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November 01, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Representation Now - Conference in Madrid, Spain
November 02, 2009
[ecrea] CFP -- Digital Diasporas: Distances, Cultures, and Languages (ACLA 2010, April 1-4, New Orleans)
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Detecting Detection in Modern Narrative
[ecrea] Cfp New Zealand Media and Environment
[ecrea] 9th World Media Economics and Management Conference
[ecrea] Journal of Cultural Economy - Special Issue
[ecrea] CFP: Panel Session at ACS Crossroads, (17-21 June 2010, Hong Kong): Cultural Laboratories and Scientific Cultures
[ecrea] video cultures - media technology and everyday creativity
[ecrea] Lectureship/Senior Lectureship in Film (video production)
[ecrea] Media and Politics Group conference 2009
[ecrea] IGEL Call for Papers
[ecrea] The Public Sphere: Call for Submissions
[ecrea] ICA panel ?Regulating Content and Distribution in the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities?
[ecrea] call for panelists: Discourses of Legitimation in Knowledge, Cultural and Information Policy
[ecrea] Centre d'études en communications marketing - UQAM
[ecrea] This Way Down: Discourses of Decline and Degeneration in Germany and Beyond
November 03, 2009
[ecrea] Children¹s Media Beyond Television - VLV Annual Children's Media Conference - 12 November, London
[ecrea] Feminist Media Studies - call for papers
[ecrea] Call for Papers: 'Making Movies in Europe: Production, Industry, Policy', special issue of 'Film International'
[ecrea] Claude Levi Strauss has passed away
[ecrea] Call for articles on ?Mediatization : Empirical perspectives"
[ecrea] IAMCR 2010, Braga Portugal
[ecrea] Book Announcement Entertaining Politics, 2nd ed.
November 04, 2009
[ecrea] Conference Poitiers 2010 / Call for paper - Ethnic minority media, between legitimation and counter-hegemonic resistances
[ecrea] CFP: The Ottoman Past in the Balkan Present: Music and Mediation
[ecrea] CMI conference: Social Networking and Communities - The big and the small screen
[ecrea] cfp: Religion and the Internet: The Online-Offline Connection
[ecrea] Serial Culture Conference in Potsdam
[ecrea] CFP- Hemisphere: Visual Cultures of the Americas
[ecrea] CfP 8th Chinese Internet Research Conference, Beijing
[ecrea] CFP: Games and Game Culture (SW/TX PCA/ACA Conference, Feb. 2010)
[ecrea] 2010 iGov Research Institute
[ecrea] new issue of Glocal Times now online
[ecrea] Call For Papers: Directory of World Cinema: France
November 05, 2009
[ecrea] 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall (Essay Forum)
[ecrea] call for papers: special issue of Digital Icons on war, conflict and commemoration in the age of digital reproduction
[ecrea] CST online
[ecrea] Free articles this week at UTP Journals on Facebook
[ecrea] The Musical Comedy Films of Grigorii Aleksandrov: Laughing Matters
[ecrea] Global Internet Governance: An Interdisciplinary Research Field in Construction Third International Workshop, 26-27 May 2010, Montreal, Quebec
November 06, 2009
[ecrea] Digital storytelling issue of 3CMedia available online now
[ecrea] IASPM-US Call for Papers
[ecrea] Postdoc in Modern European Studies
[ecrea] CFP: SCFLL at USF, Tampa (Feb. 2009) - Deadline: Dec. 1
[ecrea] CFP: Politics and the Corpse
November 08, 2009
[ecrea] African Film Conference
[ecrea] CFP Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture
[ecrea] CFP: Alternative Culture Now: The Politics of Culture at the Present Conjuncture
[ecrea] Metaverses and 3D Environments
[ecrea] CFP Issue #67 of The Velvet Light Trap: "Seening Race: Our Enduring Dilemma"
November 09, 2009
[ecrea] YECREA Newsletter
[ecrea] Transverse CFP
[ecrea] Australian Women's and Gender Studies Association Call for Papers
[ecrea] Qu'est-ce que l'Internet ?
