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[eccr] Fwd: Life¹s (re-)emergence: philosophy, culture, and politics

Tue Apr 15 13:28:19 GMT 2003

>Life¹s (re-)emergence: philosophy, culture, and politics
>A one-day conference * Friday 23 May 2003 * Goldsmiths College * London
>Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre * 10am - 6pm
>Brian Massumi (University of Montreal): Living Memory
>John Mullarkey (University of Sunderland): Bio-Aesthetics or the Memory of
>the Senses
>Luciana Parisi (University of East London): Abstract Sex: bio-digital
>machines and symbiotic micropolitics
>Jamie King (Mute/University of Minnesota) and Matthew Hyland (Wolverine): An
>inherited agenda for annihilating nothingness
>Howard Caygill (Goldsmiths College): Life and Energy
>Scott Lash (Goldsmiths College): Comments on RLiving Memory¹
>-- -- -- --
>In recent years life has emerged as a concept of extraordinary scope,
>reaching into a wide variety of fields. In the tradition of continental
>philosophy, life as well as related concepts (virtuality, emergence,
>multiplicity, etc.) opens up novel ways in which crucial ontological
>problems can be addressed. In the social sciences, the concept of life has
>begun to redefine critical disciplines such as cultural studies. In more
>praxis-oriented fields such as management (complex adaptive systems), or
>computing (a-life), life is increasingly established as a central paradigm.
>Most visibly, though, it is the advances in the fields of biotechnology and
>biomedicine that has led to the problematisation of life.
>Clearly, the conceptual terrains covered by the different notions of life
>diverge rather substantially. Life, it seems, does not always equal life. Or
>does it ever?
>In the context of this conference, life's (re-)emergence is strongly linked
>to the comeback of Henri Bergson. His philosophy of life shall serve as
>point of departure for the exploration of life¹s importance for mind,
>individuality, and culture. It is our intention to provide a platform on
>which connections can be drawn among heterogeneous approaches to life. In
>doing this, we hope to be able to create a temporal life-machine that can be
>employed to explore new approaches to philosophy, culture and politics.
>Attendance is free, but please reserve seats in advance. For reservations,
>conference abstracts, schedule, or any other information, email Maria Lakka
><(cup01ml /at/>, phone 077 21 76 21 31, or see

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