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[Commlist] New book: Game Production Studies edited collection

Thu Mar 25 20:04:10 GMT 2021

New book: Game Production Studies edited collection

Amsterdam University Press has just published an edited collection Game Production Studies (edited by Olli Sotamaa and Jan Švelch), which is available in open access ( <>). It may be of interest to some subscribers to this list. In Game Production Studies, an international group of established and emerging researchers takes a closer look at the everyday realities of video game production, ranging from commercial industries to independent creators and cultural intermediaries. Across 16 chapters, the authors deal with issues related to labour, game development, monetization and publishing, as well as local specificities. As the first edited collection dedicated solely to video game production, this volume provides a timely resource for anyone interested in how games are made and at what costs.

Praise for the book:

“An excellent and much-needed collection exploring the politics, economics, and cultures of the contexts of games production. Essential reading for anyone interested in the making of games, with chapters engaging in theoretically and methodologically innovative studies spanning diverse geographic contexts and sites of production.”

Alison Harvey, York University

“This timely, authoritative and accessible volume is underpinned by a collective concern not only to describe and analyse game production, but also to identify and suggest more equitable and sustainable alternatives to current labour and production practices. As such it will prove a key text in study of games and games production, and the digital cultural industries more generally.”

Seth Giddings, University of Southampton

Table of contents

Introduction: Why Game Production Matters? by Olli Sotamaa & Jan Švelch

1. Hobbyist Game Making Between Self-Exploitation and Self-Emancipation by Brendan Keogh

2. Self-Making and Game Making in the Future of Work by Aleena Chia

3. Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Circulations and Biographies of French Game Workers in a ‘Global Games’ Era by Hovig Ter Minassian & Vinciane Zabban

4. Intermediating the Everyday: Indie Game Development and the Labour of Co-Working Spaces by Pierson Browne & Brian R. Schram

5. Game Developers Playing Games: Instrumental Play, Game Talk, and Preserving the Joy of Play by Olli Sotamaa

6. Game Development Live on Twitch: Observations of Practice and Educational Synergies by Mia Consalvo & Andrew Phelps

7. Unity Production: Capturing the Everyday Game Maker Market by Chris J. Young

8. More Than One Flop from Bankruptcy: Rethinking Sustainable Independent Game Development by John Banks & Brendan Keogh

9. How to Study Game Publishers: Activision Blizzard’s Corporate History by David B. Nieborg

10. Who Creates Microtransactions: The Production Context of Video Game Monetization by Lies van Roessel & Jan Švelch

11. Regulating In-Game Monetization: Implications of Regulation on Games Production by Matthew E. Perks

12. Promises of the Periphery: Producing Games in the Communist and Transformation-Era Czechoslovakia by Jaroslav Švelch

13. Construction and Negotiation of Entrepreneurial Subjectivities in the Polish Video Game Industry by Anna M. Ozimek

14. The Development of Greater China’s Games Industry: From Copying to Imitation to Innovation by Akinori ‘Aki’ Nakamura & Hanna Wirman

Before and After: Towards Inclusive Production Studies, Theories, and Methods by Aphra Kerr

Publisher link: <>

Open access link: <>

40% off discount on a hardcover version until April 21: <>
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