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[Commlist] CfP: IACSS (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society) 2021, From platforms in cities to the platforming of cities

Mon Jan 11 17:30:48 GMT 2021

Call for papers

IACSS (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society) MAIN CONFERENCE 2021

  From platforms in cities to the platforming of cities**

June Wang, City University of Hong Kong

Lik Hang Tsui, City University of Hong Kong

(With support from Digital Society research cluster <>, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong)

This panel attempts to integrate ideas on the platform in media studies and urban geography, and build a constructive flow between them. Initial studies on the platforms have inspired critical reflections on different subjects, from platform capitalism, platform society, to platform urbanism. For Barns (2019), an epistemological development of platform pivot is to be traced back to the architecture of platform infrastructure design for the encounter of multiple markets, decentralisation and re-centralisation of data (Helmond, 2015), and premised upon it, the commodification of data (Srnicek, 2017). Platforms thus intermediate producers, consumers, and frequently prosumers, exploiting their labour and network sociality for an ever-expanding participatory community, or the crowd-based economy (Sundararajan, 2016).  Moving far beyond media studies, the value of platform studies is about how a new norm has been distilled from digital platforms and institutionalised as a new rule that governs our consensus on "what is economy, what is society, and what is a city" — in sum, the platformization of everything (Barns, 2020; Rancière, 2013).

This panel thus attempts to solicit efforts that explore the platformization of cities. Borrowing the concept of /platform pivo//t///and/infrastructuration /(Plantin et al., 20/18; /Barn, 2019), we ask how media studies and urban studies might shed light on each other by exploring the conditions of visibility and the role/power of co-ordinating in platform studies (Richardson, 2020). Topics could include, but are not limited to, the following:

How are cities and societies framed and sensed on platforms? How are the socio-spatial experiences of cities deployed to articulate discourses about cities, through different "ways of seeing" algorithms (Kitchin, 2017; Willson, 2017), namely, design tactics of classifying, ranking, and predicting?

How do digital platforms convert the entire society to networkedprosumption sites? How does algorithms-conditioned visibility regulate the labouring and prosumption process? Furthermore, how is the distributed agency of prosumption co-ordinated to accommodate participatory culture, entrepreneurialism, and governance?

How do platforms de-territorialise cities' existing physical fabrics, from functional infrastructures to symbolic spaces, and then rearrange them according to their redefined visibility (Plantin et al., 2018)? How is the idea of platformization and infrastructuration of utility in revisiting spatial parameters such as scale, networks, territory and place?

Please send your abstract to June Wang(( /at/ <mailto:( /at/>) before Jan 23 2021.

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