The Films Division of India, 1948-1964: The Early Days and the Influence of the British Documentary Film Tradition"

If your institution has a subscription to /Film History/ via JSTOR or Project MUSE, the issue can be accessed as follows:

(For readers without institutional access, these links also include information about how to subscribe or order individual issues.)

We encourage a broad range of submissions on all aspects of film history, so please feel free to send your work our way. Submission guidelines are also available via the above links.

All the best,

David Church, Assistant Editor
Film History
(filmhist /at/

Department of Communication and Culture
800 E. Third Street
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405

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