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[Commlist] New Book: Adapting Performance Between Stage and Screen by Victoria Lowe

Tue Feb 02 20:44:53 GMT 2021

Intellect is pleased to announce that /*Adapting Performance Between Stage and Screen <>*/, by Victoria Lowe, is now available in ebook and hardback.

/Adapting Performance Between Stage and Screen/ explores how cultural values can be articulated in the act of translating between mediums. The book takes as its subject the interaction between film and theatre and argues that, rather than emphasising differences between the two mediums, the emphasis should be placed on elements that they share, in particular the emphasis on performance and the participation in an event. It uses a number of case studies to show how this relationship is affected by changes in technology – the coming of film sound, the invention of live-casting – and in the nature of the event being offered to particular audiences. These examples, ranging from the well-known to the obscure, are all treated with relevant and knowledgeable analysis and a strong and appropriate sense of context.

The book offers a welcome overview of previous work in this area and demonstrates the importance of basing analysis on historical context, as well as giving new insights into some familiar examples. Discussion ranges from Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock to Robert Lepage and Ivo van Hove. There are detailed analyses of /Alfie/, /Gone Too Far/ and /Festen/ as well as authoritative analyses of NT Live performances and British New Wave cinema.

*_Table of Contents

*Part One: Practices
*Chapter 1:* Stage to Screen Adaptation and Performance/Production: Space, Design, Acting, Sound*
Chapter 2:* Screen to Stage Adaptation: Theatre as Medium/Hyper-Medium*
Chapter 3: *Stage to Screen Adaptation and the Performance Event: Live Broadcast as Adaptation

*Part Two: Histories
*Chapter 4:* The Introduction of Sound and ‘Canned’ Theatre
*Chapter 5:* The British New Wave on Stage and Screen
*Chapter 6: *Staging ‘British Cinema’


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