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[Commlist] Conference registration for Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices & the Everyday

Tue Mar 30 08:46:01 GMT 2021

Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices & the Everyday is now open (21-23 april 2021)

Click this link to register: to join our keynotes and all 170+ presentations, alongside screenings, q&a’s with media makers, roundtables and our paper award ceremony, among others

The registration deadline is April 15, 2021.

We are tweeting the conference under the hashtag #migrantbelongings

Confirmed keynotes:
• Paul Gilroy (University College London)
• Engin Isin (Queen Mary, University of London)
• Nicholas de Genova (University of Houston)
• Larissa Hjorth (RMIT University, Melbourne)
• Saskia Witteborn (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Theme description

Migrant belonging through digital connectivity refers to a way of being in the world that cuts across national borders, shaping new forms of diasporic affiliations and transnational intimacy. This happens in ways that are different from the ways enabled by the communication technologies of the past. Scholarly attention has intensified around the question of how various new technical affordances of platforms and apps are shaping the transnationally connected, and locally situated, social worlds in which migrants live their everyday lives. This international conference focuses on the connection between the media and migration from different disciplinary vantage points. Connecting with friends, peers and family, sharing memories and personally identifying information, navigating spaces and reshaping the local and the global in the process is but one side of the coin of migrant-related technology use: this Janus-faced development also subjects individual as well as groups to increased datafied migration management, algorithmic control and biometric classification as well as forms of transnational authoritarianism and networked repression.

This conference pays particular attention to the everyday use of digital media for the support of transnational lives, emotional bonds and cosmopolitan affiliations, focusing also on the the role digital media play in shaping local/urban and national diasporic formations. This is because it becomes increasingly important to give everyday digital media usage a central role in investigations of transnational belonging, digital intimacy, diasporic community (re)production, migrant subject formation, long-distance political participation, urban social integration and local/national self-organization.

Therefore we need to examine individual and collective user practices within the wider historical and cultural contexts of media studies, cultural studies and postcolonial cultural studies scholarship, attuned to issues of politics and power, identity, geographies and the everyday. This also creates new challenges for cross-disciplinary dialogues that require an integration of ethnography with digital methods and critical data studies in order to look at the formation of identity and experience, representation, community building, and creating spaces of belongingness.

See more here:

Sandra Ponzanesi & Koen Leurs, conference convenors, on behalf of the conference team.
For more information, email (migrantbelongings /at/

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