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[Commlist] conference: Social Media, Fake News and Hate Speech

Fri Feb 26 03:34:43 GMT 2021




*JULY 22 – 23, 2020*



*This is a repeat Call. The conference ought to have taken place last year but was cancelled as a result of restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, we want to go ahead with the conference in hybrid form i.e. both physical and virtual. Participants who can attend physically are welcome while those who cannot are equally welcome to join virtually. We will ensure observance of Covid-19 protocols, in accordance with South African government’s and North-West University’s guidelines. This is an opportunity for those who did not respond to the original Call to now do so. Those who already submitted abstracts and have received acceptance letters need not submit again. They will however receive new letters of acceptance.*

*Social Media, Fake News and Hate Speech*

The advent of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube etc.) has brought about democratisation of communication as the public that hitherto had been considered to be consumers of messages has now also become producers. The platform of social media is open to everyone who has a device, an account to use and data or access to the internet. Communication has never been better and interesting in the history of man.

However, as we celebrate this ‘power’ of communication given to the people through social media, we also need to ponder the other side of this communication. This advent of social media and with it more opportunities for free participation by citizens in debates has given impetus to insurgent politics and also brought on us the acceleration and strengthening of post-truth, fake news and hate speeches. Before the emergence of social media, there were fake news and hate speech carried by different media in the chronology of media and communication history. These phenomena have been there since the time of communication by mere words of mouth, and through the advent of print, radio and television media. It has however become more obtrusive with the emergence of social media. This has had some deleterious impact on human relationships and the society at large. It has created crisis and fueled it to monstrous proportions.

These are some of the issues we intend to focus on in this conference. Submissions can touch on any of the following points:

·Theorisation around social media, fake news and hate speech

·Social media, infodemic and Covid-19

·Social media, Fake news, hate speech and the economy

·Social media, Fake news, hate speech and politics

·Social media, Fake news, hate speech and nationality

·Social media, Fake news, hate speech and race

·Social media, Fake news, hate speech and human relations

·Social media, fake news and hate speech in organisations

·Social media, fake news, hate speech and religion

·Social media, language use, fake news and hate speech

·Social media, indigenous language, ethnicity and hate speech

·Social media, indigenous culture, fake news and hate speech

·Social media, citizen education, fake news and hate speech

·Social media, fake news, hate speech and xenophobia

·Strengths and weaknesses of various social media for fake news and hate speech

·Social media regulation, fake news and hate speech

The list is by no means exhaustive.

Kindly submit abstracts of between 300 and 500 words to Dr. Francis Amenaghawon at (olaiyagba /at/ <mailto:(olaiyagba /at/>

Papers presented at the conference, after peer-review process, will be published in Habari: ILMA Book Series. /Habari/is the Swahili word for News. The book series editors are Professor Abiodun Salawu and Prof. Itumeleng Mekoa.

*Important Dates:*

1.Abstract Submission – April 2, 2021

2.Acceptance/Rejection Notice – April 16, 2021

3.Conference Registration Opens – April 19, 2021

4.Conference – July 22 – 23, 2021

*Registration Fees:*

*Type of Participant*


*Physical Participation*


*Virtual Participation*
















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