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[Commlist] New book: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs New Perspectives on Production, Reception, Legacy

Fri Jan 15 21:28:02 GMT 2021

We are delighted to announce the publication of */Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: New Perspectives on Production, Reception, Legacy /(Bloomsbury, 2021)*, edited by *Chris Pallant (Canterbury Christ Church University)* and *Christopher Holliday (King's College London) *as part of*Bloomsbury's Animation Key Films/Filmmaker *series. More information on the collection can be found at <>.


Walt Disney's/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/(David Hand, 1937) occupies a central place within the history of global animation. Based on the German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, the film was the first feature-length animated film produced by the Disney Studio and served to announce the animated cartoon as an industrial art form. Yet Disney's landmark version not only set in motion the Golden Age of the Hollywood cartoon, but has continued to stand as an international sensation, prompting multiple revisions and remakes within a variety of national filmmaking contexts. This book explores the enduring qualities that have marked/Snow White'/s influence and legacy, providing a collection of original chapters that reflect upon its pioneering use of technology and contributions to animation's visual style, the film's reception within an American context, and its status as a global cultural phenomenon.

*_Part 1: Innovation, Technology, and Style_*
*Chapter One*– From Caligari to Disney: The Legacy of German Expressionist Cinema in/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/(/Victoria Mullins/) *Chapter Two*– From Terrible Toreadors to Dwarfs and Princesses: Forging Disney's Style of Animation (Stéphane Collignon and Ian Friend) *Chapter Three*– The Depth Deception: Landscape, Technology and the Manipulation of Disney's Multiplane Camera in/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/(1937) (/Christopher Holliday and Chris Pallant/) *Chapter Four*– Character costume portrayal and the multi-layered process of costume design in/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/(1937) (/Maarit Kalmakurki/)
*Chapter Five*– Making it Disney's/Snow White///(/Amy M. Davis/)
_*Part 2:****/Snow White/****in Hollywood*_
*Chapter Six*– With a Smile and a Song:/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/as the first Integrated Film Musical (/Sadeen Elyas/)
*Chapter Seven*– Dwarfland: Marketing Disney's Folly (/Pamela O'Brien/)
*Chapter Eight*– Framing/Snow White/: Preservation, Nostalgia and the American Way in the 1930s (/Jane Batkin/) *Chapter Nine*– Recasting/Snow White/: Parodic Animated Homages to the Disney Feature//(/Terry Lindvall/)

_*Part 3:**//**International Legacies*_*//*
*Chapter Ten*– The Indigenisation of Disney's/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/(1937) in China: From 'Snow Sister' and 'Dolly Girl' to/Chinese Snow White/(1940) and/Princess Iron Fan/(1941) (/Yuanyuan Chen/) *Chapter Eleven*– Unearthing/Blanche-Neige/: the making of the first made-in-Hollywood French version of/Snow White/and its critical reception. (/Greg Philip and Sébastien Roffat/) *Chapter Twelve*– From Disney to LGBTQ tales: the South-American Snow White in/Over the Rainbow: Um Livro de Contos de Fadxs/(/Priscila Mana Vaz, Thaiane de Oliveira Moreira and Janderson Pereira Toth/) *Chapter Thirteen**–*/Snow White/'s censors: The non-domestic reception and censorship of/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/with a case study on the Low Countries (/Daniël Biltereyst/) *Chapter Fourteen**–*/Snow White///in the Spanish cultural tradition: analysis of the contemporary audiovisual adaptations of the tale (/Irene Raya Bravo and María del Mar Rubio-Hernández/) *Chapter Fifteen**–*The Adventures of/Snow White///in Turkish Cinema/'/(/Zeynep Gültekin Akçay/)

“This is an incredible edited collection, showcasing meticulous research by all of its outstanding contributors. Featuring chapters that revisit the contextual, technological and aesthetic breakthroughs of Disney's first fairy tale, and contributions that cover new ground, such as the film's exhibition, reception and influence in Europe and China, this book is sure to become a major touchstone for scholarly researchers of Disney,/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/and fairy tale adaptations.” – Tracey Mollet, author of Cartoons in Hard Times: The Animated Shorts of Disney and Warner Brothers in Depression and War 1932-1945 (2017)

“A masterful collection of essays that confirms Disney's/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs/as a cultural, technological and artistic landmark that features animated characters who, like their best live-action peers, have provided an enduring emotional bond with generations of moviegoers.” – Eric N. Young, Assistant Professor, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University, USA

“A meticulous analysis of one of the most complicated movies in film history, this volume places Disney's masterpiece within discussions of European art cinema, aesthetic influence, the history of the musical, costume design, the Hollywood film as international commodity, and much more. Of all the work on this great film, this is the definitive edition, by far “the fairest of them all.”” – Eric Smoodin, Professor in the Department of American Studies, University of California, Davis, USA

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