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Tue Apr 01 07:42:41 GMT 2003


Author(s): Commonwealth of Learning

Produced by: Commonwealth of Learning (2003)

Report of a Virtual Conference on Copyright was held from
February 10 to 28, 2003. The 550 participants posted
approximately 600 messages during the Conference. The
conference focues on:
* Defining an appropriate public policy
* Revision of the copyright law
* Defining liability for Internet use

Participants discussed whether copyright is a barrier to
educational use of freely available materials on the
Internet. Most participants saw this as a critical issue
for the education sector world wide. Conclusions included:
* It is only through the advocacy of many jurisdictions
  that copyright laws that are fair for all, including
  developing countries, can be arrived at.

* The effects of copyright legislation in developed
  countries on developing countries deserves further
  reflection and discussion
* If the industrial world is serious in its support of
  developing nations, then they must consider how their
  copyright laws effect those nations
* Educators should consider moving to open source software
  and materials.
* Extreme positions by copyright holders regarding the
  education sector may have the effect of removing education
  from the marketplace entirely.
* Amending copyright laws to provide for the use of freely
  available materials on the Internet by students and
  teachers is a position which can coexist with strong support
  for protection of the works of creators

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