[ecrea] tenure track Assistant Professor with a strong research profile in the field of Media and Visual Studies (University of Antwerp)
[ecrea] "Web 2.0: before, during and after the event" ---the Fibreculture Journal issue 14---online now
[ecrea] Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2 010 ? Save the Date
November 10, 2009
[ecrea] [ECREA NEWS] ECREA 2010 -- 3rd European Communication Conference
[ecrea] Back in the Spotlight: Ageing and Female Celebrity
[ecrea] CFP -- Digital Diasporas: Distances, Cultures, and Languages (ACLA 2010, April 1-4, New Orleans)
[ecrea] CFP - Post-Identity (Spectator 2010)
November 11, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Health, Embodiment, and Visual Culture: Engaging Publics and Pedagogies (conference)
[ecrea] new book: Youth Engaging with the World. Media, Communication and Social Change.
[ecrea] Media and the Inner World Event: Taste, Hunger and the Media
[ecrea] Workshop da ECREA "Gender in European Academia: Difference and Di scrimination in Communication Research" | 25.NOV.2009
[ecrea] IAMCR 2010 - Participatory Communication Research Section Call for Papers
[ecrea] call for Papers: "Screens and sociotechnical attachments"
[ecrea] ISTR Emerging Scholars Dissertation Award
[ecrea] postdoc at University of Notre Dame
November 12, 2009
[ecrea] Call for Participation - Union for Democratic Communications 2010 Conference "Democratic Communications, Equal Rights & Global Justice"
[ecrea] 2nd Congress of the Polish Communication Association
[ecrea] Web W3C Conference Brasil
[ecrea] Transformation of the "public sphere" - and mapping project and research/teaching guide
[ecrea] ICA Preconference on the 'Chindia' challenge to global communication
[ecrea] CFPs Visual Methodologies - CRESC The Social Life of Methods Conference, 31 August - 3 September 2010
[ecrea] Political Communication titles - Routledge
[ecrea] IAMCR 2010 - Political Communication Research Section Call for Papers
[ecrea] Fourth International Conference dedica ted to Jürgen Habermas DISCOURSOLOGY: METHODS, THEORY, P RACTICE
[ecrea] CALL for Applications - Cultural Studies in Literary Interzones - Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programme
November 13, 2009
[ecrea] PLATFORM CfP: "Digital Media and Networked Participation"
[ecrea] SCHOLARS SYMPOSIUM - December 4-5, 2009 Making the University Matter
[ecrea] StoryNet Symposium: Audience Experiences and Effects
[ecrea] 8th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media
[ecrea] IGF workshop on literacy in participatory cultures
[ecrea] CFP Shane Meadows
November 14, 2009
[ecrea] CFP 'Chinese media studies: the state of the field' -- MIA special issue
[ecrea] CFP: Queer Pop Culture at PopCAANZ, Sydney, Australia.
[ecrea] Media, Diversity and Cosmopolitanism in Europe
November 15, 2009
[ecrea] "Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures": Noise, Affect, Politics
November 16, 2009
[ecrea] CULTURE AS RESOURCE: CULTURAL PRACTICES AND POLICIES AFTER 89 - Central European University, Budapest
[ecrea] research studentships - City University London
[ecrea] IAMCR 2010 - Audience Section Call for Papers
[ecrea] Teaching Assistant in Sociology, University of Limerick, IRELAND
[ecrea] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
[ecrea] dgo2010 Call for Papers
[ecrea] Canadian Communication Association - Annual Conference, 2010 (CCA) - June 1-3, Concordia University, Montréal
[ecrea] Contemporary Serial Culture
November 17, 2009
[ecrea] RMIT University Research Fellowship - Melbourne, Australia
[ecrea] Philosophy of Communication Conference Landmarks 2 - Communication and Memory, University of London 9-11 December 2009
[ecrea] Online access to Communication and Media Studies journals
[ecrea] divided societies conference
[ecrea] International Gender And Language Association conference (IGALA 6)
[ecrea] On the critical - Winter 2009 edition of Politics and Culture
[ecrea] CFP: Censorship & Discourse
[ecrea] e-Society 2010 in Porto, Portugal: submit until 4 December
[ecrea] Colloque Namur 19-10 mai 2010 - dispositifs techniques de communication humaine - transformations du lien et nouveaux lieux sociaux
