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[eccr] Action 251, The 'Fog of War'

Fri Apr 18 08:33:52 GMT 2003

From: "Sean Hawkey" <(SH /at/>
Reply-To: (sh /at/
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 19:27:24 +0100
To: "WACC UPDATE (E-mail)" <(update /at/>
Subject: Action 251, The 'Fog of War'

The new issue of Action is now online at:

In this issue:

The 'Fog of War',  Sean Hawkey

In the Throes of War, Lewis R. Scudder Jr., MECC

Western 'Freedom of the Press' in War Coverage is Puzzling, Li Heng

APC Statement on Al-Jazeera

Internet Kills the Television Blahs, Farai Chideya, AlterNet

Taking Sides with the Marginalised and Displaced People:
Role of Communication students among Slum Dwellers and Refugees in
India, Joshva John

Modern Media Maiden Has Govt Underwraps, an article about TAP scholar
Supinya Klanarong

Malaysiakini at WACC, Pradip Thomas

Letters: Kathy Kelly, Carlos Valle, Augustine Musupole, Dorothy Munyakho

A lethal Way to Dispatch News, Norman Solomon

Shooting Kabul, a participatory childrens photography project

WACC supports the democratisation of communications, communication for human
dignity and the right to communicate in situations of censorship and

La Asociacion Mundial de Comunicacion Cristiana (WACC por sus siglas en
ingles) apoya la democratizacion de la comunicacion, la comunicacion para la
dignidad humana y el derecho a la comunicacion en situaciones de censura y

(NOTA: los acentos y otros signos ortograficos se han omitido
intencionadamente para evitar posibles problemas de lectura).


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