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[ecrea] Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration

Mon Oct 31 07:44:00 GMT 2016

    Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration

Volume 1, Issue 1 now available at:,id=3176/

/Transitions/ is devoted to providing a platform that explores and investigates the complexities of transient migration. It aims to map the experiences of transient migrants as they engage and interact with communities that are linked both to their home and host nations and to analyse the effects of transient migration as a global, national and communal phenomena. The journal’s focus is on how transient migrants cope with transience and how transient migration affects individuals, communities and nations before, during and after the period of transience. By placing emphasis on transience, /Transitions/ provides an avenue for the interpretation of temporality and unsettledness, which it considers significant and affective. Societies, communities, individuals and cultures are, thus, in a constant yet fluctuating state of transition.

/Transitions/ is a multi-disciplinary journal which brings together individual scholars and groups working across the Humanities and Social Services and, includes the ares of Media, Politics, Culture, History, Policy, Economy and the Creative Industries. /Transitions/ will focus on but is not limited to themes such as belonging, identity, networks, nation, culture, religion, race and ethnicity, gender, precarity, memory, agency, community, quotidian encounters and homecoming and the roles various platforms play within these themes.

_Submission_ to /Transitions/ are welcome all year. We welcome both qualitative and quantitative studies and will be issuing calls for themed issues every year. Your paper may address any of the themes above or highlight an issue not within that list. Please email your manuscript of *no more than 8,000 words* (including references) to both our editors Catherine Gomes and Susan Leong at (transitions.ed /at/ <mailto:(transitions.ed /at/>. Transitions uses the Harvard Style of referencing but you are requested to refer to Intellect House Style Guidelines <> for a guide on the referencing and writing styles that apply. Submissions not in line with the house styles will not be considered. You should receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 10 days.

CFP: Call For Reviews / Practitioners Review

Transitions seeks scholastic reviews on the latest books, practices, policies, media and interviews with practitioners as they relate to our journal. If you have something you would like us to review or a review that you would like to write, please send your inquiry to Peidong Yang at *(review.transitions /at/* <mailto:(review.transitions /at/>


*Editorial Board*

Nana Oishi, University of Melbourne

Shanton Chang, University of Melbourne

Jonathan Tan, Case Western Reserve University

Zhang Juan, University of New England

Ly Tran, Deakin University

Antje Missbach, Monash University

Michiel Baas, National University of Singapore

Laavanya Kathiravelu, Princeton

Katie Richardson, International Education Consultants Australia

Nadia Rook, La Trobe University

Basil Alzougool, Arab Open University - Kuwait Branch

Phan Le Ha, University of Hawaii

Suganthi John, Birmingham University

Regis Machart, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Hannah Soong, University of South Australia

Mary Ann Seow, ISANA

Edward Pember, Central Queensland University

*Advisory Board*

Brenda Yeoh, National University of Singapore

Supriya Singh, RMIT University

Kirpal Singh, Singapore Management University

Fran Martin, University of Melbourne

Val Colic-Peisker, RMIT University

Farida Fozdar, University of Western Australia

Tracey Banivanua Mar, La Trobe University

Simon Marginson, UCL Institute of Education

Elisa Costa Villaverde, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Fred Dervin, University of Helsinki

Amy Stambach, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fanta Aw, American University

Deane Neubauer, APHERP, East-West Centre

Fazal Rizvi, University of Melbourne

Pal Ahluwalia, University of Portsmouth

Xiang Biao, Oxford University

Heather Horst, RMIT University

Johanna Waters, Oxford University

Gracia Liu-Farrer, Waseda University

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