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[Commlist] CfP Atmospheres of Unruliness, Resistance and Desolation: Music Videos in the Anthropocene

Tue Jan 26 21:57:40 GMT 2021

we are working at present on an initiative researching music videos and
practices of the Global South with a focus on practices of the consumption
and production of such videos from the perspective of Social Anthropology.
We are aiming to bring people together who share the same interest, and have
done, or planning to do empirical research on the topic.

As a first step we are organizing an online-panel at the DGSKA (German
Society of Social and Cultural Anthropology) conference in Bremen titled
“Atmospheres of Unruliness, Resistance and Desolation: Music Videos in the
Anthropocene”. Please find the abstract of the panel below.

Please  send  a  text  of  max.  1.200 characters (incl. spaces) and also a
short version of max. 300 characters (incl. spaces) to us. Deadline: 15
February 2021.

We plan also to meet up for a workshop/ face-to-face event as soon as
possible. In case you are interested to be informed on further events leave us a short message.

 Please send abstracts and messages to: (schleiter /at/
<mailto:(schleiter /at/> , (dorschh /at/
<mailto:(dorschh /at/> , (mara.matta /at/
<mailto:(mara.matta /at/>

Hauke Dorsch (Mainz), Mara Matta (Rome) & Markus Schleiter (Münster)


Atmospheres of Unruliness, Resistance and Desolation: Music Videos in the

Music videos are an important part of our aestheticized media environment,
were atmospheres are consciously created (Böhme 2013, Helmreich & Jones
2018). They reflect and inspire social, political and ecological movements
that address the destructive aspects of the Anthropocene. Recent music video
analyses centre on unconventional sounds, images and colours and on the
consumers’ reflexive comments on the narrativity and visuality of the clips.
They also question the former dichotomy between consumers and producers
(Vernallis 2013, Arnold et al 2017). On a technological level, online
streaming infrastructures as the main mean of circulation has influenced
their outlook, offering a way to re-interpret these productions as ‘unruly’

This panel discusses music videos and explores their role in the mediation
of our supposedly desolate and environmentally degraded presence. In
particular, we wish to raise the question of how far these audio-visual
media may be understood as a part of a movement towards ecological
sustainable reformations (Pandian 2015). We aim at a transdisciplinary
perspective on music by bringing together perspectives from anthropology,
musicology, media and migration studies as well as the wider humanities to
address the following questions: What are the social processes of defining
the ethics and aesthetics of music videos? How can we outline the cultural
field of music video productions (Bourdieu 1992)? How do new articulations
and mediations of belonging relate to global aesthetics and cultural
concepts of bonding? How we can define the new contexts of music video
production and consumption in the Global South and at the ‘margins’ of
global flows? Can and do music videos serve as seismographs of the
Anthropocene, how do they reflect ecological degradation, how do they react
to our global entanglements, do they offer utopias or escapism?

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