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January 31, 2014
[ecrea] Young Scholars Workshop: Mediatized Celebrity and Popular Media in Historical and Visual Communication Research
February 01, 2014
[ecrea] Journalism, New media and Civic Engagement - Doctoral School
[ecrea] call for papers: International Conference "Gender in focus: (new) trends in media"
[ecrea] book announcement on digital citizenship
February 02, 2014
[ecrea] Special Issue of Budapest Management Review on managerial issues related to audience transformation and production (TATS Cost Action WG2)
[ecrea] postdoc in Internet Studies Lab
[ecrea] Psychoanalysis in Our Time - Copenhagen 14/15/16th March 2014
[ecrea] CounterPlay '14
February 03, 2014
[ecrea] IAICS CfP, February 1st
[ecrea] report on social engagement, civil society and online media
[ecrea] Conference on Radical Negativity - Call for Papers
February 04, 2014
[ecrea] Networking Knowledge latest issue online now
[ecrea] PhD-Seminar, Web Archiving and Archived Web — a new Research Method, a new Object of Study?
[ecrea] cfp ITRA 2014
[ecrea] Call for Papers and Creative Works - InVisible Culture, Issue 22: "Opacity"
[ecrea] Final Call for 2015 MeCCSA Postgraduate Network Conference Hosts [14/02/14]
[ecrea] Spaces of Television CFP
[ecrea] Challenges and Changes: Women in Journalism and Media (12th March 2014)
[ecrea] Special issue on "the responsibility of knowledge" - "The values of critique and social relevance in research on communication and culture" (WG2 COST TATS ACTION)
[ecrea] CFP: protest- university of glasgow, college of arts, postgraduate conference
[ecrea] Journalism, New media and Civic Engagement - PhD School at at University of Copenhagen
February 05, 2014
[ecrea] AEJMC Political Communication Group 2014 Call for Papers
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Photogénie Issue 2
[ecrea] JMP/MeCCSA/PaRG Symposium
February 06, 2014
[ecrea] CFP "Communication and information sciences in network society" - Vilnius University, Lithuania
[ecrea] Position announcement: Game Design and Development at Istanbul Bilgi University‏‏
[ecrea] Call for paper "Innovations in Democracy: e-voting, e-campaigning, e-participation"
[ecrea] CFP: Contributors for Childhood & Celebrity book
[ecrea] ICA-Preconference on Producing Truth to Power
[ecrea] cfp - The George Gerbner Conference on Communication, Conflict, and Aggression
[ecrea] CFP Plagiarism and Digital Culture
[ecrea] SNF Doctoral position social media and innovation
[ecrea] Journal of African Cinemas 5(2) 2013
[ecrea] tenure-track Assistant Professor of Digital Media Arts and Animation
[ecrea] PhD Studentships Edge Hill University
[ecrea] Visiting Fellowships at Reuters Institute, University of Oxford
[ecrea] International conference on Media and Popular culture
[ecrea] CFP Religion and Popular Culture Area, POPCAANZ‏‏ Conference
[ecrea] MSMI Call for Papers: Special Issue on "Musical Screens"
[ecrea] New issue of Science Fiction Film and Television (Liverpool University Press)
[ecrea] PhD positions at JMG
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The Future of Mobile ICT and New Media in Africa - 3rd CMI/GTUC international conference
[ecrea] ToC Telematics and Informatics, Volume 31, Issue 3, August 2014
February 07, 2014
[ecrea] Seachange | 2013 | Age
[ecrea] Post-doc position in social media and politics at Charles University, Prague
[ecrea] New book announcement: Pirate Politics: The New Information Policy Contests by Patrick Burkart
[ecrea] CFP Life through the Lens: The British Biopic in Focus
February 08, 2014
[ecrea] CFP- Media Events BOOK
[ecrea] Changing Discourses, Changing Workplaces: Postmodern Trends in Institutional Communication
[ecrea] Call For Papers - 3D Creative Summit
[ecrea] VI ISC "E-Governance" - 02-04.06.2014 - Sozopol, Bulgaria
