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[Commlist] Digital Delights & Disturbances (DDD) Online Lecture Series Spring 2021

Thu Feb 25 10:53:57 GMT 2021

The Department of Communications and Media Studies at John Cabot University in Rome is pleased to announce the Spring 2021 'Digital Delights & Disturbances' (DDD) Lecture Series-  Pandemic Edition.

/Big data, artificial intelligences, algorithmic prediction: is this the solution to the problems affecting our unstable societies, or just the beginning of more sophisticated forms of social control, discipline, and compliance to the powers that be? Is there any way out from the digital neoliberal realism which we live in? Are there any possible ways to imagine data that are not extractive and abusive, A.I.s that are relational and not intrusive, a domain of the digital that is not just ‘social as in social media’? /

/Digital Delights & Disturbances offers radical ways to think out-of-the-(digital)-box we live in, imaginative and informed food for thought to feed our souls lost in the digital mayhem./


All talks will be held on Zoom always at 6pm CET
RSVP is needed, pls email: (ddd /at/ <mailto:(ddd /at/>

25 February 2021: The fourth D: De-Platformisation
Niels van Doorn (University of Amsterdam), Sarah Gainsforth (journalist), Simone Robutti (Tech Workers Italia)

30 March 2021: Queer Dada- a queer + trans poetry + prose marathon reading
Allison Grimaldi-Donahue (Italy/USA), Natalia Borges Polesso (Brazil), Raphael Khoury (Jordan), Simon(e) Van Sarloos (NL), Drew Pham (USA)

15 April 2021: Hybrid Learning & Zoom Fatigue
Gabriella Coleman (McGill University), Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures), Shannon Mattern (The New School)

22 April 2021: Digital Contagions
Jussi Parikka (University of Southampton)

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