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February 01, 2023
[Commlist] The Journal of Beatles Studies invites submissions
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 71 Papers that Published in January
[Commlist] Participate Project Consortium- Doctoral candidate position hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Journal of African Cinemas
[Commlist] Journal of African Cinemas: CFP
[Commlist] Call for presentations and papers on Virtual Cinematography
[Commlist] Vacancy - Department of Media and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
[Commlist] CfP: Media and disability
[Commlist] Call for Presentations and Papers MIX 2023: Storytelling in Immersive Media
[Commlist] Call for participation in 11th Graduate Spring School & Research conference on Comparative Media Systems
[Commlist] New book: Selfies and the Filtered Face
[Commlist] Call for Chapter proposals: A force of habit: Nuns in popular culture
[Commlist] CFP: Reimagining Data Visualisations: Critical Questions, Expanded Practices | London Conference in Critical Thought 2023
[Commlist] COHECREA Workshop in Lund - cfp
[Commlist] Recruiting for a Principal lecturer/Lecturer in Journalism
[Commlist] DesignInquiry's around / work CFP
[Commlist] CFP - I International Seminar Intersectional Approaches to Spanish Audiovisual: Female Stardom
[Commlist] Vacancy Dutch-speaking tenure track asst. prof. media studies / communication sciences and digitalization @UHasselt
[Commlist] CFP: Understanding the Metaverse
February 02, 2023
[Commlist] IAMCR/FAO Rural Communication Services Research Award
[Commlist] Ethics of the Digital Conference CFP
[Commlist] cfp symposium 'Participation: Norms and Storms'
[Commlist] Call for Papers: ReFocus: The Films of Don Siegel
[Commlist] New book: Screen Media and the Construction of Nostalgia in Post-Socialist China
[Commlist] International Film Audiences - Academic and Industry Perspectives (Part 2) published
[Commlist] CFP on Social Media and Politics in **Latin America** - Journal of Political Analysis (Revista AnálisisPolítico)
[Commlist] The Children' Media Yearbook 2023 - Call for Contributions
[Commlist] Lecturer in Chinese Studies and Digital Cultures (QMUL)
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture Special Issue
February 03, 2023
[Commlist] Call for abstracts for an edited volume: marketing communication in African languages
[Commlist] Symposium: Reassessing 'the Critical' in CDS
[Commlist] CfP European Journal of Women's Studies - Special Issue "Digital Media, Feminisms, and Public Health in the Age of Pandemic"
[Commlist] Call for papers - Designs on Television
[Commlist] Asian Cinema 33.2 published (Special Issue: ‘Documentary and Democracy, Hong Kong’)
[Commlist] University of Illinois Press series
[Commlist] CFP Film-Philosophy Conference
[Commlist] ISP 2023 Call for participation
[Commlist] Velvet Light Trap #93 CFP: "Reconsidering Mass Media"
February 06, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: 3rd Film festivals symposium
[Commlist] CFP: KDH (Vol. 6) Conference
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Indigenous Language Preservation and Promotion through Digital Media Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
[Commlist] cfp: Every day and cultural geographies of Islam/Muslims: expanding the field
[Commlist] Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal Vol. 4, No. 1 is published
[Commlist] CFP: Somnambulations 2: Critical Approaches to Sleep / Approches Critiques du Sommeil
[Commlist] CFP: “Fear in Culture and Culture of Fear”// 15-17 June 2023, Tallinn, Estonia
[Commlist] Internet Histories, Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2023 (Special Issue)
[Commlist] IAMCR Pre-Conference CfP: Climate Mis/Disinformation
[Commlist] Principal lectureship (grade 9) in Journalism
[Commlist] CFP: Media Mutations Conference - Investigating Medical Drama TV Series: approaches and perspectives
[Commlist], n. 26 | Call for Short Papers: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Communication. Trends
[Commlist] Symposium on Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau (Potsdam)
[Commlist] CfP Special issue of the Media Studies journal / Medijske Studije "Political Scandals in a Global Context"
February 07, 2023
[Commlist] IJoC Publishes a Special Section on Encounters Between Violence and Media
