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[ecrea] Resilience Early View: Special Issue on the Anthropocene and Section on Solidarity

Sat Oct 15 15:18:48 GMT 2016

For those interested, there is a special issue of the Resilience journal, edited by Kevin Grove and myself on Resilience and the Anthropocene and a new collection edited by Wanda Vrasti and Nick Michelsen on Resilience and Solidarity.

All available on early view:

*Resilience and the Anthropocene:*

Introduction: resilience and the Anthropocene: the stakes of ‘renaturalising’ politics
Kevin Grove & David Chandler

Resilience, class, and the antifragility of capital
Connor Joseph Cavanagh

Resilience for the Anthropocene? Shedding light on the forgotten temporalities shaping post-crisis management in the French Sud Ouest Sébastien Nobert, Julien Rebotier, Cloé Valette, Christine Bouisset & Sylvie Clarimont

‘Save the planet, plant a tree!’: REDD+ and global/local forest governance in the Anthropocene
Franziska Müller

Critical infrastructure lifelines and the politics of anthropocentric resilience
Jon Coaffee & Jonathan Clarke

The Anthropocene, resilience and post-colonial computation
Dan McQuillan

Resilience and race, or climate change and the uninsurable migrant: towards an anthroporacial reading of ‘race’
Andrew Baldwin

*Resilience and Solidarity:*

Introduction: on resilience and solidarity
Wanda Vrasti & Nicholas Michelsen

Resilience, solidarity, agency – grounded reflections on challenges and synergies
Ute Kelly & Rhys Kelly

Organising community resilience: an examination of the forms of sociality promoted in community resilience programmes
Chris Zebrowski & Daniel Sage

On the genealogy of strategies: resilience in the revolution
Nicholas Michelsen

Articulating resilience in practice: chains of responsibilisation, failure points and political contestation
Tudorel Vilcan

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