[ecrea] Latest issue of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS - Transforming culture in the digital age
November 18, 2009
[ecrea] access to Wiley-Blackwell's collection of Social Sciences and Humanities Journals
[ecrea] New Book Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures
{Disarmed} [ecrea] Cultural Translation: Free Conference
[ecrea] One day symposium on film star voices, March 2010
[ecrea] Music Sound and the Moving Image, Volume 3, issue 2 coming soon
[ecrea] Assistant and Associate/Full Positions at The New School - DEPARTMENT OF MEDIA STUDIES & FILM
[ecrea] Post - ESRC project The Internet, Electoral Politics and Citizen Participation
[ecrea] CFP: Race-Making and the State (@ U of Alberta)
[ecrea] Research fellowships at the Reuters Institute
[ecrea] ICETI 2010 & ICSIT 2010
[ecrea] CFP: Women in Contemporary World Cinema
November 19, 2009
[ecrea] 4th Salford comedy conference
[ecrea] ECREA - Gender and Communication section meeting
[ecrea] Now available online - Canadian Review of American Studies 39 4, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Health, Embodiment, and Visual Culture: Engaging Publics and Pedagogies (conference)
[ecrea] NGOs and the News
[ecrea] CFP: IAMCR Communication Policy and Technology Section
November 20, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Australian Women's and Gender Studies Conference
[ecrea] CFP - Networking Democracy? New Media Innovations in Participatory Politics
November 21, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: BLACK CAMERA: An International Film Journal: A SPECIAL
November 22, 2009
[ecrea] Worlds of Journalisms, first data available
[ecrea] CFP Media Transformations: Special Issue of Feminist Review
November 23, 2009
[ecrea] Towards 'Post-radio' Issues in the Transformation of Radio Objects and Forms
[ecrea] Beginning Assistant Professor of French Cinema and Media Studies position, Wellesley College, MA (USA)
[ecrea] MeCCSA 2010 Conference at LSE
[ecrea] Who Counts & Who's Counting? - National Association for Ethnic Studies :: Abstracts due 12/1
[ecrea] Media and Citizenship: Transnational Television Cultures Reshaping Political Identities in the European Union
[ecrea] Symposium - Investigating Young People's Sexual Cultures: 18 January 2010
[ecrea] Rewrites: Postgraduate Conference Sat.28 November Leeds
November 24, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Intersections 2010 Graduate Student Conference
[ecrea] Mapping language across cultures: Textual analysis in cross-cultural and intercultural communication (MLAC10)
[ecrea] Participations 6:2
[ecrea] CFP for ISA World Congress of Sociology 2010 Session on Celebrity
November 25, 2009
[ecrea] Making Media Public Conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The Nigerian Communications Law and Policy Journal
[ecrea] Journal of African Cinemas
[ecrea] CFP: Entertainment Education & Social Change, Arvind Singhal et al ,eds - Critical Arts
[ecrea] Berkeley Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship - sponsoring department in the Humanities
[ecrea] The International Journal of Digital Television
[ecrea] Loyola University Chicago tenure track assistant professor in the area of digital communication
{Disarmed} [ecrea] ICTs-and-Society. A new Transdiscipline?
[ecrea] Call for nominations for 'media reviews' to be considered for Fall 2010 Special Issue of Canadian Journal of Communication: Democratizing Communication Policy in the Americas
November 26, 2009
[ecrea] Free Media and the Inner World Event 12th Dec 2009
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS "Doing global media studies: Comparative methods of transcultural and transnational research"
November 27, 2009
[ecrea] Out now: Empedocles - European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 1.1
[ecrea] power 2010 Call for session proposals
November 28, 2009
[ecrea] ECREA SuSo 2009 book available online
[ecrea] Special issue: Community Media - the long March.
November 29, 2009
[ecrea] Peer Review Survey 2009: Preliminary Findings
November 30, 2009
[ecrea] Call For Papers: Directory of World Cinema ? American Hollywood
[ecrea] new book on DIGITAL ADVERTISING