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[Commlist] Call for Films: The 11th Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival 2021

Sun Jan 31 21:15:20 GMT 2021

We are pleased to announce the 11th edition and 20th anniversary of the
Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF), to be held in
Taipei from October 1  to 5 in 2021. Founded in 2001, the biennial festival
is Asia’s oldest and longest running international ethnographic film
festival. For 20 years TIEFF has served to promote outstanding documentary
films from around the world that are innovative, educational, challenging,
and entertaining. These films, directed by both new and established
filmmakers alike, all share a commitment to portraying stories and social
practices from around the world in a culturally sensitive way. In addition
to the main festival in Taipei, TIEFF also sponsors a touring festival,
bringing a portion of the selected films to communities and classrooms
across Taiwan.

TIEFF takes a flexible stance regarding what counts as an “ethnographic”
film, including not just works made by anthropologists but also films made
by professional filmmakers who display an ethnographic sensibility in their
work. That means films which are made in an ethical manner without
sensationalizing their subjects. Films that are the product of a long term
close collaboration between filmmaker and subject are especially welcome.
TIEFF is especially proud of its commitment to celebrating the uniqueness
and vibrancy of Indigenous cultures and has been one of Taiwan’s most
important venues for showcasing the work of both local and international
Indigenous filmmakers. We strongly encourage Indigenous filmmakers to
submit their work to our festival. Filmmakers from other marginalized
groups are also especially encouraged to submit.

All films submitted to the festival must have been completed in the two
years prior to the festival or the festival year itself. For this festival
that would mean films completed between 2019 and 2021. While we
occasionally do accept fiction films, experimental art films, biographies,
sports documentaries, and concert films, such films will only be considered
if they are accompanied by a convincing statement regarding their
suitability for the festival.  All festival films go through a highly
selective screening process. Films on any topic will be considered, but
special consideration will be given to films that match the festival theme
(as described below). The festival does not have a competition or offer
prizes or awards.

The theme for the 2021 festival is “New Normals.”  We are in a time of
upheavals.  In the face of pandemics, impending climate disaster, the rise
of authoritarianism, and some of the largest mass protest movements in
history, we are all facing the fact that the future will be different from
the past -- but how?  In this film festival, we want to highlight films
about people imagining, creating, and adapting to very different ways of
life from what they had before, either out of necessity or desire --
including people dealing with dramatic environmental change, refugees and
immigrants adjusting to new circumstances and cultures, activists
attempting to establish alternative communities, Indigenous people and
others trying to revive or invent more sustainable ways of living, people
changing their identities, people developing and engaging with new
technologies, etc..  Aside from showing the imaginative and creative
capacities of the subjects of documentaries, we also want to highlight the
creativity of filmmakers, and screen films that manifest new ways of making
ethnographic films and constructing interactions among film subjects,
makers, and audiences.

臺灣國際民族誌影展 Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival

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