[Commlist] Call for Applications | Postdoctoral Research Associate in Data Science & Race, Place and Equity
[Commlist] tenure track position in media production
[Commlist] cfp: Language Work in the Movies (Workshop)
[Commlist] CFP - L'Atalante 37 - Women and sport in audiovisual media: bodies, images, politics
[Commlist] Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Wits University
[Commlist] 2 Assistant Professor positions in Media Studies, University of Amsterdam - specialised in 1) Media and Culture - Television & Cross-Media Culture, and 2) Cultural Heritage and Cross-Media
[Commlist] CFP: 2023 Doctoral Colloquium Pre-Conference of the International Society for Media, Religion and Culture
[Commlist] Call for Papers: *Connessioni Remote* Journal
[Commlist] New Book: Videogames and Agency
[Commlist] Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS)
[Commlist] Horror Studies Now - CFP
[Commlist] CfP - GIG-ARTS 2023: "The Governance of Cybersecurity: Resilience, Human Rights and Democracy"
[Commlist] COPIM’s Experimental Books – Re-imagining Scholarly Publishing Conference
February 08, 2023
[Commlist] new book: Mapping the Media and Communication Landscape of Central Asia: An anthology of emerging,and contemporary issues
[Commlist] CFP Conference: Disrupted or disruptive audiences? From reception to participation in a post-truth era
[Commlist] Call for Papers - PGR Conference 'Futuring Outside the Box: New Dynamics in Media, Communication and Sociology'
[Commlist] Algorithms for Her Conference
[Commlist] Inward Outward Symposium
[Commlist] Doctoral position in film studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
[Commlist] CfP - AsHisCom Congress: Communication, History and Memory
[Commlist] International Congress on Media, Gender and Sexualities: Representations, Literacies and Audiences
[Commlist] Call for Papers February 28th XVIII AsHisCom 2023
[Commlist] Call for chapters: Drone art and creative practices
[Commlist] PhD position in Media and Communication at Jönköping University
[Commlist] CfP: Conference “Automation Culture: Intersections between Art, Automation, and Living Systems”
February 09, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: Teaching film practices in higher education
[Commlist] CFP - Cultural Resistance Through Film: Performing Ukrainian National Identity
[Commlist] CFP Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City: Tales of a Transmedia Experience?
[Commlist] PhD in Collaborative asynchronous virtual reality
[Commlist] first issue of Film Economy published
[Commlist] New book - Optimising Emotions, Incubating Falsehoods
[Commlist] CFPs: MLA Gothic Studies Forum for the 2024 MLA Convention in Philadelphia
[Commlist] Documentaries and Radical Media Ecologies in the XXI Century – Visible Evidence seminar
[Commlist] Faculty position in Taiwan
[Commlist] New Book Unruly Speech
[Commlist] CfP – The International Conference on Communication and Applied Technologies – (ICOMTA, 2023) in Mexico
February 10, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: affective intermediality conference
[Commlist] Call for contributions 8th International Visual Methods Conference
[Commlist] Call for Contributions | DigiMethods 2023 Colloquium: Future Proofing Journalism and Media Education in Africa
[Commlist] cfp: The Datafied Family
[Commlist] Job: Associate Lecturer/Lecturer – (ECDF) Music Industry
[Commlist] Call for Papers: The Second International Asian Stardom and Celebrity Conference - Diplomacy, Politics, Activism, Ambassadorship: The Politicisation of Celebrity in Asia
[Commlist] Call for Proposals: Women and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes Annual Conference
February 13, 2023
[Commlist] CHI’23 Workshop, CfP: Bridging Distances for Global Participation: Conducting and Theorizing Participatory Design and Research in Hybrid Contexts
[Commlist] 2023 ECREA Political Communication Section Conference & Call for Papers
[Commlist] cfp: Dialogues on decolonizing the university: Racialized gender transnational learning
[Commlist] EJAS (European Journal of American Studies): Call for book reviews
[Commlist] job at LSE: Assistant Professor at Department of Media and Communications
February 14, 2023
[Commlist] cfp: EPIC2023 - Friction
[Commlist] New book: Theorising Media and Conflict
