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[ecrea] publication: IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies

Wed Oct 05 14:04:25 GMT 2016

*Journal Publication announcement - Call for submissions and reviewers*

The /IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies/ is delighted to announce the publication of its issue 1.2. Both, individual articles and the whole issue, can be freely downloaded from the journal's website:

The issue contains the following articles:

Murder and Emancipation: Agatha Christie and CriticalQualitative Methods

Tim Appignani

The Rise of Popular Asceticism in Sinhalese BuddhistCulture: Some Significant Concepts and Practices

Isha Gamlath

Film Censorship Policy During Park Chung Hee’s MilitaryRegime (1960-1979) and Hostess Film

Molly Hyo Kim

The Dilemma of the Revitalization of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Global Homogenization: The Case of Techno Nezha in Taiwan

Leo Yuan and Holger Briel

Smell, Space and Othering

Cecilia Fe L Sta Maria

The //IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies// is an open access peer-reviewed journal for developing topics, threads and nodes of cultural understanding. The journal recognises that Cultural Studies is necessarily hybrid and fluid in nature and that even the establishment of common research fields (itself a highly contested exercise) will do little to discipline it. This however does not relieve Cultural Studies of the necessary reflection upon its own histories and present-day status quo. As cultures are becoming increasingly mediated, ample space will be provided for those interventions highlighting the relationship between (media) technology and culture. It is hoped that some of these discussions will take place in the virtual pages of this journal and that these theoretical interventions will stimulate and facilitate further research.

While much of the Journal’s focus rests on Asia, it encourages contributions from all across the globe, thereby establishing links between intercultural and transcultural phenomena and fostering their analysis. Asia is a continent constantly evolving within a restive world and one, if not the main, motor of the drive for change today. It is the aim of this journal to provide challenging and incisive commentary to accompany this process.

The Journal is now inviting submissions for issues 2.1 and 2.2. Issue 2.1 is a themed issue, with the topic “Cultural Struggle and Praxis: Negotiating Power and the Everyday”. The deadline for submissions for this issue is *October 14 2016*.

Issue 2.2 is an open topic issue and the deadline for submissions is *February 15, 2017*.

Please make sure that your submission corresponds to the journal’s style sheet which can be found at the following address: <>

Furthermore, the journal continues to accept nominations for reviewers and a review editor. If you think you would like to be involved in this process, please send an email with a short description of yourself, your research and the reasons for wanting to be involved in this project to the IAFOR IJCS editor, holger.briel(at) <> <>


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