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[eccr] Superheroes conference

Fri Apr 02 07:33:58 GMT 2004

>Holy Men in Tights!" a Superheroes Conference
>Superheroes and supervillains  whether human or god, born or created, 
>product of nature or creature of science  they have existed as cultural 
>icons for centuries. Why have they endured? How have they transformed over 
>the decades? What is their cultural or mythic function? Where does the 
>hero end and the superhero begin?
>We call for papers or panel sessions that address the varying roles, 
>identities, and social functions that these enduring beings serve. 
>Superheroes and Supervillains may be interpreted through the lens of:
>    * historical approaches;
>    * censorship codes;
>    * industry and franchise differentiation (e.g. DC vs. Marvel Comics);
>    * mythology;
>    * national and cultural specificity;
>    * gender identity and power shifts;
>    * ethnicity, class and race
>    * diverse media formats (cinema, comics, computer games, television) 
> and their distinctive versions of superheroes;
>    * the female superhero (Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Jean Grey, Sable, 
> Martha Washington, Sailer Moon, Buffy, Xena);
>    * serial form and the cliff hanger;
>    * the current resurgence in the cult of superpowers in recent cinema;
>    * the supervillain;
>    * the super-collective;
>    * super-auteurs (e.g. Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Tezuka Osamu, 
> Massimiliano Frezzato);
>    * superhero universes (e.g. Matrix, Star Wars);
>    * fan culture and superheroes;
>    * the science and physics of the superhero;
>    * the 'hero' who isn't 'super'.
>(Super)hero (and their villainous counterpart) examples can include (but 
>are not limited to):
>    * the comic book superheroes from classics like Batman, Superman, 
> Spiderman, Catwoman, Captain American, and X-Men, to revisionist and 
> anti-(super)hero types found in the Invisibles, Dark Knight Returns, 
> Watchmen, Preacher, Sandman, Punisher, Wolverine;
>    * television (e.g. Buffy, Angel, Stargate SG-1, Alias, Dark Angel, Xena);
>    * animation (Justic League of America; He-Man; PowerPuff Girls, Silver 
> Surfer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
>    * manga and anime (Astroboy, Prince Planet, Vampire D, the Zoids, 
> Ikari Shinji, Akira, Pokemon);
>    * computer game hero types: Lara Croft, Final Fantasy heroes, 
> Superhero Quake mods, ;
>    * ancient and mythological heroes (e.g. Odysseus, Hercules, Odin, Thor);
>    * samurai warriors, Chinese super(natural) heroes, and Asian heroes in 
> myth, literature, and visual media;
>    * the cult of the C16th-C17th saint & martyr as superhero.
>We also welcome contributions from fields other than cinema, media, 
>popular culture and cultural studies. E.g History, Asian Studies, 
>Classics, Art History, Science, Medicine.
>The deadline for paper proposals and panel sessions is June 5th 2004. The 
>conference will be held between 10th-12th June 2005 and hosted by the 
>Cinema Studies Program, School of Art History, Cinema, Classics 
>&Archaeology, University of Melbourne, Australia.
>Send proposals to: Angela Ndalianis at (angelan /at/, or mail to:
>Assoc. Prof. Angela Ndalianis,
>Head of Cinema Studies,
>School of Art History, Cinema, Classics & Archaeology,
>Elisabeth Murdoch Building,
>University of Melbourne,
>Victoria 3010. Australia.
>Associate Professor Angela Ndalianis
>Head of Cinema Studies Program
>School of Art History, Cinema, Classics & Archaeology
>University of Melbourne
>Victoria 3010
>Ph: + 61-3 8344 6851
>Fax: + 61-3 8344 5563
>email: (angelan /at/
>This email is confidential information for the attention of the named
>addressee only and may contain information which is protected by legal
>professional privilege and the law of confidentiality. If you have
>received this email and you are not the addressee you are requested to
>advise us immediately, delete the email from your system and destroy
>any hard copies thereof. You are advised that the distribution or
>copying of the email is unlawful and prohibited

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