[Commlist] Call for papers deadline 17th February 2023 - Future of Journalism conference
[Commlist] CfP: Ecologies of/and adaptation : literature / film association conference University of Montana
[Commlist] Call for papers: 2nd Workshop on Novel Evaluation Approaches for Text Classification Systems
[Commlist] Call for Papers - Images at Work: Labour and the Moving Image
[Commlist] CfP: Music and the Internet, University of Chicago and online
[Commlist] Call for papers - Radical Children's Film and Television
[Commlist] Media Mutations International Conference CFP: “Investigating Medical Drama TV series: approaches and perspectives”
February 15, 2023
[Commlist] two jobs in communication at Canterbury University, Aotearoa New Zealand
[Commlist] CfP: "Changing Paradigms: Humanities in the Age of Crisis"
[Commlist] cfp: Character Assassination, Illiberalism, and the Erosion of Civic Rights
[Commlist] IJoC Publishes a Special Section on Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches
[Commlist] Call for participation in the post-graduate course and research conference
[Commlist] Job: Postdoc position in Digital Journalism at the Università della Svizzera italiana
[Commlist] New book: Adapting Performance Between Stage and Screen
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Conference of the European Publishing Studies Association
[Commlist] cfp: International Conference “Communication in times of (poly)crisis and digital disruptive transformations”
[Commlist] New open access book: Global Sceptical Publics: From nonreligious print media to ‘digitalatheism’ (UCL Press)
[Commlist] Job vacancy - Games studies, University of Bergen
February 17, 2023
[Commlist] Oral History Summer Institute-May 11-June 15 via Zoom
[Commlist] cfp: 4th International Conference ILIS: Rethinking social theories and methods in a digital society
[Commlist] Job posting: Lecturer in Animation
[Commlist] Digimethods 2023: Africa Digital Methods Winter School
[Commlist] Call for applications: 2023 Oxford Media Policy Summer Institute
[Commlist] New Cinemas 19.1 - 2 published
[Commlist] Promoting Commons Presents and Futures Symposium
[Commlist] 1 year post-doctoral fellowship at De Montfort University: Cultural Heritage in the Occupied Territories as a Means to Peace
[Commlist] Call for AI Otherwise Summer Institute
February 18, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: British film and TV history conference
[Commlist] 2023 ICA Media Sociology Postconference
[Commlist] CFP: Designs on Television: Production Design and Television Aesthetics
[Commlist] SEAMSJ issue 4.2 “Digital Media Culture in Southeast Asian Societies” - now published
[Commlist] Doctoral candidate position No.9: hosted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)
[Commlist] cfp: Mediations of music and power in online music cultures
[Commlist] Journalism Safety Research Network (JSRN) Symposium on Digital Safety
February 20, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Participation in Prague PhD course on Discourse Studies and Method: Using Discourse-Theoretical Analysis and Discursive-Material Analysis
[Commlist] Job Opportunity: Research Assistant in Film/Performance Studies Project
[Commlist] Call for Papers · Spring Seminar 2023 · Montage
[Commlist] 3rd film festivals symposium Istanbul
[Commlist] Call for Applications: Political Economies of the Media
[Commlist] cfp: Prague Media Point - What’s Working: Sustainable Media System for a Viable Democracy
[Commlist] Call: Ethics of the Digital Conference CFP
[Commlist] cfp: Popular Music and Wellbeing Conference
[Commlist] CRC Tier 2: Communication and Critical Disability Studies
[Commlist] JOB - LSE Fellow in Media and Communications
[Commlist] cfp: Media Mutations 14 CfP /Investigating Medical Drama TV series: approaches and perspectives
[Commlist] Call for Applications: Political Economies of the Media, an advanced postgraduate course
[Commlist] ZeMKI Visiting Research Fellowships: Open Call for Applications, 2023
February 21, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Indigenous Language Preservation and Promotion through Digital Media Technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
[Commlist] Call for Documentary/Activist Films, Video Art Projects and Activist Talks – IIPPE Conference, Madrid, 6–8 September
