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April 01, 2018
[ecrea] RedMIL 2018 doctoral summer school - Research on Digital/Media/Information Literacy
[ecrea] CFP: Space, Place & Adaptation
[ecrea] Migration and Mobility in a Digital Age: Paradoxes of Connectivity and Belonging Conference, conference program announced
April 02, 2018
[ecrea] CFP/ Critical thinking – inside out. Public discourse and everyday life/ Essachess - Journal for Communication Studies
[ecrea] CFP -- Atlas of Transitions and Open Migration
April 03, 2018
[ecrea] New Posts: Professors, Readers, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers in Media and Communication, University of Huddersfield
[ecrea] CFP: Cinema and populism ("Cinema e Storia" journal)
[ecrea] New Posts: Senior Lecturer and University Practitioner in Screen Media Production, University of Huddersfield
[ecrea] New Post - Warwick - Centre for Cultural & Media Policy Studies
April 04, 2018
[ecrea] Position: Assistant Professor, Game Studies and Interactive Media - Texas Tech University
[ecrea] Senior Tutor in Media Production, Massey University
[ecrea] CFP - Global Media and China - Special Issue: Citizen Journalism in Asian Countries
[ecrea] CFP: Puratoke: Journal of Undergraduate Research in the Creative Arts and Industries. Issue 2
[ecrea] Call for Proposals Cinema Comparat/ive Cinema 13 - The Corpse as a Figure
[ecrea] EiD II: Call for Papers extended
[ecrea] The BRICS an ignored space, Hermes n°79
[ecrea] CFP: SACOMM 2018, “Communication at a Crossroads”
[ecrea] new issue Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image, on "Islam and Images"
[ecrea] Human Technology call for articles
April 05, 2018
[ecrea] cfp: The Politics of Listening
[ecrea] IJoC Publishes 30 Papers in March 2018
[ecrea] Storytelling and Trauma - An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: Nordic Perspectives on Fandom in a Transmedia Landscape
[ecrea] Digital Inclusion Conference
[ecrea] Summer School "Visual Media Analysis: News Photos, Text-Image Relations and Multimodal Discourses/Frames"
[ecrea] New anthology from Nordicom: Public Service Media in the Networked Society
April 06, 2018
[ecrea] New anthology from Nordicom: What’s the problem in problem gaming?
[ecrea] Assistant/Associate Professor in Media and Communication Studies at the University of Nottingham's China campus
[ecrea] cfp: 16th International Pragmatics Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Media Ownership in Africa: Control, Challenges & Change
[ecrea] LJMU seeks - Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Film and Media: Production Craft Skills
[ecrea] GGS Annual Conference 2018/DiscourseNet22: Discourse, Power, Subjectivation
[ecrea] Request for Proposals for a media research in Syria
April 08, 2018
[ecrea] PhD positions at the University of Copenhagen
[ecrea] CfP: INsPIrE «Media Education and Citizenship»
[ecrea] fully-funded PhD Graduate Teaching and studentship
[ecrea] summer school “Multidisciplinary Game Research - Between Theory and Practice” Utrecht University
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts - #ScreentimeBU Graduate Student Conference
[ecrea] CFP for Philosophy of Photography
[ecrea] cfp - Digital Intimacies 4: Porousness & Permutations
April 09, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: PopCAANZ Conference
[ecrea] Participatory Media and Global Change - Research Workshop
[ecrea] Call for Papers: SSAAANZ2018 uses of cinema
[ecrea] Call for Papers extended/4th ComSymbol "Believe in Technology: Mediatization of the Future and the Future of Mediatization
[ecrea] CfP at ASA2018 Oxford Indigenous imaginations: creative bodies and embodied resistance
[ecrea] call for participants for ECREA European Media and Communication Doctoral Summer School 2018
[ecrea] Call for Papers TOCRIA (Tourism and Creative Industries Academic Association)
[ecrea] CFP RIPE@2018 conference Universalism and Public Service Media
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on “Making time in digital societies” in New Media & Society
[ecrea] CFP: Creating Comics, Creative Comics
[ecrea] Summer School on Linguistics, Cognition and Culture | St. Petersburg, Russia
[ecrea] Fully-funded PhD scholarship at The Centre for Research in Digital Storymaking
[ecrea] CFP: Stereo & Immersive Media International Conference 2018
April 10, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: "Music and the Sacred"
