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[eccr] Culture - Media - Economy(Erlangen)

Sat Apr 10 09:36:09 GMT 2004

Title: [International-communications] FW: Culture - Media - Economy(Erlangen)
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Subject: [International-communications] FW: Culture - Media - Economy(Erlangen)

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        From: Cyberspace and Society on behalf of Markus Wiemker
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        Subject: CfP: Culture - Media - Economy (Erlangen)

        C A L L  F O R  P A P E R S
        The Departments of German Studies, American Studies, English Literature,
        Political Sciences, Economics and Sociology at the University of
        Erlangen/Nuremberg, Germany, are inviting young scholars (graduates and
        postgraduates) to present papers at our conference:
   &nb sp;   
        Culture - Media - Economy
        6th Interdisciplinary, International Graduate Conference
        at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg
        November 5 - 7, 2004
      &n bsp; The concept of 'border' is - paradoxically? - gaining new relevance in
        the wake of what is usually described as 'globalization', including such
        diverse phenomena as migration, inter-cultural communication,
        transformation or hybridization.
        This concept is equally important for those theories centering around
        identity and those centering around difference. In trying to cross
        national as well as disciplinary borders we are looking for
        contributions with current theoretical and/or empirical perspectives,
        critically analys ing the concept and/or the construction of borders. We
        would like to confront different angles on the subject and are hoping to
        create space for productive discussions.
        Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
        - Oikos/Nomos
        - Production/Distribution/Consumtion
        - Constructions of Knowledge
        - Biopolitics
        - GenderTransitivities
        - Discourse Analyses
        - Power Structures
   &nb sp;    - Marxologics & Criticism of Ideology
        - LanguageRituals & Representations
        - Hybrid Cultures
        - Ethics after Postmodernism
        - Postcolonialisms
        - BodyFormations
        - MediaExperiences and MediaPerspectives
        - Free and Open Source-Software Development
        Please register using our online submission form at
   ;      The deadline for paper proposals (1-3 page abstracts) is August 31, 2004
        (registration for other participants until October 31, 2004).
        Panels with three to five speakers will last two to two and a half
        hours. The time allocated for each paper is about 10 minutes, in order
        to permit ample time for discussion.
        Before the conference, each contribution (3 to 10 pages) will be posted
        on our web page in order to facilitate discussion and scholarly
        The deadline for submitting these short con tributions is October 15,
        Please send abstracts and short papers to "(gradabstra /at/"
        in Rich Text Format (.rtf) or Portable Document Format (.pdf).
        Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings.
        The conference fee is 20 EUR.
        For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at
        "(gradinfo /at/".
        Conference organizers:
        Michael Popp M.A.
        Gerd Sebald M.A.
        Markus Wiemker
        (markus /at/

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