[Commlist] Jobs: Associate prof. in Game studies, 3 PhDs & 1 postdoc at the Center for Digital Narrative
[Commlist] CfP: Humour and Conflict in the Global South
[Commlist] Media International Australia: Call for Feature Topic Proposals
[Commlist] Full Professor Contemporary Performing Arts (Groningen)
[Commlist] call for book chapters - Communicating Otherness Book Series - Palgrave Springer
[Commlist] 3 PhD positions in Platformization and Music at the University of Groningen (NL)
February 22, 2023
[Commlist] "Off-Screen" FMT Graduate Conference
[Commlist] Lecturer in Film and Screen Media at Queen's University Belfast
[Commlist] CFP: Hypatia's 40th anniversary conference with Complete Plenary Panels
[Commlist] Love, Violence and Feminine Resistance Conference CFP
[Commlist] Postgraduate Workshop on Periodical Research Methods, European Society for Periodicals Research
[Commlist] CFP; Future of Magazine Conference: Connecting in a disconnected age
[Commlist] Call for Book Proposals: algrave Studies in Digital Inequalities Book Series
February 23, 2023
[Commlist] French Screen Studies 23.i - publication announcement
[Commlist] New Book: Transmedia/Genre: Rethinking Genre in a Multiplatform Culture
[Commlist] New book- Full-Throttle Franchise: The culture, business and politics of Fast & Furious
[Commlist] TEBEC International Conference 2023
[Commlist] Conference CFP: The Digital Communication of Identity and Diversity
[Commlist] CFP Sound on Screen II conference
[Commlist] Call for Applications: Melting Ice, Hot Topics: Conference on Sustainability Communication
[Commlist] Visiting Assistant Professor in Media Studies at The University of Tulsa
[Commlist] impact of recommendation algorithms on music - a literature review
[Commlist] News: A new era of leadership: Digital discourse, culture(s) and communication
[Commlist] CFP, RSA Annual Conference 2023 | Music Industry 4.0: Technological Innovation and the Spatial Impacts of Changing Production and Consumption Practices
[Commlist] Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 14.3 published
[Commlist] New Special Issue in JASIST on AI and Work
[Commlist] Language, Literature, and Media: 12th International Conference on Language and Literary Studies
[Commlist] Call for contribution to special issue on ‘Satire and Journalism in Global Perspective’ Media and Journalism Journal
[Commlist] Call for Papers for the fifth annual Digital Inclusion, Policy and Research Conference (DIPRC)
[Commlist] CfP: Forms of (More Than) Human Relationality
[Commlist] Radiofonias - Journal of Audio Media Studies: CfPs
February 24, 2023
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Health & New Media Research
[Commlist] CfP: medien & zeit - Open Issue on historical communication and media sciences
[Commlist] Embodying the Video Essay – videographic workshop
February 26, 2023
[Commlist] CFP: UEA Post-Graduate Research Conference 2023 – Communication in Uncertain Times
[Commlist] Funded PhD in Diversifying/Decolonising Animation
[Commlist] Summer Institute in Computational Social Science
[Commlist] Job: Assistant Professor, Strategic Communication, Social Media & Society - Communication and Digital Media Studies, Ontario Tech University
[Commlist] Open Call | Conference Arts and Humanities in Digital Transition
February 27, 2023
[Commlist] "Digital Methods for Critical Consumer Studies" Summer School, 2nd edition - Call for applications
[Commlist] cfp: Critical Studies in Television Conference
[Commlist] Call for papers - Radical Children's Film and Television
[Commlist] GIG-ARTS 2023 cfp
[Commlist] CFP - Transnational families and media practices: Methods, ethics and critical approaches
[Commlist] ACM Hypertext 2023 cfp
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Contemporary Urban Music for Inclusion Network
[Commlist] CFP Ecstatic Truth Decolonising Animation
[Commlist] CFP | Contested Visibilities | ECREA DCC, GSC and VC sections
February 28, 2023
[Commlist] ECREA CYM Seminar
[Commlist] Call for papers: ECREA TV Studies Section Conference
[Commlist] Job posting: Assistant/associate/full professor (tenure track) of communication sciences at LUT, Finland
[Commlist] New book: Science Fiction and Narrative Form
[Commlist] CFP: Conference on Communication Sciences – FLUC
[Commlist] Conference Announcement: Bilgi IPCC 2023- Interdisciplinary PhD Communication Conference