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[ecrea] new book: Smart Journalism

Sun Oct 02 11:50:28 GMT 2016

It is our pleasure to share the good news that our book “Smart Journalism” is already available in Amazon.

The term “smart journalism” attempts at incorporating the features of new, enlightened and professionally sound journalism that can cope successfully with the challenges of the dynamic media environment. It bears the light of dedicated, accountable and future oriented journalism that facilitates the watch dog role of the media and inspires participation and innovation.

The book contains articles featuring recent developments in the media environment in Central and Eastern European countries as well as more general trends of freedom of expression and the new emerging types of journalism in the digital age. “Smart Journalism” skillfully blends fact findings and observations flowing from the training seminars and sessions of the New Media Literacy for Media Professionals EC Leonardo da Vinci Project (2012 – 2014) uniting the collaborative efforts of organizations from four European countries – Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Malta.

The objectives pursued are linked on the one hand, to the establishment of ethical habits and sound ethical practices among media professionals while working online and on the other to acquiring the appropriate skills and wide knowledge about the rapid transformations of journalistic profession.

“Smart journalism” can be a valuable tool for teaching and tutorials, for seminars and discussions posing complex and challenging issues of the novel media environment.

   Smart Journalism,

   Paperbackby BisseraZankova

<> (Author),

   (Author), Iliana Franklin

<> (Author)

             Price £12.99

             Free delivery within the UK

​Product details

·Paperback: 196 pages

·Publisher: Mediaframe 20/05/2016

·Language: English

·ISBN-10: 1326264796

·ISBN-13: 978-1326264796

·Product Dimensions: 21 x 1.1 x 29.7 cm

For purchases please, contact the publisher Mediaframe Ltd. and go to
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