[ecrea] CFP Special Issue - News, Intelligence Agencies & Agenda-Building
[ecrea] Vacancy: Chair in Digital and Social Media
[ecrea] ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci'14), June 23-26, 2014
[ecrea] CFP The Squared Horizon: The Frames and Trajectories of Paul Virilio
February 09, 2014
[ecrea] CFP - Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: 5th WCSA conference
February 10, 2014
[ecrea] Stuart Hall
[ecrea] ECREA’s 5th European Communication Conference Keynote Speakers Confirmed
February 11, 2014
[ecrea] CfP - Movies and Music: National and Transnational Perspectives
[ecrea] Post-doc - Factual and Fictional Narration
[ecrea] CFP: Interactive Narratives, New Media and Social Engagement Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Transgressive Bodies and Anglo-American Cinema
[ecrea] 9th NECS Workshop
[ecrea] Call for Papers “The Live Concert Experience” Special Issue of Rock Music Studies, Fall 2015
[ecrea] Call For Papers: 2014 international conference of the European Association for Studies on Australia (EASA), Prato, Italy.
[ecrea] Doctoral Scholarship in Comics Studies (English Department)
[ecrea] Deleuze Studies CFP
[ecrea] The future of Broadband Regulation
[ecrea] IAMCR 2014 deadline extended > 17 February
[ecrea] CFP - Argumentor Conference 4-6 September
[ecrea] Accessibility Event, Lancaster UK, 5th March
[ecrea] CFP - The Digital in Depth: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Depth in Digital Media
[ecrea] New book: Children's Games in the New Media Age
February 12, 2014
[ecrea] Celebrity Studies Conference Registration
[ecrea] Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference
[ecrea] Call fo Papers Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism
[ecrea] Participation Now
[ecrea] EBU hiring a visiting researcher
[ecrea] CFP: Excursions Vol. 5 No. 1 "Boundaries"
[ecrea] ReThinking Management 2014 conference
[ecrea] CFP Napster, 15 years on: Rethinking digital music distribution. A themed special edition of First Monday
[ecrea] Civilmedia14 - "UnConference for Community Media & Civil Society"
[ecrea] Associate Professor in Film and Media Studies
[ecrea] Two academic positions in Political Communication Research, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen (Germany)
[ecrea] UEA Film, Television and Media Studies event on Media and National Identity
February 13, 2014
[ecrea] a call for papers / Special issue: Marilyn – Body and Icon
[ecrea] GMW14: Call for Papers and Contributions
[ecrea] World War I Media, Entertainments & Popular Culture
[ecrea] CFA Communication Practices, Creativity and New Challenges - Universitas Humanistica Journal
[ecrea] Two lecturerships in Film Studies - University of Exeter
[ecrea] TPRC cfp: Telecom Policy Research Conference call for papers
[ecrea] CFP: God`s message – human language Possibilities and limits of the media
[ecrea] cfp Journalism and Communication Education
[ecrea] Call for Proposals - Media Events book
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Handbook of Research on Trends in Gamification
February 15, 2014
[ecrea] Research studentships; media/cultural studies - gender, sex and sexualities
[ecrea] CFA Communication Practices, Creativity and New Challenges - Journal Universitas Humanistica
[ecrea] "Old media" in "new media" era -- about adjustment strategies of traditional media to new media reality
[ecrea] Cfp: Study day on The Construction of Musical Performance Norms
[ecrea] Call for Proposal - Communication, emancipation and cultures
[ecrea] The 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on Social Movements
[ecrea] CFP Tweet Celebrity
[ecrea] Colóquio "Educação, Ciência e Cultura na era Digital" / Seminar "Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Era"
[ecrea] New Book from Routledge - The Biopic in Contemporary Film Culture