[ecrea] Call for Essays for Edited Collection on the Films of Tim Burton
[ecrea] CFP: Special Collection of SM+S on "The Platformization of Cultural Production"
[ecrea] ICA preconference on "Applying the Capabilties Approach to Media and Communication"
[ecrea] 40 Years of Grange Hill - conference
[ecrea] cfp - COACT Conference 2019 - Interaction and discourse in flux: Changing landscapes of everyday life
[ecrea] CFP Special Issue of Convergence Gamifying News
[ecrea] VOX-Pol Conference
[ecrea] CFP Sphera Publica - 18(1)
April 11, 2018
[ecrea] Pre ICA Symposium: Reframing Media: Objects, Sites, Histories
[ecrea] Call for Responses: Flow 2018
[ecrea] MCP Journal: Special Issue published on Gender and Virtual Work
[ecrea] Conference CfP -new approaches to silent film historiography: technology, spectatorship and the archive
[ecrea] Two New Vacancies at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
[ecrea] Research Day: Living Labs and Transformative research contributing to sustainable development through innovation
[ecrea] Symposium - Face-Off: Facial Recognition Technologies and Humanity in an Era of Big Data
[ecrea] Vacancies: Project Communication Coordinator and Project Administration Support
April 12, 2018
[ecrea] New Communication academic positions at Deakin University, Australia
[ecrea] Special collection Forced migration and digital connectivity in(to) Europe - published in Social Media + Society
[ecrea] CFP - SENEX Congress - Congress of Aging Studies for Graduate Students
[ecrea] Conference: Disability, Media, and Human Rights: Policy, Practice, Performance
[ecrea] 'Sex and Celebrity' workshop
[ecrea] CFP, The Press and the Vote
April 13, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Intangible Heritage: Scenes Of Urban Innovation
[ecrea] symposium - Visualising Spatial Injustice and Exploitation
[ecrea] call for chapters for edited book: Mediated Shame: Disparaging Poverty in Media and Popular Culture
[ecrea] CfP VIEW Journal on "Public Service Broadcasting In The Digital Age"
[ecrea] CFP/4th International Conference ComSymbol "Believe in Technology: Mediatization of the Future and the Future of Mediatization
[ecrea] CfA: APC 2018 'Personalized Communication and Behavioural Engineering'
[ecrea] call for articles for Philosophy of Photography
[ecrea] CfP – 'Women, LGBTQI & Allies' – DiGRA Italia
[ecrea] cfp - “Media, Polis, Agora: Journalism & Communication in the Digital Era”
April 15, 2018
[ecrea] two vacancies: temporary Lecturers, Dept of Media and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
[ecrea] GIG-ARTS 2018 Program: "Overcoming Inequalities in Internet Governance: framing digital policy capacity building strategies"
[ecrea] cfp: “Race and (de)coloniality in culture, the media and the arts”
[ecrea] cfp - Special Issue of the Central European Journal of Communication - "Populism and the Media Across Europe"
[ecrea] cfp - intermediality now: remapping in-betweenness
[ecrea] Two fully-funded doctoral positions in musicology - Örebro University, Sweden
April 16, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: PSA Media and Politics Group Annual Conference
[ecrea] Call for articles - African Journalism Studies' Special Annual Issue (African Digital Media Review)
[ecrea] Call for Papers-Self-Representation and representation of Muslim women in digital media and on-screen
[ecrea] New book: Archaeologies of Touch
[ecrea] Digital Orientations (New Book)
[ecrea] Research Assistants: Social media and conflict in Africa
[ecrea] CfA: Open Access Book and Workshop in Rotterdam on Vigilant Audiences
[ecrea] Cfp: Workshop “Media Manipulation” | 29 June 2018 | Cambridge, UK
[ecrea] New book - Media and Transnational Climate Justice: Indigenous Activism and Climate Politics
[ecrea] CFP im@go n. 12 > Images of humankind
[ecrea] New issue: The Journal of International Communication 24,1 2018
[ecrea] conference Radical Open Access II - The Ethics of Care
[ecrea] Workshop The Arab Archive: Mediated Memories and Digital Flows
[ecrea] New inequality & culture report
[ecrea] New book: Ephemeral generation / Generación efímera
[ecrea] cfp: Call For Papers - Cultural Translation Postgraduate Symposium
[ecrea] Contemporary Directors Symposium on the Films of Sofia Coppola
[ecrea] 'Screening Sound': 3rd Film & Screen Studies Annual Symposium
April 17, 2018
[ecrea] ToC: Critical Arts 31(5): Cinema at the End of the World, special issue
[ecrea] cfp 'Anti-social media?'
