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[ecrea] new book: Public Service Broadcasting Online A Comparative European Policy Study of PSB 2.0

Tue Oct 01 07:14:13 GMT 2013

New book:

Public Service Broadcasting Online
A Comparative European Policy Study of PSB 2.0 (Palgrave Macmillan)
by Benedetta Brevini

Benedetta Brevini investigates the extent to which a Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) ethos has been extended to the online world in Europe. She examines the most significant policy initiatives carried out by PSBs in Europe on online platforms, and analyzes how the public service philosophy is being reinvented by policy makers (at both the national and European level), by PSB institutions and by their competitors. Brevini examines Denmark, France, Italy, Spain and the UK, where PSB has been the subject of landmark reforms that have changed its legal and policy frameworks. Concurrently, at the European level, the debate about the redefinition and expansion of PSB in the new media has been vigorous. As such, Brevini elaborates on and discusses a normative democratic framework for PSB online in Europe named 'PSB 2.0'. She argues that, if the online world is to be infused with the same public service ethos which characterizes traditional broadcasting, European policy makers and institutions need to understand that a reconfiguration of public service values and principles -- in other words, PSB 2.0 -- is becoming crucial.

More info about the book and table of contents: <>

'Public Service Broadcasting Online explains the rich and treasured legacies of, and current threats to, institutions that historically have been vital to a cultural and political sense of belonging and engagement among Europeans. By taking stock of and comparing a diverse range of European public service broadcasting (PSB) systems, Benedetta Brevini helps us understand the ongoing political stakes of the digital migration of PSB. More importantly, at a time when European governments of all kinds have fallen prey to the seductions and imperatives of neoliberal ideology and practice, the author offers invaluable guidance for preserving what is best about European public service media.' - Professor Andrew Calabrese, University of Colorado, USA

'Public service broadcasting was a visionary experiment that extended the social purpose of radio and television through the enabling role of the democratic state. Can the potential of the internet to serve the public be similarly extended through state intervention? What are the obstacles that lie in the way? For an innovative and scholarly answer, read this admirable book.'
- Professor James Curran, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Benedetta Brevini is Lecturer in Communication and Media at the University of Sydney, Australia. Previous academics appointments include lectureships at City University and Brunel University in London, UK. A media reformer and journalist, Dr Brevini has been working in Milan, New York and London for CNBC and RAI. Her co-edited book, Beyond WikiLeaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism & Society, was published in March 2013.

Lecturer **in Communication and Media *
Department of Media and Communications | Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
**Visiting Fellow | Centre for Law Justice and Journalism | City University London

*Room 108, Holme Building (A09) | The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006
*T +*61 293514734  |
*E* *(_benedetta.brevini /at/ <http://(alana.mann /at/>_* | *W **_*
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