[ecrea] GOR 14, 5-7 March 2014 in Cologne, Germany
[ecrea] PhD scholarships at Aberystwyth University
[ecrea] Call for Papers for Porn Studies (Routledge)
[ecrea] New Book from Routledge - Narrative, 2nd Edition
[ecrea] International Conference on E-commerce and Contemporary Economic Development
[ecrea] ECREA Journalism Studies Sectionconference in Thessaloniki: programme and registration
[ecrea] Call for Editorial Board Members
[ecrea] CFP 4S/ESOCITE - Open Panel 63. Peer production and open collaboration
February 16, 2014
[ecrea] CFP: Popular Life of Things
[ecrea] PhD Scholarship in Francophone Belgian Culture
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Cosmo-graphies: Textual and Visual Cultures of Outer Space
[ecrea] CFP: Spaces of Memory & Performance: Trauma, Affect, Displacement
February 17, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Participants: ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2014
[ecrea] CFP: Creating Cultures, postgraduate conference in Culture, Media, and the Creative Industries, King's College London
[ecrea] "Media and Communication in and after the Global Capitalist Crisis": ESA RN18 2014 Conference Call
[ecrea] Call for Papers from Ethical Space: Sleepwalking towards Big Brother? The Ethics of Communication in an Era of Mass Surveillance
[ecrea] Word and Image Crossovers Conference
[ecrea] New Nordic Journalism Research
[ecrea] Edinburgh Interpreting Research Summer School 2014
[ecrea] Animals, art, performance and social media in Photomediations Machine: 8 new posts
[ecrea] Call for contributors: edited collection on ICTs,,governance and peace building in Africa
[ecrea] New Book: Online Journalism: The Essential Guide
February 18, 2014
[ecrea] Media Literacy Research Symposium
[ecrea] PhD-course on Mediatization in Oslo
[ecrea] cfp: Fourth International Conference & Festival of the Soundtrack
[ecrea] Phialment CFP issue 21: Humour
[ecrea] New Palgrave/IAMCR book series announcement
[ecrea] Open Research Workshop: Smart Cities & Big Data
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue Studies in Australasian Cinema
[ecrea] Call for papers: Media Literacy in Digital Age
[ecrea] From Information to Participation – Challenges for the Media
[ecrea] Call for Papers: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture
[ecrea] New book on reception and memory
February 20, 2014
[ecrea] cfp: International New Media Conference
[ecrea] Wide Screen Spl Issue on Indian Cinema
[ecrea] CFP Subverting Fashion: Style Cultures, Fan Culture & the Fashion Industry
[ecrea] CfP: Critical Practices and Experimentation
[ecrea] Two PhD scholarships in TV technology history
[ecrea] Lectureship in Film and Media at the University of Leeds
[ecrea] CFP: Chinese queer fan culture
[ecrea] PhD studentships at Loughborough, UK
[ecrea] CFP: Pragmatism and Communication
[ecrea] Wide Screen Spl Issue on Indian Cinema
[ecrea] CFP - Handbook of Media and Culture in the Middle East
[ecrea] CfP: SEP/FEP Joint Annual Conference: Philosophy after Nature. Utrecht University, 3-4-5 September 2014
[ecrea] 4th Edition International Summer School in Political Communication and Electoral Behaviour
[ecrea] book series - The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
[ecrea] cfp: International New Media and Women Symposium
February 21, 2014
[ecrea] short term contract for post-doc or advanced doctoral student
[ecrea] Call for Papers: 3rd Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures
[ecrea] Contemporary South Asian Youth Cultures and Fashion Symposium
[ecrea] CFP Centenary Special Issue of MWC Journal
[ecrea] Media Analysis Techniques Summer School at Maastricht University
[ecrea] Deviate! The Second International Alphaville Conference, University College Cork
[ecrea] Special issue on "Religion in Digital Games" is online!
