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[eccr] fwd:[csaa-forum] Culture Machine 6

Thu Apr 08 14:31:23 GMT 2004

We are pleased to announce a new edition of Culture Machine:


Deconstruction is/in Cultural Studies

Edited by Gary Hall, Dave Boothroyd and Joanna Zylinska


Peggy Kamuf, 'The University in the World It Is Attempting to Think'

Stefan Herbrechter, 'Plus dun: Deconstruction and the Translation of
Cultural Studies'

Gary Hall, 'Why You Can't Do Cultural Studies and Be a Derridean:
Cultural Studies After Birmingham, the New Social Movements and the New

Paul Bowman, 'The Task of the Transgressor'

Joanna Zylinska, 'Guns N'Rappers: "Moral Panics" and the Ethics of
Cultural Studies'

Jeremy Gilbert, 'Signifying Nothing: "Culture", "Discourse" and the
Sociality of Affect'

Mark Hansen, '"Realtime Synthesis" and the Différance of the Body:
Technocultural Studies in the Wake of Deconstruction'

Paul Grimstad, 'The Idea of the Future (of Deconstruction)'

Brian Carr, 'Universalisms Irrational Outburst'

Clare Birchall, 'Just Because You're Paranoid, Doesn't Mean They're Not
Out to Get You: Cultural Studies on/as Conspiracy Theory'

Dave Boothroyd, 'Deconstruction and Everyday Life, or How Deconstruction
Helped Me Quit Smoking'


Culture Machine welcomes original, unpublished, unsolicited submissions
on any aspect of culture and theory. Anyone with material they wish to
submit for publication is invited to contact:

Culture Machine c/o Dave Boothroyd and Gary Hall

e-mail: (g.hall /at/
or (d.boothroyd /at/

All contributions will be peer-reviewed; all correspondence will be
responded to.

For more information, visit the Culture Machine site at:

Please feel free to forward this mail.

Dr Gary Hall
Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University
Co-editor of Culture Machine
My website


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