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[ecrea] New book: Media Amnesia

Sat Apr 21 20:38:37 GMT 2018

New book published by Pluto Press. Below you'll find a coupon to get 30% off.

Media Amnesia: Rewriting the Economic Crisis

Laura Basu

From Donald Trump, to Brexit and the resurgence of the far-right
across Europe, what role has the media played in shaping our
current political moment?

Following the news coverage of a decade-long crisis that includes
the 2008 financial crash and the Great Recession, mounting public
debt, the eurozone crisis, austerity and rising inequality, we see
that coverage is suffering from an acute amnesia about the policies
that caused the crisis in the first place. Rather than remembering
its roots in the dynamics of ‘free market’ capitalism, the media
remains devoted to a narrative of swollen public sectors, out-of-
control immigration and benefits cheats. How has history been so
quickly rewritten, and what does this mean for attempts to solve the
economic problems?

Going behind the coverage, to decode the workings of media power,
Basu shows that without a rejection of neoliberal capitalism we’ll be
stuck in an infinite cycle of crisis.

Laura Basu is a research fellow in the Media & Communications
Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, and at the Institute
for Cultural Inquiry, Utrecht University.

'This is a fascinating account of elite and media attempts to repair the neo-liberal hegemony in the wake of the 2008 crash, and prolonged recession. Based on careful factual analysis and eloquently written,  it will be of wide interest to academics and students in media studies, politics, and economics as well as activists' –  Professor James Curran, Goldsmiths, University of London

'Laura Basu provides a thoughtful and brilliant examination of how mainstream media have so completely failed to cover the economy in a manner that encourages  democratic governance, or a sound economy... Highly readable, Basu's book should be required reading for faculty and students in media departments, as well as economics and political science!'
–  Robert McChesney

'Before the term 'fake news' came into common use, the media actively peddled the flagrant fiction that the Global Crisis of the late 2000s resulted from the  misguided policies of governments. To understand this 'rewriting' of the crisis capitalism brought upon us read this book. The author reveals the full iniquity of the media transforming common sense into pernicious nonsense'
–  John Weeks, Professor Emeritus of Economics, SOAS, University of London

Published: 20th April 2018
Paperback: £24.99 / 9780745337890
Hardback: £75.00 / 9780745337906
Extent: 272 pages
30% off from
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Buy the book:

Want an inspection copy for your course? Visit Want a book for review? Email the publisher’s publicity team at (publicity /at/

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