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts for Chapters Volume 2 of the International Handbook of Internet Research
[ecrea] Art and media: postdoc residency in Mexico
[ecrea] Sixth (and final) WG2 essay collection published: Alternative Media and Participation
[ecrea] professorships at Jeddah College of Advertising
February 22, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Papers, 1st International Symposium EDiSo 2014 – Studies in Discourse and Society
[ecrea] CFP: what regulation for mass media and social media in the aftermath of the Arab revolutions ?
[ecrea] PhD in Emerging Media Studies at Boston University
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at Leeds Metropolitan University
[ecrea] What I Know Is: A Research Symposium on Online Collaborative Knowledge-Building
[ecrea] Call for Applications, 2014-15 Yahoo! Fellow in Residence, Georgetown University
February 25, 2014
[ecrea] Lecturer in Media Studies
[ecrea] New book - Bachmann-Medick, Doris: The Trans/National Study of Culture
[ecrea] Vacancy:Chair in Digital & social media
[ecrea] CFP: The Godfather / Fan Phenomena Series
[ecrea] Call for Contributions: Bruits (Noises)
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Merit Research Journal of Art, Social Science and Humanities
[ecrea] CFP East Asian Screen Studies Symposium, King's College London
[ecrea] GRER international conference - News and radio journalism in the digital age
[ecrea] new book: Civic Agency in Africa: Arts of Resistance in the 21st Century
February 26, 2014
[ecrea] 2014 Digital Societies and Social Technologies (DSST) Summer Institute
[ecrea] call for papers: The non-government and voluntary sector, ICT, and democracy
[ecrea] PhD Scholarship: The Moral and Cultural Economy of the Mobile Phone in the Pacific
[ecrea] Ecocinema audiences - a special issue of Interactions: Studies in Communications and Culture
[ecrea] New Book by Maggie Scammell
[ecrea] FIAT/IFTA Television Studies Seminar on Documentary
[ecrea] CfP Communication and law in Russia
[ecrea] Marie Curie Fellowships 2014
[ecrea] CFA: Screening War | Diffractions - Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture
[ecrea] Call for papers VI International Scientific Conference "E-Governance"
[ecrea] cfp: New Media and Democracy
[ecrea] New book: "Television Audiences Across the World. Deconstructing the Ratings Machine"
[ecrea] Ethnography, special issue on "Civic Mediations" guest edited by Debra Spitulnik Vidali and Thomas Tufte
[ecrea] CFP 14.5 Gender, Media and ARTs: Feminist Media Studies Commentary and Criticism
[ecrea] CfP Bis Repetita Placent ? (2): Remake, Gender and Genre in Film and TV Series of the English-speaking World
[ecrea] cfp - ‘Media and Place’
[ecrea] International Conference on E-commerce and Contemporary Economic Development [ECED2014] -Call For Paper-EI/ISTP indexing
February 27, 2014
[ecrea] Out in Paperback - Representations of Global Poverty
[ecrea] Conference: Inverting Globalisation
[ecrea] cfp: music / media / politics symposium
[ecrea] International Association for the Study of Popular Music
[ecrea] call for editorial and advisory board members: Social Alternatives
[ecrea] Postgraduate Studentships at Nottingham
[ecrea] Call for proposals: International Conference Why still education?
[ecrea] Call For Papers: Fashion in Fiction: Style Stories and Transglobal Narratives 12-14 June, 2014
[ecrea] Journalism and Memory: 25th title published in Memory Studies Series
[ecrea] Launch: FCJ Trolls and Negative Spaces of the Internet special issue
[ecrea] Doc on-line n. 15
[ecrea] New book: Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s
[ecrea] New Canadian edition of Communication and New Media: From Broadcast to Narrowcast
[ecrea] Job Vacancies at Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries at King's College London
February 28, 2014
[ecrea] Reminder - IAMCR/UCF Urban Communication Research Grant
[ecrea] Journalism conference at the University of Westminster
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Profiles: Principles and Practice
[ecrea] Call for Papers # Aniki: Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image
[ecrea] Teaching Fellow at University of St. Andrews Film Studies
January 02, 2023
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