[ecrea] CFP - DIGICOM 2018 – 2nd International Conference on Design and Digital Communication
[ecrea] new issues - journal of language and politics
April 18, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: New JournalTecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays
[ecrea] CfP SERIES. International Journal of TV Serial Narratives
[ecrea] Vacancy: Professor of Communication, Media & Culture - University of Stirling
[ecrea] Adria Information Disorder AI Tools 2018 Workshop
[ecrea] Vacancy: Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Marketing (Fixed Term ending: 31/08/2020)
[ecrea] Gratis ebook: The Big Data Agenda – Data Ethics and Critical Data Studies
[ecrea] New book: Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Film and Media
[ecrea] CFP: Rethinking the Attractions-Narrative Dialectics:New Approaches to Early Cinema
[ecrea] Ecstatic Truth: Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFP: Global Media Literacy in the Digital Age - Glimpse Journal
[ecrea] CFP: the 10th International 'Moscow Readings' Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Instagram Conference 2018 + Special Issue (Social Media+Society)
[ecrea] Times and movements of the image - International Conference
April 19, 2018
[ecrea] new issue: Ferments in the Field: The Past, Present and Future of Communication Studies
[ecrea] PhD Scholarship in the Internet of Toys
[ecrea] CfP: Chinese DiGRA conference, 2018
[ecrea] Animation Studies 2.0 - new CFP "Animation and Paratextuality"
[ecrea] call for papers: Decriminalising Ornament: The Pleasures of Pattern*
[ecrea] Call for Contributions | The Routledge Encyclopedia of Citizen Media
[ecrea] Call for Submissions - Algorithmic Personalization & News Workshop
[ecrea] Two lectureships in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths
[ecrea] CFP: 4.º Encontro de Jovens Investigadores da Sopcom
[ecrea] Rethinking Theories and Concepts of Mediated Communication - cfp
[ecrea] New book: Body Images in The Post-Cinematic Scenario
April 20, 2018
[ecrea] Two Vacancies: Ass-profs in Media Studies and in Digital Culture @University of Groningen
[ecrea] Andy Furlong PhD Scholarship
[ecrea] The Interactive Documentary in Canada
[ecrea] Cfp: Semiotics of Selfies
[ecrea] Wellcome Research Fellowships in Humanities and Social Science
[ecrea] New Publication: A Future for Public Service Television
[ecrea] Vacancy: Senior Lecturer in Filmmaking
[ecrea] Media, Gender and Sexuality in Europe / ica preconference
April 21, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: ‘Digital Spatiality’ – A special issue of Asiascape: Digital Asia'
[ecrea] CFP: Social Science as Social Semiotics: Bridging Theories, Methods, and Practices
[ecrea] New book: Media Amnesia
April 22, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Podcasting, the Popular, and the Public Sphere
April 23, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Disconnections, Omissions, Discontinuities and Absences: the terms of volatility in transnational cinema
[ecrea] New book: Getting a Life - Benjamin Woo
[ecrea] CfP Soapbox 1.1: Practices of Listening
[ecrea] CFP Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change
[ecrea] CFP International Communication in the Network Society
[ecrea] Call for Papers – Nordic Sounds Seminar at Örebro University
April 24, 2018
[ecrea] CFP - University of Nottingham Ningbo China: 'Playful Encounters: Interdisciplinary engagements with play, creativity, entertainment, and fun'
[ecrea] CfP MeCCSA 2019: Continuity & Change – Media, Communications & Politics
[ecrea] call for papers Gikii Vienna 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Sex and Celebrity PGR Workshop
[ecrea] CFP: Who sets the Public Agenda? The Cultural and Creative Industries in the era of populism
[ecrea] cfp: Artisan!: Crafting Alternative Economies, Making Alternative Lives
[ecrea] Cultura y Educación: Digital Literacy, Fake News and Education
[ecrea] CfP IADA 2018 International Association for Dialogue Analysis
[ecrea] New Book: Spiritual News: Reporting Religion Around the World
[ecrea] Cultural Industries in Shanghai Symposium: Call for Proposals
April 25, 2018
[ecrea] CFP International Conference "Eating Knowledge" _ AAC "Alimentation en savoirs"
[ecrea] The Ukamau Group. One-day Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: Stereo & Immersive Media 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Sites of Transit in Europe from WW2 to the present. History, Spaces, Memories
[ecrea] CfP Accelerating Habitus Shifts and Long-Term Alternatives
[ecrea] Special Issue Call for Papers - Cultura y Educación: Culture and Education
[ecrea] Sewing reality - conference
[ecrea] CFP / Managing uncertainty through a time of change in higher education marketing – International Colloquium
April 26, 2018
[ecrea] Media and Communication Studies Conference - A Non-Media Centric Approach to Media Studies
[ecrea] New Book: Homegrown: Identity and Difference in the American War on Terror
[ecrea] 8th annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics
[ecrea] vacancy : Lecturer in Communication and Public Relations, RMIT U, Melbourne
[ecrea] CFP Journal of Language and Politics
[ecrea] CFP: Sports media & femininity symposium
[ecrea] CINEJ Cinema Journal New Issue is now available
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Listening Again to Popular Music as History
[ecrea] Upcoming event: Prison Photography Reframed: Object and Method
[ecrea] new special issue on 'data activism'
[ecrea] ECREA 2018 Preconference - Call for Papers: Dissolving Boundaries of Hybrid Journalism
[ecrea] Call for Applications: Mediating Italy in Global Culture Summer School
April 27, 2018
[ecrea] CfP Binge-Watching Workshop 13-14th of September, Anglia Ruskin University
[ecrea] CFP: ICA Africa regional conference: 'African Digital Cultures: Emerging Research, Practices and Innovations'
[ecrea] The Media & Austerity: new book